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Sisong's Learners were a group of Jedilike Force users unaffiliated with the New Republic, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Sith Order of Decreto, and—originally—the Galactic Commonwealth.

They viewed the Force differently and awaited a way to find "it". It being the true way to wield the Force.

They had a very monastic lifestyle and were viewed as isolationists.

Their answer to what "it" was, was given by the Gray Jedi Nathaniel Kenobi Solo when he saved them from persecution during the Sith Crusade.

Unfortunately, they were killed by the Sith at The Graveyard.

Behind the Scenes

Sisong's Learners are an homage to the user Gnosis is knowledge created by NKSCF.

Sisong is Gnosis backwards and the "it" the Learners wished to fine was something important to the Gnostic faith, which the user who created this does not believe, but thought it would be great to add for story value.

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