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Rise of the Empire era

I'll stay behind and help maintain order in the Council of Governors. They'll need us to keep the planet from falling into complete chaos and disarray.
—Sio Bibble, shortly before Queen Sabé Arcadia escaped Utapau during its invasion[src]

Sio Bibble was the Human Governor of Ogana, as well as a member of the Utapau Advisory Council and the Utapau Council of Governors, during the Invasion of Utapau. He was a close adviser to Queen Sabé Arcadia during the conflict, and remained on Utapau to keep order once Queen Arcadia escaped the planet following the Battle of Ogana.


Early life

In the decades before the Invasion of Utapau of 22 BBY, Sio Bibble became involved in politics where he was eventually elected the Governor of Ogana, the capital city of Utapau. As the Governor of Ogana, he dealt with regional representatives on a daily basis, and also met with town officials in the city itself. He also sat on the Utapau Council of Governors and the Utapau Advisory Council during the reign of King Veruna Arcadia and, following the king’s assassination and his daughter’s ascension to the throne, Queen Sabé Arcadia.[2]


In 22 BBY, the Trade Federation shipping cartel blockaded Utapau in retaliation for the planet’s support of the Republic Anti-Slavery Law, a law passed in 23 BBY that forbid the use of slave workers by Republic corporations, such as the Federation, operating outside of Republic territory. Bibble advocated negotiation, even after one month of failed negotiation. Following the failed negotiations, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic Finis Valorum sent two ambassadors from the Jedi Order to resolve the situation, but the Dark Jedi blockade commander Maul claimed during a transmission with Arcadia that no ambassadors had been received.[3]

Following the discussion with Maul, and in a meeting with Bibble and the rest of the Advisory Council, Arcadia spoke with the planet’s Senator, Malus Palpatine, who assured them that the ambassadors had arrived. The transmission was cut off when the Federation jammed the planet’s communication, leading Bibble to tell Arcadia that she would have to prepare for an imminent invasion of the planet. The Federation began landing its forces shortly thereafter,[1] and the Trade Federation Droid Army eventually launched the Battle of Ogana. Arcadia, Bibble and the rest of the Advisory Council were taken into custody by the droid forces.[4]

Bibble, along with Arcadia and the rest of her advisers, were taken before Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray a few hours later, and Bibble questioned the wisdom of the invasion considering the Federation did not seem to have a justifiable explanation for the Galactic Senate. Gunray told them that the queen would sign a treaty to legitimize the occupation, but Arcadia refused and she, along with Bibble and the rest of the advisers, were sentenced to Federation Camp Four, an internment camp on the outskirts of Ogana. Before they arrived, however, the group was rescued by the Supreme Chancellor’s ambassadors, Jedi Master Jard Dooku and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, who were able to safely arrive in Ogana, along with exiled Gungan Prince Jar Binks, following an attempt on their lives aboard the federation command ship.[2]

Panaka, the head of the paramilitary Utapau Security Forces and part of the rescued group, led Bibble, the Jedi and the others to a nearby hangar. The Jedi requested that Arcadia travel with them to Coruscant, the capital of the Galactic Republic, to directly plead the case of the planet to the Galactic Senate. Furthermore, Kenobi expressed his belief that if Arcadia stayed the Federation would kill her. Bibble, while initially skeptical due to his belief that the Federation could not afford to kill Arcadia due to the treaty she needed to sign, agreed with the Jedi when he realized that the Federation would appoint a new ruler in Arcadia’s place and have that ruler sign the treaty. Bibble was therefore able to convince Arcadia to leave, while the governor himself remained on the planet to maintain order.[2]

Personality and traits

Bibble considered himself a learned man and a philosopher. He was also an outspoken pacifist. When the Federation invaded Utapau, however, he came to recognize that there were times when one would have to defend the sovereignty of their planet. Panaka also enjoyed his position as Governor of Ogana, despite knowing that others would have found meeting with local politicians to be boring.[2]


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