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SV-Cruentus era
These are the most stiff-necked people I've ever seen!
—A Srav officer comments on Sinya's citizens

Sinya was a planet located in the Mid Rim. It was conquered by the Rakata during the height of the Infinite Empire but the militant people were far from easy to control. After the Rakata withdrew, its citizens would form the Sinyan Republic, one of the first democratic governments of the time. The Republic would later be reorganized into the totalitarian SSR. After a bloody civil war, the Sinyans established the Sinyan Imperium which would later be involved in the Cruentusian War. After fighting off two separate invasions, it joined the United Coalition of Worlds. Eventually, after the UCW had reorganized into the Galactic Republic, Sinya began to distance itself from the central powers. After another series of civil wars, which reached their climax during the Jedi Civil War, the Republic of Sinya was established. Under this new stability, Sinya became a major galactic industrial center, noted most for its weapons and war materials.

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