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From the Core to the Rim, Silver Shield Solutions is dedicated to keeping you safe in a dangerous galaxy.
—Silver Shield slogan

Silver Shield Solutions was a private security company founded and headquartered on the planet Corulag in the galaxy's Core Worlds region. With divisional offices on Denon, Ord Mantell, and Taris, the company maintained a dedicated staff of over two thousand employees in various positions throughout the years, in addition to a rotating roster of independent contractors. Silver Shield Solutions provided organized security for individuals, organizations, locations, and starships, depending on the needs of the client.

In 27 BBY, Silver Shield Solutions hired the Mandalorian woman Ezgi Deshra as an independent contractor with their Outer Rim division. Deshra proved a capable and valued asset to the company, single-handedly providing protection for a variety of clients, including a group of adventurers trekking through the the jungles of Dxun, explorers delving into the Myyydril Caverns on Kashyyyk, an archaeological expedition journeying into the Stygion Caldera, and several young tycoons who elected to spend their holiday in the seedier parts of Nar Shaddaa. In 22 BBY, just a few short months before the Clone Wars broke out, Silver Shield Solutions was approached by a Coruscanti travel agency looking to hire out protection for a tourist bound for Mandalore. The firm assigned the job to Deshra, who successfully guarded and guided the tourist over the course of three days on Mandalore.

Not long after the rise of the new Galactic Empire, trouble fell upon Silver Shield Solutions. The company was accused of aiding anti-Imperial dissidents, and providing protection for former Separatists that were now on the run from the Empire. Tensions came to a head in 18 BBY, after Silver Shield personnel were apparently found colluding with a group of rebels on Onderson. In response to the alleged act of treason, the Empire marched on the company's Inner Rim headquarters on Denon, where a massive firefight broke out between Imperial stormtroopers and the unusually high number of private contractors on site. What led to the skirmish remains unknown, since the entire floor where the shootout began was ravaged by what's believed to have been a dead man's detonation of a thermal charge, one that left no survivors behind. Though Silver Shield Solutions' CEO, Preeton Danthe, insisted that whatever happened on Denon had been the fault of the independent contractors alone and could not be blamed on the company, the Empire nevertheless had Danthe jailed and Silver Shield Solutions shut down.

Behind the scenes

The Silver Shield Solutions firm was created and developed by writer Mia Mesharad as a key element in the backstory of Ezgi Deshra, the main character and reader companion in her 2017 online tour piece, "Welcome to Mandalore."


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