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Dan'kre: “Yes ma'am, we're in and pulling data dumps! And Captain, you wouldn't believe what I found lurking in this terminal! The Sith were planning to—
Reyolé: “Not over comms, Ensign!
―Ensign Silas Dan'kre and Captain Laera Reyolé[src]

Ensign Silas Dan'kre, service number 5723-4680HZ, was a Bothan male who, as a newly-graduated officer in the Galactic Republic's military forces, served in the Republic Marines' Third Battalion during the early part of the Jedi Civil War. A talented code-slicer who had honed his skills during officer and Marine training, he was assigned to Besh Company's Second Platoon as its executive officer. During the liberation of Iridonia in 3,958 BBY, he distinguished himself by infiltrating the Sith supply base's computer network, where he was able to obtain crucial intelligence that led to the successful defense of Rodia. In the wake of the battle at the Rodian homeworld and the counteroffensive that followed, Dan'kre was recruited by Republic Intelligence, where he worked to improve the agency's computer warfare departments.


Are you sure it's wise to risk yourself, Captain? You are valuable both as a senior field commander and a Jedi, what would happen if you were to fall in battle?
—Dan'kre questions Captain Reyolé's combat role[src]

Having gained experience in slicing as a teenager, Ensign Silas Dan'kre graduated from the Marine Academy on Corulag in late 3,959 BBY. At the start of the Jedi Civil War, he was almost immediately assigned to the 3rd Marine Battalion, under the command of Captain Laera Reyolé. Nervous about his upcoming first experience under fire, he had questioned the battalion commander as to why she would risk herself in the field. When the senior officer informed him of her own status as a onetime combat fatality, he was struck dumb with astonishment, which resulted in the other officers of Third Battalion getting a good laugh at his expense.

During the attack on the Sith supply depot on Iridonia, the Bothan ensign was ordered to pull data dumps from the base's computer network; intelligence gathered as a result of this action provided the Republic with the invaders' next target, the hiterto neutral world of Rodia.

In the wake of the resulting victory at the Rodian homeworld, and the successful counteroffensive that followed, Dan'kre was promoted to junior lieutenant and transferred to Republic Intelligence, where he continued to use his computer skills against the Sith. As the war continued, he was responsible for revamping the signals intelligence and electronic counterintelligence divisions, earning a further promotion to full Lieutenant. In the lead-up to the Republic's mission to capture Darth Revan, he served as Intelligence's liaison to the fleet, helping to plan the operation.

Personality and traitsEdit

Oh, but Captain, you've simply not experienced Whipstaff until you've seen him in the original Bothan!
—Dan'kre, to Captain Reyolé[src]

Though a competent soldier and talented slicer, Dan'kre did not hold himself as politically or militarily ambitious as most Bothans. Though nervous in his first posting, he took pride in his skills as well as his service with the Marines, particularly in having served under fire alongside Captain Reyolé, a respected veteran commander in the Republic military. This first action served as a catalyst for his continued maturity as an officer, which allowed him to develop his own leadership abilities.

Despite the fact that he signed on with Republic Intelligence, Dan'kre always considered himself a Marine first. He was greatly fond of the holoplays of Rickard Whipstaff, particularly Nellus V, maintaining that the Bothan interpretation of these works were the most vital and meaningful. He also considered Whipstaff's holoplays to be part of the reason why he joined the Marine Corps in the first place.

Behind the scenesEdit

Silas Dan'kre was first introduced in the novella Star Wars: Saber Battalion by Sean "Goodwood" Nash, where he was originally intended to play only a minor role, providing comic relief as well as being the person to uncover the plans of the Sith. In writing The Last Full Measure, however, Nash saw that Dan'kre had much more potential as a character, and fleshed out his personality considerably over the course of the novel's narrative. His story and character continued to evolve during the sequel, The Great Leap Forward.