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An incandescent organ of life, visibly vibrating with the pulses of billions.
—Signet Mezzileen speaking of Coruscant

Signet Mezzileen (120 BBY - 50 BBY) was a Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He ruled over the planet of Coruscant for 70 years, as the powerful party boss of the Core Faction and then as mayor of the city. He had a long and illustrious career, and although he lived during a time of peace, Signet Mezzileen is remembered as a legendary Supreme Chancellor (92 BBY - 76 BBY) (18 Years--an extended term)

Early LifeEdit

Signet Mezzileen was born on the planet of Coruscant in 120 BBY, known then as 880 years After the Battle of Ruusan. His parents were influential members of the Core Faction, and were heavily involved in Coruscanti Politics. They were among the most influential supporters of Eixes Valorum during his chancellery, and Signet's father Kyp Mezzileen was able to secure the young Mezzileen a position in the judiciary branch of the Chancellor's office. At the age of 24, in Eixes' second term, Signet was appointed Administrative Assistant. Despite the relative powerlessness of the office, Signet became very influential in the senate.

Near the end of Eixes' term, 94 BBY, Mezzileen was nominated by the Core Faction as the Senator for Coruscant. He won overwhelmingly, with the support of former chancellor Eixes.

First Term as SenatorEdit

The Pirate CrisisEdit

Signet Mezzileen joined the senate with a bang, at once gaining the support of the Rim Faction by drawing attention to the Pirate Crisis in the outer rim, and starting bills on major funding to sector security, often augmenting them with Judiciary Forces Fleets. After the crisis was largely contained, in 92 BBY, with the defeat of the Drell Pirates and the Red League at several major battles over Malastare and Drell Prime.

Ensuing PopularityEdit

Signet Mezzileen was praised by almost the entire senate for his action. The rough-and-tough rimmers praised his success in the pirate crisis, and the more peace-oriented planetary senators praised his call to dismantle some of the unnecessary Judiciary fleets soon after.

Eixes himself, for the first time, disagreed with Mezzileen, and made the dismantling impossible. He ended his term unpopular, although he has later been remembered fondly.

Election as Supreme ChancellorEdit

Eventually, Signet Mezzileen was elected Supreme Chancellor 92 BBY. His support was overwhelming from all of the factions.