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The last time I saw poor Sulamar alive, those damned droids were attacking the army's headquarters on Javin. We came as quick as we could, but... well, we avenged him and all the rest, let's say that.
Arius Valdayn

The Siege of the Greater Javin was a campaign of the Clone Wars which started almost immediately after the war's beginning at the battle of Geonosis. The Ethereal sector's Royal Luctan Navy and disparate forces of the Galactic Republic Fifteenth Fleet under command of admiral Thrar Sargon rapidly assumed blockade positions along the area's hyperlanes, particularly the singular hyperlane leading through the hyperspace barrier on the edge of the Unknown Regions into the Ethereal sector and those sectors affiliated with and immediately neighboring it. However, Separatist forces under command of commodore Kentaru Novaj quickly began attacking the Republic exclave in the First Battle of Luncaris. Admiral Sargon lost his life as a result of injuries sustained in the battle, and thus authorized battlefield promotion of Arius Valdayn to admiral, transferring command of the local combined Republic-aligned forces to him.

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