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Golden Age of the Republic

Sidian Greystone was a Jedi Master and head of the Jedi Council of First Knowledge. A highly respected Jedi, he became a mentor to Special Agent Evening Delwynn during her days at the Judicial Forces Academy, a relationship that continued through the Seswenna Security Crisis. Greystone facilitated Delwynn's investigation into the conspiracy that started the crisis along with his daughter, Fay.


Early career

Sidian Greystone was a member of the Jedi Council of First Knowledge, a committee in the Jedi Order composed of Jedi Masters with specializations in Force artifacts and the ways of the Force. He was a vaunted and respected Jedi, but one who refused to partake in the politics of the order. As a result, he never aspired to have a seat in the Jedi High Council. His beliefs were somewhat unorthodox, as he married and had a daughter. Greystone trained his daughter, Fay, as an apprentice, something that became a point of contention with him and more so-called "traditionalist" views in the order. He particularly had run-ins with Grand Master and Opus Lucem member m'Ord Vinka.

Staying away from the political end of the Jedi Order as possible, Greystone invested his time into studying the Force and artifacts related to it. He collected a warehouse of items from across the galaxy that he discovered on his travels. His archaeological skills were highly noted, and he was asked to teach classes to investigators-in-training at the Judicial Forces Academy on Coruscant. One of the students attending his course on investigative techniques was Evening Delwynn, a bright student to whom he took a liking. Greystone persuaded Delwynn to take up a career in investigative serivces. Even after the course ended, he kept in contact with Delwynn, offering her advice and helping her further hone her investigative skills. Delwynn, with her new career path, rose through the ranks of the Alderaan Planetary Police and the Governmental Investigative Network.

Seswenna Security Crisis

By 705 BBY, Greystone's attention shifted to the small moon Qina in the Outer Rim. He began investigating the Vashan religious retreats on the moon, the catacombs and other locales around the Rin settlement. His work nearly completed, Delwynn, now the lead agent for the Governmental Investigative Network's Major Case Response Unit, contacted the Jedi Master to inquired for his assistance. Delwynn arrived on Qina to investigate the dealings of Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor and a secret meeting that he was planning to hold with financier Catiene Gallien and the bounty hunter "Grems" Lind. The meeting went awry, and Regueny was abducted. Gallien was rescued in the firefight that followed, and Lind perished. Greystone agreed to meet Delwynn on Eriadu, following the completion of his work.

Upon arriving on Eriadu, Greystone facilitated the investigation into Senator Regueny and observed the interrogation of Gallien. He advised Delwynn to be patient and was a moral support when the alleged head of the scheme was revealed to have been the man who murdered her husband and daughter. He continued to assist Delwynn aboard the Mally and offered a means of communicating with the Jedi Order when they desired to be involved.



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