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Sicemon was the homeworld of Jedi Master Mason Quarrell. The planet joined the Republic after the Jedi Order took the Emperor's son and heir apparent Mason Quarrell. They remained immensely loyal during Mason's term in the Jedi Order. The Emperor renamed the capital city of Sicemon to Mason City, in honor of his son's admittance into what some said was the most prestigious profession in the galaxy. It was a pro-Jedi and pro-Republic system throughout the Great Galactic War, despite its large Human population. Its large plains produced major grain exports and wheat was its primary trade-able resource. The leadership at the time of the Great Galactic War was known for its arrogance and decadence. It was the only region, aside from the Corporate Sector, that purposely broke from Republic tradition and capitalized "Sector". It also capitalized its system. It cited the Corporate Sector as a precedent and its history by stating that it had always capitalized sector and system in its historical records. It was also rumored that it was a ploy to draw elite citizens to the planet by showing off its power and influence.


Power Troubles

On Mason Quarrell's return visit to Sicemon to investigate an arsonist that was burning the crops and fields of the Great Plains of Sicemon he met his father for the 1st time since he left years before.

The Emperor missed his son greatly and over a year before Mason returned home he had secretly hired someone to sabotage the Palace power supply and shut down the entire Mason City power grid, though he paid the being, it had fled afterward without completing the task. He wallowed in depression after the incident.

When Mason returned to deal with the arsonist, his father brightened out of his depression and greeted his only son. Throughout his stay Mason's father tried to persuade Mason to stay on Sicemon, but Quarrell adamantly refused. After catching the arsonist he left without saying a word to his father.

Behind the scenes

The planet's name and likeness are derived from concepts presented during the pre-production phase of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

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