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Golden Age of the Republic

Shmuel Delwynn was an artist from Alderaan who lived nearly three hundred years after the Ruusan Reformation. While studying on Coruscant, he met Evening Cara. The pair married 723 BBY, both at the age of twenty. The following year, they returned to Alderaan and his wife gave birth to their daughter, Mally. The family later moved to the community of Port Taormina on Alsakan. Delwynn and his daughter were outside an AlsaBanc branch when a heist unfolded. Avar Zranik, one of the robbers, launched a rocket at the vehicle. Delwynn died instantly, but Mally survived for a few moments until Evening Delwynn was able to arrive. His wife eventually began a relentless pursuit of justice, the investigation coming to the fore during the Seswenna Security Crisis.


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