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Shizu Lanmaw
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c. 30,000 BBY

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Infinite Empire

Love is nothing more than a lie, something to give hope to the hopeless.

Shizu Lanmaw was a human female born into slavery of the Rakata. She, along with her younger brother Malik, was among the countless slaves to work on the Star Forge. She spent most of her life as "daddy's girl", in a variety of ways, as she was frequently "made use" of. This drove her to hate, she hated her father immensely, often wishing death upon him for the constant abuse.

Her wish would eventually come true, when her father would attempt to murder her, and her brother. When she was in danger, Malik came to her rescue and killed their father in defense of her.

She was also the center of attention with the boys around the slave camps, and thus she had a tendency to be somewhat conceded. Though, despite her popularity, she preferred to spend time with her brother. She did date briefly however, a boy named Tiro, but this also fueled her fire, as she was beaten by him. As a result, the relationship did not last.

Her anger would continue to build, though she kept it buried inside, until she was pushed too far. Shizu gave in to her dark side when she brutally tortured, and killed her former boyfriend, Tiro. Proving that she was more than just a pretty face.

She would eventually be driven to a confrontation with her brother, one that saw no winner, and ended with the disappearance of the two.


Early lifeEdit

Don't cry sis. It makes me sad..."
"But why must I always be taken advantage of? Why can't anyone just, just love me?"
"I love you Shizu.

—Malik and Shizu

Shizu, after having been "made use of"

Shizu, like the other slaves, spent the majority of her time constructing the Star Forge. However, when the Rakata rotated the slaves out for rest periods, she spent time with her brother Malik. When she was not with her brother, she was made use of by her father, who would physically, emotionally, and sexually abuse her. Because of the constant abuse, she was desperate for love and would accept any form of it...

Shizu was very close with her brother, and often protected him by taking the blame, and the beating, for many of the things he had done. However, on more than one occasion, Malik was able to help her out as well.

Life outside of her home, was, at the least, pleasant. She was constantly the center of attention from many of the boys in the camps. Some of them were even getting into physical confrontations for her attention.

At one point, she even held a tournament, with the winner becoming her boyfriend. Tiro Broxtin, would win the competition, but was not very kind to her, and would most often beat her, in an attempt to "prove" himself to his friends. On numerous occasions, he would strike her, and she would return with unexplained bruises, and at one point, a broken arm. Malik was especially enraged by this, and he decided he would follow them one night.

When Shizu and Tiro reached their destination, Tiro blatantly accused Shizu of unfaithfulness to him, which Shizu denied. Not believing her, Tiro struck Shizu, and grabbed her arm, bending it backwards. It was at this time Malik revealed himself, challenging Tiro. Malik and Tiro engaged in combat, and Malik easily defeated Tiro, leaving him broken and beaten.

After they made it back home, Shizu began to cry when she thought of the situation she had gotten into. Malik, who loved her very much, was saddened as well. He gave her a necklace of flowers, made from the forbidden gardens of the Rakata. Shizu accepted the gift and hugged Malik.

The Rakata, who were making their nightly rounds discovered Malik and Shizu with the necklace, and since Shizu was in possession of it, she was responsible.


Shizu watches as Malik fights the Rakata

They then brought Shizu to the detention block, which was just a fancy word for their torture chambers. Malik, who had followed, made his way over to Shizu. As soon as he made it to her, he pushed her aside and snatched the whip just as it was about to strike. Try as he might, the Rakata could not get the whip from Malik's grasp. Pulling violently, Malik swung the whip to the side, sending the Rakata into the wall. Backup arrived, but was no match for the invigorated Malik, who cut down the Rakatan warriors with seemingly thoughts alone. After the last Rakata had fallen, Malik stood among their broken and dismembered corpses with a blank stare on his face, seemingly unaffected either positively or negatively.

Shizu grabbed her brother and the two made an escape through the underground tunnels that ran the length of the slave camp, a way for the Rakata to quickly travel the facility without wading through hordes of slaves. Despite the odds, they managed to escape detection and make it back home.

The last strawEdit

No! Daddy, No! Please, don't hurt me!
—Shizu as her father ran a blade across her throat

Malik and Shizu's father, Vin, being drunk, saw it necessary one night to beat his children, as he saw them a burden, and the reason his wife was dead. He had also accused Shizu of going behind his back, making reference to her relationship with Tiro. Shizu and Malik were beaten for quite some time. She was punched in the face, thrown into the wall, and kicked in the stomach while she was down.

Finally, Vin pinned Shizu down, and gave her an evil smile as he took out a sharp, dagger type weapon from his cloak. Amidst Shizu's tears, screams, and cries, Vin laughed as he played with the blade, running it across her neck. Shizu fought to the best of her ability, but was no match for her father's strength. She received a backhand to her mouth for her trouble. Vin then pointed it directly toward her chest. Bringing it over his head he told his daughter to die, and as he brought it down, Malik interrupted by grabbing hold of his arm. Vin warned Malik to release him, or else he would feel it's wrath first. Squeezing, Malik broke their father's wrist with a series of crunches, snaps, and pops. Screaming in pain, Vin dropped the weapon and fell to the ground clutching his wrist.


Malik looks at his dead father

Taking up the weapon, Malik raised it over his head to finish their father. Vin then attempted to strike Malik from a sitting position, but he dodged, and as Vin fell forward, Malik drove the weapon into his shoulder. Vin yelled in agony as he fell to the ground, now clutching his shoulder. As Vin then sat against the wall, Malik made his way over. Like a true coward, their father begged Malik to spare him, but received no response, only his son's blank stare. Malik then made a pushing motion with his hand, causing Vin's skull to hit the wall. With a squishing sound, his head smacked the wall, and slumped forward. Malik had killed their father.

Malik began a soft, almost cackle-like laugh, his upper lip twitching as used his powers to cause his father's corpse to stab itself with the loose blade. Shizu gasped and sobbed softly as she witnessed the horrid sight.

Teen yearsEdit


She's a keeper for sure Tahh, I wish I was in your position.
—Unknown Rakatan

When Shizu turned eighteen, she was chosen by the Rakatan Chieftain to be his personal servant. In some ways, this was a step up, and at the same time a step sideways, as the chieftain was known to work his personal servants literally to death. Shizu herself was able to choose someone who would be her assistant, and without a second thought, she chose Malik.

While on one hand it was better than working in the trenches on the Star Forge, it was, on the other hand, worse. She would spend her days waiting on the chieftain and his advisors while they eyed her and made inappropriate comments. Often they would go as far as putting their hands on her.

Shizu disliked her new "status", as she seemed to have even more responsibility than she did as a slave. Her hatred boiled over at one point, and she lashed out at a Rakatan who had grabbed her backside, punching him with such force that it was enough to kill him. However, as she was Tahh's personal assistant, she was immune to any form of disciplinary action afterwards. This, she at least used to her advantage, as she was able to get anything she desired out of almost anybody.

Bad bloodEdit


Shizu is attacked by her brother

During the next few weeks, Shizu was able to sense what others were feeling. In addition, she was not sure how, but she could sense that her brother was in some form of danger, and that night, having successfully slipped past the guards, she went in search of him. Surely enough, she arrived just as Malik was exiting the cave he had ventured into.

Malik had changed; Shizu could sense his dark energy even as she approached. It was the same energy she felt when he had fought the Rakata, and when he had killed their father. However, it was somehow darker, she felt ill just being in his presence.

When she attempted to communicate with him, she was encased in a stasis field generated by Malik's Muinnellim Dor.

When she was released, Malik was nowhere to be found, and when she made it back to the Tahh camp, she was informed that he was missing.

Wedding dayEdit

Where are you my brother? I need you.
—Shizu in her prayers

Shizu learns of her brother's death

The night before her wedding, Shizu learned that Malik had been found dead. This came as a great shock, and it devastated her greatly. That night she cried herself to sleep.

The day came and before Shizu and Tahh could be joined, Malik showed up, with the Darr tribe backing him up.

When Malik arrived, Shizu was shocked to see her brother alive, and attempted to run to him, but was grabbed by Tahh, who threatened to kill her if Malik stepped closer. Simply laughing, Malik slowly moved closer...

Tahh, true to his cowardice, struck Shizu from behind with a weapon and took a fighting stance. Malik, grabbing a weapon from the ground, faced him, the two then engaged in combat. Tahh, with his greater experience, quickly overcame Malik, knocking him to the ground.

Demanding Malik give up, Tahh held his weapon to Shizu's throat. When Malik would not surrender, Tahh stabbed her in the midsection, then focusing it back to its original spot, he pressed harder. Holding her side, as blood ran from it, she cried out for her brother.

Disgusted with his apparent failure, and faced with the death of his sister, Malik's anger grew, and he underwent a horrific transformation. Screaming, and grasping his head, he fought against the dark energy that began to consume him...

The Battle of LehonEdit


Shizu watches as Malik undergoes his transformation

Stop it! You've won, isn't that enough?
—Shizu as Malik attempted to kill Tahh

Shizu watched in horror as Malik screamed and clawed at his skull. The Star Forge began glowing a dark purple, apparently feeding off the dark energy being emitted from Malik and of the Force powers of the Rakata battling each other. Additionally, the Rakata were drawing upon the Star Forge, as they went seemingly insane, even more so than before, attacking anything in sight with extreme ferocity.

Several slave camps were destroyed, having been set on fire. The Rakatan's laid in wait while the slaves scattered, attempting escape. Thousands upon thousands of them were massacred. Despite her usually gentle nature, Shizu could not help but somewhat enjoy the slaughter, smiling to herself as the people she had grown up with were struck down before her eyes.

Suddenly, in a dazzling flash, Malik erupted with dark side energy, sending shockwaves through the planet and splitting the ground itself. Many more were lost to the depths of the planet, and the Tahh camp itself was swallowed up.

After the dust settled, Malik began laughing as he hung his head. As he slowly raised his head, the symbol of an eye that seemed to be embedded on his forehead, glowed with power. Malik was gone.

Tahh and Malik again engaged in combat, neither having an advantage, or so it would seem. Malik gained the upper hand and overcame Tahh.

Falling to his knees, Tahh surrendered himself to Malik's mercy. Unfortunately, her brother possessed no such emotion.

Shizu managed to get to her feet despite her injury, and watched as Malik pierced Tahh's shoulder with a blast from the Dor. Tahh begged for mercy, but Malik would not comply. As Tahh screamed in agony, Shizu stepped in. Placing herself between Tahh and Malik, she told her brother that he had won; killing Tahh would prove nothing.

Malik violently punched his sister in the stomach, doubling her over. He then followed up with an elbow to the back of her head, knocking her out.

Taking back a brotherEdit

I see your fear woman. I can even taste it..."
"No! Malik, it's me Shizu! Your sister! Please...

—Malik and Shizu

Shizu managed to catch up to her brother after she awoke as he was entering a small cave, and questioned him on his decision to kill Tahh. Malik did not take well to being second-guessed, and again struck her to the ground. He moved on her, driving his knee into her abdomen, furthering her stab wound, and pinning her down. He then placed his hand on her neck, slightly choking her.

As tears filled her eyes, Shizu remained trapped underneath her brother's weight, despite her efforts to free herself. She tried to reason with him, her voice stuttering, and her very body shaking as she stared up into her brother’s lifeless gaze. Malik made no response, instead, raising his knee up and again driving it down into her stomach, causing her to throw up blood only seconds later. Tightening his grip on her throat, and taking note of her tears, Malik leaned in and licked them from her cheeks, and kissed her afterward.

As Shizu was deprived of breath, she became limp and her face became flushed of color. Malik laughed as he looked into the tear filled, dying eyes of his own sister.

Malik could not bring himself to kill his own sister, and he again began a struggle within himself. Releasing his grip, but still pinning her down, he began smashing his head into the ground above her shoulder, screaming, Get out!. Shizu could do nothing but turn away and listen to the sound of Malik's skull smack the ground directly next to her.

When it was over, the two simply stared at each other.

Back for moreEdit

Pathetic fool. Did you really think you could handle me?
—Shizu to Tiro

Tiro Broxtin, taking advantage of the confusion, and Malik's weakened state, kidnapped Shizu and took her, along with The Dor, underground.

As Shizu awoke, she noticed she was tied to the wall, and Tiro was in control of the Dor. Tiro proclaimed that she would be his forever, with the help of the "magic staff". Shizu smiled as he said this, Tiro did not know what the Dor truly was, and when Shizu focused he mind, she was able to rip it from his hands, and free herself.

Shizu then suspended Tiro in the air, and systematically tortured him. Smashing his face into a nearby wall to start, she told Tiro she would make him feel the exact pain he had caused her.


Shizu, as she tortured Tiro

She started by using the Force to shatter his leg bones, preventing any sort of escape. Tiro cried in agony, and begged her to stop. Shizu only laughed, and stabbed him with the Dor. Focusing the Dor on Tiro, she charged it up, and fired a blast into his right arm, causing it to catch fire and burn. Tiro screamed in pain as his arm burned, the skin peeling and falling to the ground. After it burnt all the way through to the bone, Shizu smacked his arm with the Dor, breaking the bone in two. Shizu simply tuned out his screams at this point, and merely savored the power she was in control of. Using the Force once more, she took the broken bone of his arm, and sharpened it into a spear like object, then thrust it into his midsection. When Tiro again pleaded with her, she merely smiled and ripped the bone out his side, leaving a large gash.

Tiro was close to death at this point, but Shizu sustained his life with the Force, savoring every painful breath he took.

Malik would find his way to the cave, and witness his sister's new "attitude".

When Shizu was done having her fun, she broke Tiro's neck with a flick of her wrist. Shizu laughed maniacally as Tiro's body hit the floor. Malik, impressed by his sister's sudden change of ethics, congratulated her.

However, Malik did not take into consideration that Shizu possessed the Dor, and she attacked. Blocking, Malik did his best to fight back the blast of Force energy that struck him head on, though the Dor's power combined with Shizu's natural Force power was too much for him. He was overcome by the blast and crashed through the cave wall. Shizu walked slowly toward him, a cold stare in her eyes. When she raised the Dor, Malik was raised into the air as well.

He was trapped. There was not anything he could do. She had beaten him. Or so she thought, remembering his sister's words, Malik told her not to kill him, after all, he was her brother. Upon hearing those words, Shizu's eyes shut; she dropped the Dor, and fell to the floor.

Sibling rivalryEdit

The only thing you will receive by resisting me is an early grave...
—Shizu to Malik

Shizu engages her brother in combat

Malik raised the Dor over Shizu, pointing it toward her chest. However, before he could follow through, it was stopped cold, the point of the Dor pressing against Shizu's skin.

When Shizu opened her eyes, they flashed white, and her body pulsed with Force energy, sending Malik tumbling away from her. Getting to her feet, she raised her hands and performed Force Lightning. Malik raised the Dor in defense, and absorbed the blast. The Dor then flashed, and sent the attack streaming back at her. Taken by surprise, she barely managed to roll out of the way. Getting her bearings, Shizu concentrated, and ripped chunks of rock from the wall to throw at Malik, who blocked with his own Force ability, shattering the rocks into harmless dust before they hit. Shizu grew angrier with her brother, and they both rushed at each other. In a Force based contest, Malik had the obvious advantage with his control of the Dor. Shizu knew this, and used it to her advantage, as she was physically stronger than he was. Getting in close, Shizu grappled Malik and threw him to the ground. The Dor was lost from Malik’s control and lay on the ground. As both made a dash for it, they arrived at the same instance, both having a hand on the device.

The two siblings stayed silent, staring each other down. It was a stalemate, and neither would accept defeat...


Opposing us isn't the smartest thing to do...
—Shizu to the Darr tribe

Malik and Shizu stared each other down, a fire raging inside each of them. However, before one of them could make another move, the Darr tribe burst into the cavern. An army of Rakatans, all armed for combat, surrounded them.

The Rakatans attacked full force, hoping to overwhelm Malik and Shizu, and gain possession of the Dor.

The two siblings fought as one, watching each other's back. Malik, at one point was quickly becoming overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite amount of Rakata that flooded into the room. Moments before Malik was struck down, Shizu gained control of the Dor in all the fighting and rescued him. Utilizing it, she pointed it toward the oncoming Rakata, and with a sneer, incinerated a large potion of the assault force. Despite the loss, the Rakata continued to fight.

Rested from the short pause, Malik was able to join his sister. Together, they placed their hands on the Dor and focused their Force energy. With a blinding flash, the Dor exploded with energy, ripping through the cavern. Under such extreme stress, the cave itself began to collapse, the walls and ceiling crumbling, and the floors buckling.

The endEdit

The planet itself shook under the pressure of what was happening below, the inhabitants themselves feeling the effects. With a large bang, the ground erupted with light energy that shone through small cracks in the planets surface, lasting only a few seconds then subsiding.

Nobody emerged from the cavern that the Rakata had entered, as the entrance had been sealed in a cave in. A small starship was supposedly seen emerging from a mountain in the distance, but the accounts were speculation.

Personality and traitsEdit

As a result of her father's sexual and physical abuse, Shizu was full of hate. Her father would constantly abuse and torment her, and blame her for many of his problems. Her hatred grew even larger when she was also beaten, and taken advantage of by her supposed boyfriend. However, throughout her life, her younger brother, Malik was always there for her, despite being younger and not fully understanding. The bond they shared balanced her heart, and kept her emotions in check.

As shown with the tournament she set up to determine her boyfriend, Shizu could be quite manipulative. However, she also demonstrated she knew how to use her looks to influence the way others, especially men, acted.

Despite having no knowledge of her inherent abilities, Shizu was able to use basic force powers, as demonstrated when she killed the Rakatan who went too far. However, her lack of knowledge about using such power for evil purposes, drove her to enjoy her abilities a bit too much.

When she sadistically tortured her ex-boyfriend to death, she demonstrated that she was not as innocent as most people thought.

Through speculation, Shizu was a possible sufferer of Power syndrome, as she was able to match her brother Malik, in combat, despite him having the aide of the ancient Rakatan Dor.


Because of her hatred, Shizu's inherent Force ability grew immensely in their potency. Though she would usually remain calm and balanced, when she was pushed, she would unleash the unrestrained extent of her power. While she was believed to be an innocent "victim", she proved that she was more than capable of handing out punishment, when she went head to head with her brother Malik.

Though she was a hateful girl, through the bond she formed with her younger brother, she was able to find some kind of solace when they combined powers to overcome a common foe.

One of the first, Shizu was arguably the most powerful of the hate filled, violent, and self-destructive Lanmaw bloodline. She and her brother would set a pattern for future generations of Lanmaws that would continue throughout history.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Shizu is portrayed by Ishizu Ishtar, of the Anime Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • Shizu Lanmaw is notable for being the first female Featured Article. Though, it has since lost it status due to revised Featured Article guidelines.