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The Shest Minor Seven was a term used by the Order of Keltrayu and the Royal Army of the Golden Empire to refer to a group of seven Centurions assigned as commanders and warriors to assist the Centurion and Legate Breek Zagrev in the assault on Shest Minor. All the Centurions involved, aside from Zagrev, were killed in the three-day course of the battle. After their deaths, they were revered and mourned as heroes of the Order.

The Centurions

Cora Convarion died in the first hours of battle, blown up along with twenty-nine soldiers by Ssi-ruuvi fire. Terran Saul and Syuug died together while assaulting a Ssi-ruuvi defensive point, with Saul killed trying to protect the less experienced Syuug. Genn Sudime sacrificed himself to destroy a Ssi-ruuvi battle droid convoy, leaping into their midst with an active thermal detonator.

On the second day of battle, Kyzk was killed shortly after dawn by explosive shrapnel. Atrelle Sovex died from two blaster shots to the chest just before nightfall, while Sato Raltharan was killed over the night.

Left as the only surviving Centurion, Breek Zagrev took the field personally on the final day of battle. She was caught in the shrapnel of an explosion, suffering cuts on her left arm and the left side of her face and the loss of her left eye, but she survived to lead the Royal Army to victory over the Ssi-ruuk.


Convarion, Saul, Syuug, Kyzk, and Raltharan were interred in Keltrayu's Tomb on Keliso. Atrelle Sovex had requested a burial at sea on Shest Minor, which Breek Zagrev granted, and Genn Sudime's body was completely incinerated in the explosion that claimed his life. However, their names were memorialized alongside those of their comrades in Keltrayu's Tomb.

The sacrifice of the Shest Minor Seven inspired a tattoo design adopted by thousands of veterans of the battle. Many variants of the tattoo existed, but all incorporated the lightsabers of the Seven. Some versions also included the words "Shest Minor" in Aurebesh or another language. A good many soldiers who had great respect for Breek Zagrev chose a variant which included her red blade, usually set apart from the other seven in some way. Breek herself got a Shest Minor Seven tattoo, though only with the seven blades of her fallen siblings. Instead of "Shest Minor", she had the words "My Family" added beneath the lightsabers.

The Shest Minor Seven also inspired a campaign of public awareness and a call to service throughout the Golden Empire during The Tribulation. It featured the common circular arrangement of blades in a holovid, with each blade extinguished one-by-one. When the last blade vanished, Aurebesh text appeared asking, "What have you sacrificed?"

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