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Shest Minor was a planet just outside the Romasi sector in the Unknown Regions. It was conquered by the Ssi-ruuk in 141 ABY and used as a staging base for their incursion into the Golden Empire. The native Weyock were largely rounded up and enteched, but the planet was captured by the Empire during the harrowing three-day Battle of Shest Minor. In the aftermath of the Empire's successful repelling of the Ssi-ruuk, Shest Minor joined the government and began to rebuild its society.


Most of Shest Minor's terrain was flat, though it ranged from fertile plains to barren deserts. Mountain ranges zigzagged over the surface, ranging in elevation up to several kilometers. Unique flora and fauna thrived in the cool mid-regions of the mountains, but life was usually relatively scarce in the steppe surrounding the mountains.

Eleven oceans, all linked to one another directly or by small seas or canals, bordered Shest Minor's four major continents. The planet's lack of any natural satellites kept its waters fairly placid, with tides barely noticeable.

Shest Minor was co-orbital with lifeless, uninhabitable Shest Major.

Society and culture

Before the arrival of the Ssi-ruuk in 141 ABY, the Weyock and their cultures dominated Shest Minor. They were a people of numerous nations and heritages, with correspondingly diverse backgrounds and practices. Countless traditions and customs were lost in the genocide that followed the aliens' arrival, and those who remained were hardy, dedicated survivors. Among the remaining Weyock, a culture quickly developed of respect for those who pulled their own weight. There was also a serious distrust of aliens; though the Weyock affiliated themselves with the Golden Empire, they had little interest in importing major alien populations.


Weyock society developed on Shest Minor for approximately 15,000 years before the genocide. By 141 ABY, Shest Minor had twenty-three functioning nations and city-states which existed in a state of relative peace, although several possessed sizeable standing armies. The planet's resources were carefully monitored under several international treaties to ensure there would always be enough to keep the planet's population thriving.

The Weyock and their largely projectile-weapon technology were no match for the invading Ssi-ruuk in 141 ABY, and thousands perished in the initial assault. The majority of the population was rounded up into internment camps and enteched in Ssi-ruuvi battle droids, which were launched into the Golden Empire's territory as the Ssi-ruuk themselves sought to gain a foothold from which to defend themselves against the P'w'ecks. Roughly thirty thousand Weyock formed a resistance movement; although their technological inferiority kept them from gaining major ground, they managed to free some prisoner camps.

Just over a standard year later, Legate Breek Zagrev led an enormous counter-invasion, fighting a three-day battle for control of the planet. When the dust settled, the Ssi-ruuk had been vanquished, and the few who survived were executed to a being. The Weyock still imprisoned were liberated, and once the Tribulation was brought to an end, Rin Sakaros sent aid to them to help rebuild the planet. Recognizing their vulnerability to invasion by the larger galaxy of which they were now aware, the Weyock pledged Shest Minor to the Empire.

During the early 150s ABY, the Centurion Gershet Deyrzhion served as Consul of Shest Minor.

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