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The Shirok Commando Operations was a special operations department in the local police service of Shirok, Mandalore. It was more commonly known as ShenCresh Ops (using the Aurebesh letters Shen (Sh) and Cresh (C) for abbreviation). It was a largely independent branch of the Mandalorian police forces, due to the city's remote location on the planet.


It was a unit specialized in counter-terrorism, special commando and intervention operations on behalf of other galactic police forces, as well as trackdown and hunt of fugitive high-profile criminals throughout the Mandalore Sector, the Mid and the Outer Rim. They were not, however, limited to such deployments and were considered as versatile as the New Republic's Katarn Commandos or Imperial Storm Commandos.

The division was consisting of several small commando teams, with varying amounts of members, but generally counting around six operatives each. Each unit had an individual badge based on the official ShenCresh Ops insignia, but the colors varied and there were additional, individual sigils for teams and particular commandos. Although they had a wide variety of equipment and gear to choose from, most commandos were toting customized versions of the BlasTech EE-23 modular carbine, especially the versatile Mini-Tak assault rifle version. Also, matte-black Firespray-class starships were seen on most deployments. Both became signature features affiliated with ShenCresh Ops.
Ronan Barecs commando insignia

The insignia of Lt. Ronan Barec, Team Dorn

The unit insignia showed a yellow Sullustan ash angel on a blue circle, with the Mando'a letters reading "ShenCresh Ops" to the left.

Team DornEdit

Fireteam D, better known as Team Dorn, was one of those units. It became famous through the expert marksman and later Mandalorian Supercommando Ronan Barec, who even took command of the unit after the former lieutenant's death. Barec's personal badge showed the colors and sigils of Team Dorn, as well as the eye- and crosshair-like symbol to the top of the orange ash angel, indicating Barec's position as a sniper.

Behind the scenesEdit

Originally, this was called "Shogun Commando Operations", but with the release of Revelation, the planet Shogun was written out of continuity, so I had to come up with a different solution. Now they are no longer special forces of a planet, but of a large city on Mandalore. Thus it still uses the old name on the pictures.

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