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Shattered Order was written by Mattkenn3 and Darth Void. Shattered Order was released on April 15th, 2009. Originally two versions were planned, a canon and non canon version, User:Darth Void changed his mind when he decided to declare the series as part of an alternate universe.


List of Characters

Darth Cognitum(First appearance)

Darth Sansus(First appearance)

Darth Void

Darth Vain (Mentioned only)

Darth Prone


Ronin Allster

Thes (First appearance)

Darth Shroud

Eno(First appearance)

Janok Kaan

Len Duok

Darth AT-AT

Raptor(First appearance)

List of Droids

Elite A-1 Armored Droid

List of Locations


Jedi Citadel(First appearance)

Nole(First appearance)

Zhuun(First appearance)



Chapter 1

Darth AT-AT sat in deep meditation trying to see into his future. It had been thirty years since he had revived Darth Prone, thanks to him and Prone the sith were at their strongest since the first contact. Darth AT-AT jerked his head toward the door as it slid open. "Darth Prone would like to have a word with you." Said Darth Sansus. Upon hearing those words he was struck with a wave of fear, he knew it had to be something bad, none the less he rose and started his long walk to the Throne Room. As soon as he entered the doors slid shut behind him and Darth Prone turned around his throne to face Darth AT-AT and Gazed at his face. "Did you think I wouldn't know", asked Prone levitating AT-AT into the air and chocking him with the force. Darth AT-AT remained silent. "I should kill you for your betrayal, I will spare you if you kill your apprentice." "Eno is my bodyguard, not my apprentice," he replied barely pushing out the words. "Why do you need a bodyguard?" "I thought it would be a good Idea to have one around." "Answer my question." "I was afraid that you might kill me, I figure that when this war is over you won't need me anymore." "I don't need you now, but I keep you around because when I pass away you shall revive me again, now go." responded Prone releasing his hold on Darth AT-AT.

Chapter 2

"We Can't take much more the Sith have breached our defences!" Screamed Thes. "Evacuate the padawans to the citadel," Ventar turns his head to look at his remaining army,"Detonate the bombs!" A big blast shakes the cave, some rubble narrow the passage way. "What are your orders sir?" asked Jul. "Give me an assessment of the damage." "Roughly sixty-three percent of our escape shuttles have been destroyed."

Chapter 3

"The jedi are on the run." said Raptor. "Good our forces at coordinates 7114 pull out and engage the escape shuttles over Hoths orbit." Commanded Darth Cognitum. "The jedi have caused an avalanch which has blocked all but one of the caves exits. "Damned Jedi," Darth Cognitum actives his wrist communicater, "begin orbital bombardment Darth Sansus". Cognitum steps out of the cave and into the winter blue.

Chapter 4

"I'll continue to hold off the sith, I know a thing or two about melee combat, go on see those padawans to the citadel." said Jul. "I won't forget this." Remarked Ventar as he boarded the last shuttle full of padawans. Just as the shuttle lifts off the ground Darth Cognitum came into sight. Jul fired off a few rounds, only to watch them deflect back at him. Cognitum makes his way to Jul and slashes his blaster in two. Jul took a quick leap backward and pulled out his vibro-staff. "Now the fun begins," retorted Jul. Jul managed to gain a quick edge over the battle worn Darth Cognitum and slice him in the arm.

Chapter 5

All is lost thought Darth Cognitum as he was continously pushed back. When all hope seemed lost a shuttle loomed overhead. "Grab my hand!" screamed Darth Sansus. Cognitum jumped aboard the shuttle and was greeted by Sansus' hand. He had done it, he had cheated his death, but the encounter with Jul would trouble him for many days to come.

Chapter 6

"Are we going to overthrow Darth Prone soon?" asked Eno. "Yes, in fact after going through various holocrons and heavy meditation, I have be able to locate a long forgotten Sith Artifact, you are to retrieve it as a test." Responded Darth AT-AT. "Where is it?" "It is located in a tomb of a long forgotten Sith lord, it is located on a remote planet called Nole." "Tell me about Darth Shroud." "He died during the Jedi Civil War, he claimed to have came from the future and in that future the force didn't exist, because the Jedi and the Sith entered a war without end, the galaxy had taken too much damage, over Ninty-Five Percent of all the known planets were rendered uninhabitable, A hundred years before Darth Shroud was supposedly born another Sith Lord was on the hunt, this Sith Lord had the power to suck the force out of anything, the Jedi came up with a solution, the solution was to gather around an object and to drain their force energy into it, the Jedi knew that doing so would kill them so they could only hope that the force would guide a person with good intent toward the object. Of course Darth Shroud found it and used it on the Sith Lord which killed it, Darth Shroud was then able to transfer all of the force energy into himself and that in turn allowed him to use the force. The Victory was meaningless to Shroud, since there was hardly any life left in the galaxy, Later on he somehow used the force to create a way into the past, he then managed to make a few holocrons that revealed how to achieve certain powers, It wasn't long before another Sith Lord tracked him to Tamora, Ironically they both killed each other." "I shall depart for Nole immediatly, Master."

Chapter 7

"And then he escaped aboard a shuttle that was being piloted by Alno Doon." said Jul. "This is not acceptable, this does explain why we couldn't feel his passing when he went missing a few months ago." Said Glace. "There is nothing we can do but hope that he sees the light." Remarked Kaan. "What's happening!?" exclaimed Ayeel as the Jedi Citadel began to rattle. "The Sith warships are attacking the Jedi Citadel right on time." said Kaan calmly. "You knew this was going to happen?!" Screamed Ayeel. "Calm down Ayeel, Yes, I knew this was going to happen, all of the padawans and younglings had evacuated to our jedi temple earlier this morning." replied Kaan. "How did you know about this?" asked fellow Jedi Master Glace. "We have an informant inside of the Sith Fleet." replied Kaan.

Chapter 8

"Deploy all droids and sith available." Ordered Darth Cognitum. "I shall engage with my old Master." Stated Darth Sansus. Cognitum made his way down the hall of the jedi Citadel and into Kaans Meditation Chamber. Kaan was sitting in the center with his eyes closed. This would be all to easythought Cognitum as he ignited his lightsaber. Cognitum brought the blade down, however it stopped an inch from kaans head and Cognitum was flung into a wall, Kaan stood up and activated his lightsaber. In a burst of speed and furry Cognitum made his way back to Kaan, and the two blades met. Raptor gazed on as Kaan and Cognitum dueled. Finally a clear shot had presented itself, Raptor hit his target right in the back of the head, blood gushed and coated Kaans robe. Cognitum hit the Ground and it was evident that he was dead. Without a word Kaan and Raptor left the room and made their way down the corridor to the main section of the citadel. They both heard the humming of a lightsaber around the corner. Raptor motioned Kaan to go on while he would confront the Sith.

Chapter 9

I have finally made it, I shall triumph over Prone with my Master thought Eno as he reached the end of the tomb and was staring right at the Artifact. "Don't touch it and don't even think of leaving with it" Said a Stern Voice. "Who are you?" asked Eno. "I am...I was Darth Shroud." "I need this Artifact." "No, do not take the Artifact, do yourself a favor and turn away from the Darkside." "Why Should I?" "It is not worth it, the burning, the regret." "What burning and what regret?" "I can feel my death without end, It is terrible, It won't stop, I regret the pain and suffering that I have caused to others, don't make the same mistake I did, turn away from the Darkside, the Jedi were right...They were right." "This is mine." "I won't stop you, you shall have to face the consequences yourself." Darth Shroud's Spirit disappears.

Chapter 10

"Turn back to the Light, we can help you" pleaded Len Duok as his battle with his fallen apprentice raged on. "I don't need any help." Replied Darth Sansus. The lightsabers carved into the shelves and statues in the Jedi Library. With two graceful moves Darth Sansus hooked Duok's weapon out of his hands and sent it hurtling away. Len was then knocked onto his back by an invisible fist. "Join the Sith, you need not die." Len Duok reached out with the force and summoned his lightsaber back into his hands. "I am a jedi" Remarked the Master while blocking Sansus' lightsaber from hitting home. Duok lost his balance but soon regained it and thrusted forward with his deadly blade. Sansus let out a cry of pain as his arm was detatched from his shoulder, his arm and lightsaber had ended up on the far side of the room. The Jedi Master pointed his lightsaber at his fallen apprentices throat, "Do it, Kill me!" Screamed Sansus. Duok deactivates his lightsaber. "You are unarmed." "I am never unarmed" replied Sansus as he called upon the darkside which brought his lightsaber into Len Duok's back. Try as he might he was to weak to get up and eventually Sansus layed back down, Sansus could feel his deceased master fading into the force, he closed his eyes and started laughing hysterically. A Squadron of Elite A-1 Armored Droid's arrive and carry the injured Sith to his Personal shuttle. Without a word the Droids walk into the Sith Temple on Zhuun with Darth Sansus on a stretcher. "Put him in the infirmary" ordered Darth Prone. The Droids do as ordered and leave. "Was the raid a Success?" "I managed to kill Len Duok, however I felt Darth Cognitum's passing." "What about Kaan?" "I am sorry to say that I don't know." "RX-71 give Darth Sansus a Limb replacement."

Chapter 11

Master Ventar had followed Darth Sansus' shuttle to Zhuun and no one would suspect a thing. Ventar Cloaked his presence in the force. Ventar made his way down the many corridors of the Sith temple undetected, eventually he reached Darth Prones quarters. Had Prone seen him when the door opened?! No, Prone was deep in meditation on his throne. Ventar felt excited, he could end this without a duel!

Chapter 12

"What can we do?" asked Jul. "We must go to the Jedi temple that was built on the planet Nole five years ago." Replied Kaan. Unknown to the Jedi, Eno now knew the location of the Jedi base.

Chapter 13

Prones lightsaber sliced Ventar in the chest, the Jedi Master dropped his lightsaber, his mouth was gaping open. "You almost succeeded, you gave yourself away, Jedi." "H-ow?" "You allowed your excitement to flow, to flow into the force. Mused Prone. The Jedi Master disappears and becomes one with the force. Prone picks up Ventars lightsaber and clips it to his belt.

Chapter 14

"You did it Eno, you will be a great Sith Lord soon." "Are we ready to overthrow Darth Prone?" "We are just about ready, we need to test it first." "I know just where we can test it, the Jedi are on the planet Nole." "Very interesting." Said Darth Prone, while walking into the room with Darth Sansus. "Master I was just on my way to-" "Spare me the theatrics." Replied Prone while force pulling Eno right onto the blade of his lightsaber. Darth AT-AT runs out of the room and makes his way out of the sith temple. "Ignore him" "Shall I dispatch the Droids?" "Yes, I will stay here, you shall go to Nole."

Chapter 15

Nole was in sight, even though Eno had died Darth AT-AT knew that if this Artifact would work then he could destroy the Jedi and rule the Galaxy.

Chapter 16

Darth Sansus made his way down the hall of the Jedi temple. Many Jedi Knights and Padawans tried to stop him from setting the charges, they were simply flung aside. After the charges were set the Jedi Masters caught on. Jedi Masters Kaan, Ayeel, and Donin were blocking his path. Sansus activated his and Duoks lightsaber and the four of them dueled. Sansus blocked Kaan & Donin's attacks with the lightsabers and Ayeels with the force. Darth Sansus flipped backward and threw Kaan into a large boulder, Kaan cut his head on it and became unconscious. Darth Sansus then locked blades with Donin. Donin was quickly flung aside, as Sansus was preparing to deliever a finishing blow Ayeel leaped in between Sansus and Donin, the blow that was meant to kill Donin decapitated Ayeel. While Donin lie on the ground beaten, Sansus commented "Why do you try? You know who my Master is. You could never beat him, so why try to beat me?" As he brought down his lightsaber, Kaan's blocked its path. The two dueled for a few moments before a ship landed on top of Jedi Master Donin, it crushed him instantly. Darth Prone Stepped out of the ship.

Chapter 17

Darth AT-AT was finally near the Jedi temple, he only needed to test the artifact on one Jedi, unfortunatly he arrived too late to find the Jedi Temple in flames. Off in the distance he could see two lightsaber blades going all out.

Chapter 18

Darth Sansus stood and watched as Prone and Kaan dueled. He longed to intervene but doing so would be against Darth Prones wishes and that would be a mistake. He saw the traitor coming towards him. An object that was giving off a strange light was in Darth AT-AT's hands and a beam was headed right towards him. Darth Sansus hit the ground, barely avoiding the beam. He proceeded to make his way to Darth AT-AT. Darth AT-AT clipped the artifact to his belt and pulled out his lightsaber. The Two dueled. Darth Sansus gained the upper hand when he tossed a large boulder at Darth AT-AT. Darth Sansus pulled the artifact from Darth AT-AT's belt and then cut Darth AT-AT's waste while he was distracted with the boulder.

Chapter 19

"This is the end for you Kaan!" Roared Darth Prone. "Your strength is outstanding, but the lightside will give me the power to defeat you." Said Kaan as he jumped over prones sweeping lightsaber. "You are a Pawn of the force,while I am it's Master." Prone barely managed to block a killing blow to the head. "I Should have never left the Jedi and I should have never revived you!" screamed the dying Ronin Allster. "I had such high hopes for you, you should have known that your betrayal would end in pain." replied prone while rolling away from Kaan's lightsaber. Darth Sansus looked up at the sky in response to hearing a earsplitting noise. "This is Jul, I have arrived." said Jul over the comm system immediatly after pulling The Nagi out of hyperspace. "We are ready for extraction." replied Kaan. Kaan made a mad dash, picked up Ronin and hoped aboard the Nagi. Darth Prone looked on in anger as the Nagi Jumped to hyperspace.

Chapter 20

"Ronin Allster needs serious medical attention." said Kaan. "I think that I can fix him up." Replied Jul. Three hours later Jul came out of the medical bay. "Ronin Allster shall be fine, he is healing nicely." "That's good news Jul, but we have lost." "What do you mean." "The Jedi Temple on Nole was destroyed, Me, Glace,Ronin, and the Jedi on Danthamor are the last of the Jedi, unless there are some still left at the Jedi Citadel." "My Father might be able to help, he hasn't fought in over forty-years but he was a great fighter, he used to be a Jedi, or I think he was at least as he has a lightsaber, though when I ask him about it he refuses to give me a straight answer."

Chapter 21

In a secret room in Jul's Estate; "I see your awakening, I am glad you survived, can you speak to me through the force?" "Yes" "Good."

Chapter 22

"Father, I am home." A Gen'dai limps into the room. "Jedi Master Kaan?" "Jedi Fugitive Juvacarent'e." "Are you holding my son hostage, are you here to arrest me?" "No, he is not hostage, but you are under arrest." "I was framed all those years ago, I have lost my connection to the force anyway." "I can sense that you, speak the truth, who framed you?" "A sith lord, he is long dead." "I see" "You must have failed to stop Darth Prone?" "Yes." "Jul and Kaan there is someone the two of you must meet."

Chapter 23

"I don't know how well he is doing, he woke up just this morning from a coma he has been in for decades, I don't know how but he managed to survive, so I saved him and brought him here to be rebuilt." "Master...Skywalker." "Vlux, Jedi Master Kaan and my son Jul needs your help to defeat Darth Prone, the whole galaxy needs your help."

Chapter 24

"I can't stand it anymore! It is not fair, I should have destroyed the last of the Jedi by now! We should have been victorious, not in ruin, again, we should at least be a hundred strong, but are we? No, we are the last two sith!" Screamed Darth Prone. "Jedi can easily be converted, and we now have this." Replied Darth Sansus holding up the artifact while grinning.

Chapter 25

"Raptor!" Screamed Kaan snapping out of his meditation. "What?!" asked Jul excitedly. "I can sense him, he is at the Citadel!" Jul set course for the Jedi Citadel.

Chapter 26

3 Days Ago...

The humming of the lightsaber grew louder when Raptor rounded the corner, Raptor heard a voice talking into a holo-com. "...Destroyed." said the voice. "Darth Trine set the destabilization timer and make sure that the Citadel will be gone for good." Said Darth Prone. Rapter takes a shot at the back of Darth Trines head, the shot is a partial success, the bullet hits Trine in the shoulder. Darth Trine grunts in pain and activates his lightsaber. "Did you really think that you could kill me?" "Yes" replied Raptor pulling a lightsaber from his belt and activating it. Green and Red illuminated the room and soon sparks were zipping everywhere. Raptor parried a series of blows from Trine's blood red lightsaber. Green and Red connected again and again. Raptor put all of his strength into a desperate blow at Trines legs and missed. As a Result his left hand was mutilated and trine collapsed a part of a durasteel plated wall onto Raptor. "And now you will die bounty hunter." Darth Trine was Preparing to decapitate Raptor. "If I die, then so will you" exclaimed Raptor holding out his hand revealing a thermal detonator, the whole room turned into a blast furnace.

Chapter 27


"Raptor!" Screamed Kaan. Jul pulls Raptor from the Wreckage. "He has lost both hands, his spine is damaged, it seems that durasteel has pierced his right eye, and he has a chunk of durasteel about 10 pilks from his heart,but he should make it were treat him immediatly." said Vacare. "The Base of the Sith is on Zhuun." muttered Raptor. Kaan, Vacare, Ronin Allster, Vlux Skywalker and Jul arrive on Zhuun. "You have arrived at last said Darth Prone." Prone and Sansus activated their lightsabers as did Kaan, Vlux and Ronin. Darth Prone leaped forward and cut Ronin Allster in half right down the middle. Vlux dueled Prone while Kaan dueled Darth Sansus.

Chapter 28

Vlux swung his blade upward toward prones head. Prone dodge it and struck at Vlux's arm. Had Vlux not be as fast as he was he would have lost his arm. Prone Shot out a bolt of lightning, Vlux deflected it. Vlux then lifted Darth Prone into the air with the force and hurled objects at him. Prone pulled out the artifact and fired it at Vlux. In a desperate move Jul jumped into the beams path and took the full blow. Jul was dead.

Chapter 29

Darth Sansus escaped towards his shuttle and flew away. The battle below continued. In anger Vacare tackled Darth Prone and started beating him and then grabbed Darth Prones lightsaber and cut all of Darth Prones limbs off, he then picked up the artifact and pointed it at the dying Darth Prone and fired it. He could feel the force again.

Chapter 30

"He's my son, I must do this." said Vacare. "Vacare, Your a good man." said Kaan. Vacare put the artifact in Juls hands stepped back and used the force to push Jul's thumb down on the it. The beam Struck Vacare and killed him, thus the force power transferred to Jul and brought him back to life. Afterwords the artifact was destroyed and the galaxy was free of the Sith, at least for now...

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