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The Dark Side is a path to skills many consider . . . unnatural.
—Lord Shadowspawn

Lord Shadowspawn, also called Agent Blackhole, was an Imperial Inquisitor, as well as an Imperial Intelligence agent, and later an Emperor's Reach during the Galactic Civil War, and later became an Imperial warlord, holding the Inner Rim Territories planet of Mindor as his throne world. He claimed the title of Lord Shadowspawn and sought to create the Shadow Empire, and Imperial splinter faction, as the galactic government. He was skilled in the Dark Side of the Force, and in lightsaber combat, as well as being a good tactician/strategist. His attacks almost brought down the New Republic, as he unified the other factions and the Imperial Remnant under him, ending the Imperial Civil War, in 12 ABY. However, he was defeated the following year by Luke Skywalker following an attack on his throne world.

Originally, Shadowspawn was born on Mindor, in the Inner Rim. He was born to an aristocratic family. Finding out he was Force-sensitive, the young Shadowspawn began purchasing Sith artifacts and objects, eventually also gaining dual lightsabers. They allowed him to practice various Dark Side powers, which he mastered. From a young age, he was recognized as a Sith prodigy. Blackhole even began preparing for his death, by learning about the spirit transference technique. Because of his skills, he was noticed and brought before Palpatine, who made Shadowspawn an Emperor's Reach.

He was also intelligent, being good at math, science, history, and languages (knowing Huttese, Neimoidian, and others). He was not particularly strong, but knew several forms of lightsaber combat, and owned a pair of unique lightsabers salvaged on Dromund Kaas.


Early life

Many rumors circulated throughout the Imperial Elite of his origins, due to his history being classified by order of Imperial Intelligence. He was known to most officials as an Imperial Advisor to the Galactic Emperor, and some Moffs called him a "second Vader".

In reality, Shadowspawn was a member of House Shadowspawn, an aristocratic upper class family from Mindor. They practically ran the sparsely populated planet, being the richest ones on it. The world had about a million colonists and was known for it's vast grassland plains, perfect for farming. His family made a lot of their wealth through agriculture. Shadowspawn's father was the Senator for Mindor and the rest of the Taspan system on the Galactic Senate, and later Imperial Senate. His mother was the Chief Justice on the Imperial Court, and thus spent most of her time on Coruscant with his father.

Shadowspawn himself was always on Mindor, also called Taspan I, and occasionally travelled to Taspan II. Using his money, Shadowspawn bought practically anything he wanted. He attended a private school, and was recognized as a prodigy in math, science, history, languages, and other subjects. During that time, he also discovered his Force-sensitivity. It got him excited, as he read Sith history in class and knew what Dark Siders could do. Using his money, he purchased many Sith artifacts, books, and even several holocrons. With them, he began leaning various Dark Side abilities, from simple Force Push to more complicated Force lightning. Over time, he mastered various moves.

At school, Shadowspawn often used intimidation on other students and teachers to get what he wanted. In 9 BBY, when he was 16, Shadowspawn was surrounded by a gang of older bullies from a different school. They knew how rich he was and tried to get him to give up his money, to which he responded by killing them with Force lightning. Their charred bodies were found by local authorities, who attributed the incident to a "compelling natural force". He started paying attention to galactic politics more, and decided to join the Stormtrooper Corps when he turned 17.

Imperial contract

Since Mindor did not have an Imperial Armed Forces recruitment office, and he wanted to see his parents, Shadowspawn travelled all the way to the Imperial Center to enlist in the military. While there, he talked to his mother and father, who supported his decision. He also learned that his father got promoted from senator to Moff, while his mother was still the Chief Justice. Shadowspawn's only worry was that he was not physically strong enough to get in, since relied on the Force for many things. He was not weak, but not military fit. However, using the Force to influence his workouts in front of the recruiters, they accepted him.

He was selected for the shadow stormtrooper program. They were stormtroopers, but more highly trained and used black armor that could turn invisible. Shadowspawn later recalled that he was probably selected because of his last name. He was sent to the Carida Imperial Military Academy, where he received training along side other stormtrooper cadets. He proved to be skilled in unarmed combat, and was an average marksman. In the end, he graduated the Academy in 7 ABY.

Early service

Shadowspawn shadowtrooper

Shadowspawn in shadow stormtrooper armor.

Stormtrooper Corporal Shadowspawn preformed well in the testing, recommend placement in elite unit.
—Anonymous officer

Placed into the elite Gamma Force, a legion of shadow stormtroopers, shadow EVO troopers, and an assortment of shadow stealth vehicles, he held the rank of corporal. Stationed at a former Confederacy of Independent Systems base on the planet of Mygeeto, he received low level garrison duty for several weeks. However, a Rebel Army unit invaded the planet shortly afterwards. During the battle that ensued, Shadowspawn proved his leadership capabilities to several officers. He was promoted to sergeant shortly after the Imperial victory. Within a month, Gamma Force was rotated off the world and sent to help occupation troops on Kashyyyk.

Upon arrival, Shadowspawn was stationed at the Kashyyyk Imperial base, as one of Ozzel Sturn's bodyguards. Shadowspawn viewed the man to be an idiot, and a xenophobe, definitely not a good leader. However, out of loyalty to the Empire, he protected the man from rebelling Wookiee warriors. The one thing that he did like was his engineering likeness, more specifically, his customized AT-ST walker. Shadowspawn decided when he became an officer, he would make a personally upgraded AT-AT. When Galen Marek, the apprentice of Darth Vader, arrived, he was on the line of defense against him. After attempting to shoot him at the bunker base, he was Force Pushed back into a wall. Shadowspawn eased the fall with the Force. When Marek battled Sturn and his AT-ST, Shadowspawn tried to sabotage him with the Force as he fought from the bushes. He affected the apprentice's fighting a bit, but Sturn was still killed. He felt no sympathy for the dead officer, but was glad to know most of Gamma Force survived and they were leaving.

However, they were sent to the Devastator, the flagship of Vader. After landing, Shadowspawn proceeded to the troop quarters aboard the ship, but Vader felt his strong Force presence and tracked him down. After a talk in the barracks, Shadowspawn was taken by Vader aboard his personal shuttle. Vader sensed he was strong with the Force, and decided fo present him to the Emperor. Not wanting the Devastator and the rest of the unit to be delayed, Vader had his pilots take them to Coruscant.

Emperor's Meeting

After landing at the Imperial Palace on Imperial Center, Vader brought Shadowspawn directly to the Emperor's throne room. There, he met Palpatine, who interrogated him briefly. Palpatine said he sensed that he was very strong with the Force. Shadowspawn demonstrated several Force moves to him, and Palpatine decided to make him an Imperial Inquisitor. At the same time, as a cover up, he was given an agent rank in Imperial Intelligence. Palpatine dubbed him "Agent Blackhole" and gave him Gamma Force to command as his personal unit.


My spies are more extensive than Palpatine's.

As an Inquisitor, he worked against any starting rebellions. His first mission was leading Gamma Force into combat against the Chandrilan Resistance, defeating them. The victory was propagandized for the Empire. At this time, the Emperor gave him many credits to upgrade Gamma Force's arsenal, and Shadowspawn used the credits to arm everyone with shadowtrooper armor who didn't already have it. Everyone was issued Imperial repeater rifles, along with their normal E-11 blasters and other weapons. He had six Emperor's Shadow Guards placed under his command. Shadowspawn also had Kuat Drive Yards make three Shadow All Terrain Armored Transports for his unit.

Shadowspawn holo

Lord Shadowspawn, Imperial Agent.

In 2 BBY, after nearly destroying the Corellian Resistance, he used his credits to turn Mindor into a fortress world. Of course, Shadowspawn never informed his parents of his new position. He figured they would find out eventually themselves. Mindor, staffed by Gamma Force, as well as additional Imperial Army and Stormtrooper Corps troops, became a large metropolis and fortress. He had a large Palace, similar to the Emperor's, built in one of the larger forts. An Imperial Navy task force was also given to him, led by Shadowspawn's new flagship, the Basilisk. Three Shadow AT-ATs were also completed, led by a modified version called the Shadow One.

He sent numerous spies out into the galaxy, as part of his work for Imperial Intelligence. They provided him with information on various topics. Shadowspawn also greatly expanded and reformed Gamma Force, adding Imperial Army troopers and stormtroopers as shadowtroopers. On the technological level, he also created the All Terrain Ion Cannon, an AT-AT with a large ion cannon on the back. The walker was to be used for defense of strategic locations, and was mass produced by the Empire. Shadowspawn also commissioned a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, after modifying it, as his personal transport. Meanwhile, his troops failed to prevent the Rebel Alliance leaders from converging on Corellia.

After the creation of the Alliance, Shadowspawn had his shadow stormtroopers assassinate various high ranking members of it. General Scur Mulleen, a former member of the Ralltiir Guard and a Rebel Army leader, was killed at the Ralltiir Rebel base by his assassins. Shadowspawn was recognized by Vader to be very effective at eliminating people, but was unable to kill Mon Mothma or any other Alliance High Command members. After the destruction of the Death Star, Shadowspawn actually viewed the Rebels as a threat. At the same time, he appointed his protege, an Imperial Army commander and former Imperial Special Missions Trooper, Argon, as the Grand General of his ground forces. He also started working with agent Shira Brie, and Emperor's Hand with a lot of potential.

Palpatine informed him of the Yuuzhan Vong threat, which shook Shadowspawn for a little. However, learning more details on them from Grand Admiral Thrawn, he realized the Empire could defeat them once the Rebels were finished.

During the Galactic Civil War, Shadowspawn preformed several missions against the Alliance. The Imperial 501st Legion managed to kill off the Bothan High Command in the assault on the Yavin IV due to him providing the information on their whereabouts. Many Imperial High Council members went to Shadowspawn for information and tried to hire him to spy on their rivals and personal enemies for them. He was against that sort of corruption, and reported them to the Imperial Security Bureau. His shadow stormtroopers were responsible for weeding out many Rebel resistance cells on various worlds. He was known to operate occasionally from a base on Akuria II. At the same time, he was made an Emperor's Reach.

By the time of the deaths of Palpatine and Vader over Endor, he recalled all of his conventional forces to his home system, defending the Mindor fortress world. Shadowspawn also learned that his father was killed at Endor. Outraged, he wanted to get back at the Rebellion, but was even more outraged to learn of the Empire's splintering. Knowing about the Emperor's clone bodies on Byss, he decided to wait and simple join whoever wanted to restore the Empire. Shadowspawn had a brief conflict with an unidentified Imperial splinter faction, which he defeated easily.

Thrawn's Bouncer

As Grand Admiral Thrawn came back from the Unknown Regions to reunify the Empire, Shadowspawn pledged to aid him. He was well aware of the Yuuzhan Vong threat, and wanted the Empire united and fully ready to stand up to the Vong threat. Under Thrawn, his fleet preformed liberations of various Outer Rim worlds, something the New Republic failed to notice due to the Chiss Admiral's successes. As the tide turned against the Republic, Shadowspawn was more confident of the Empire's victory. However, he still prepared his assets for the case that Thrawn was to die. In that scenario, he would recall all forces to Mindor, where they would form a new government with Shadowspawn as Emperor.

As he prepared for, Thrawn died over Bilbringi. The Empire was demoralized, and Shadowspawn called all units to Mindor. However, few responded to the call and came. Nonetheless, they still possessed a large fleet and army. As they formed his new government, Palpatine returned in a clone body. Everyone at Mindor, including Shadowspawn, announced their allegiance to the Dark Empire, his new government.

Talents & Abilities

Shadowspawn was considered a prodigy, being knowledgable in the Force, lightsaber combat, tactics/strategies, regular subjects, languages, piloting, and other things. Leadership was another key skill he possessed, being able to build an empire. Palpatine taught Shadowspawn politics personally, as that was something he was noted to be very cunning at. He learned standard interrogation techniques from Imperial Navy Intelligence, and more advanced, Dark Side-influenced forms from other Inquisitors. Shadowspawn spent a while in the Unknown Regions, and learned military tactics/strategies under Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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