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The Shadow Vengeance was an organization created by Bruce Jammer in 29 BBY at the age of 21. The Shadow Vengeance was primarily a piracy organization, taking riches from Expansion Region worlds and dumping them on the Outer Rim worlds, minus a small fee they took out of it. They were noted for leaving the crew they were stealing from alive and with transportation.


Criminal empire origins

Bruce Jammer created the Shadow Vengeance organization in 29 BBY at age twenty-one. The organization operated under a pirate flag. They took riches from Expansion Region worlds and dumped them on the Outer Rim worlds, minus a minuscule finder's fee. They were noted for leaving the crew they were stealing from alive and with transportation.

This act continued for another six years. The media bolstered their substantial reputation around the galaxy and security officials said they were as high as 10th on the Galaxy's Most Wanted List. A few days after Republic Day, the band of pirates commandeered a large burgundy vessel—the recognized markings of a Republicvessel—and the manifest said it contained the senator Kinaya Madrid and a Jedi Knight, though the reports were unconfirmed.

The Jedi Knight and the security crew were able to hold off the pirates and Bruce until additional reinforcements arrived to capture Bruce's ship and the crew.

The organization and Jammer stood trial and were found guilty on multiple counts of piracy and grand theft. They were ordered to serve under the Jedi Order for one mission, and then if the Jedi deemed it fit they would be released on probation and under surveillance. If the Jedi deemed otherwise, they would serve their entire sentence of twenty years in prison and Jammer would serve an additional fifteen years for his role in the Shadow Vengeance.

Coo-Neo Crisis & Reorganization

Shadow Vengeance Emblem

Alternate logo of the Shadow Vengeance.

Scott Borek, Shyla Spearrunner, and Bruce Jammer commanded the fleet of Vengeance ships against the the Coo-Neo armada in the climactic battle of the crisis. Spearrunner commanded the squadrons of fighters the Vengeance employed at its' disposal, and Jammer led the fleet of warships against the enemy fleet.

They defeated the fleet after Spearrunner and several of her squadmates destroyed several frigates, and severely damaged Phyllius Marks' (the acting commander) ship in the process. Jammer blockaded and destroyed much of the remaining fleet as well.

Upon returning to Coruscant, Jammer and his band of pirates and criminals reorganized the organization into a militant/security organization employed by the Republic and Jedi Order. They served as active security for the Jedi Temple. This provided better and steadier pay, amnesty, a "noble" cause, a chance to leave their criminal life behind and, for Jammer, a chance to remain with Shyla Spearrunner.

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