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Shadan Katsure
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13,036 BBY


12,991 BBY

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Old Republic era

I hoped to retire after a career full of successful arrests, but this cXe murderer forced me to work sleepless nights on days I should have sat by the fire to enjoy what remains of my golden years.
Vencit Duly

Shadan Katsure, known only as cXe by those who knew of him, was a Force-sensitive Human male serial killer who conducted a killing spree across the Core Worlds and Mid Rim planets. Shadan was born in 13,036 BBY on the planet Dellalt, where he murdered his mother along with several other prominent authorities in his life before permanently leaving his homeworld at the age of seventeen. After abandoning his childhood home in 13,019 BBY, he rarely settled down in one location for more than a few months at time. Instead, he constantly traveled between planets to find new victims and evade capture. Emulating the traits of the Anzati, Shadan killed all of his targets with a form of Force drain and absorbed their life experiences. Because of this power and his egomania, as determined by his future captors, he had a compulsion to hunt beings he considered to have a "high potential" in life. Due to its vast population, Coruscant became the killer’s favorite location to visit, and the majority of his crimes occurred there.

Government authorities from each planet he visited never uncovered Shadan’s true identity or motive, and they named him cXe after the shape of the bruises that he left on his victims. Even when Shadan left clues, codes, and riddles for the officials to analyze, almost no detective managed to locate him. Private investigator Vencit Duly was the first to successfully track him down. Duly brought him into custody in 12,991 BBY after nearly a three decade killing spree. Before any court hearing could take place, however, an unknown assailant poisoned Shadan while he was in prison, killing him.


Early lifeEdit

The weak die to feed the powerful; the powerful are only so until you take everything from them.
—Shadan Katsure

Shadan Katsure was a Human male born on the Core Worlds planet of Dellalt in 13,036 BBY. His mother, Brenna Katsure, worked as a medical doctor at the district hospital, and Portcal Katsure, his father, helped the local government as a politician and civil engineer. His parents could afford to pay for what they considered to be the best education, and they sent Shadan to the most prestigious boarding school in the area. Even though his teachers and family regarded him as highly intelligent, Shadan never completed his education. He was known to have a severe problem with respecting authority, and he refused to follow directions when he thought of a different way or wanted to do something else. After a few years of unending defiance, his school expelled him and no institution would accept him afterward.

From his earliest years, Shadan had a fondness for the Anzat species. He enjoyed stories of their crimes and admired how they deceived others to drain their “luck.” He despised the fact that he was Human, yet he always believed that he was destined to become more powerful than even nature itself. This egomania, diagnosed later in his life, began at age six, when he faced the most powerful lightning storm in his life by convincing himself that the lightning would obey him before he died. By the age of ten, he had convinced himself that he had more potential than even the Anzati, and that if the species could drain peoples' life essence, he could do better. At this young age, he discovered his Force potential, albeit he never named it so, when he drained the life and memories out of his mother. The local law enforcement declared that Brenna died from a heart attack, and Shadan escaped his first crime without becoming a suspect.

Abandoning DellaltEdit

After murdering his mother, Shadan spent the next seven years of his life without committing a single crime. His success in avoiding suspicion only increased his egomania and megalomania, and he developed a case of asthenophobia, the fear of weakness. In this short hiatus in his criminal career, Shadan worked on developing a strong, fit body and trained in combat techniques. He obsessed over any advantage a friend, foe, or teacher used against him, and would work fanatically until he nullified said advantage. People around him began to shun him due to what they perceived as his extremism, but he only took this as a sign that he was ready to move on to a higher level of power.

Shadan’s fascination with the Anzati led him to desire their natural ability of telepathy. The only Humans that he knew who possessed such powers were Jedi, the Force-sensitive guardians of the known galaxy, and he knew that he had not yet developed his potential to defeat such a target. After pondering the options, Shadan decided to target a student of the Jedi Order, one who he regarded as strong enough to be worth the effort yet weak enough to defeat. He killed a series of people using the same method that he used on his mother and drew the attention of the Jedi Order. A master and apprentice came to Dellalt to investigate the deaths, and Shadan ambushed the Jedi Padawan when the apprentice began his own investigation. The skirmish ended with the student being drained of life; Shadan abandoned the body and left with the young Jedi’s life experiences.

Before Shadan could leave Dellalt, the authorities took him in for questioning. His personality caused him to become a suspect, but the recovered evidence could not convict him. An innocent homeless man who had stumbled upon the dead Jedi’s sword and taken it for himself ended up in prison for the crime. Not long after escaping conviction, Shadan left Dellalt forever.

The quest for powerEdit

The crimes that followed Shadan’s departure from Dellalt did not fit together well and often seemed random to investigators. The "cXe" marking, which appeared as a bruise left by Shadan on the victim, was first seen on Coruscant; officials discovered dozens of other victims with identical markings as far as the Inner Rim planets. Authorities decided after time that copycat killers had appeared and emulated the mark, which had become infamous among most citizens in the Core Worlds. Since the victims ranged from wealthy politicians to homeless scavengers, the authorities felt that no one killer could have one motive that they all fell under. A private investigator known as Vencit Duly, on the other hand, immediately connected the murders in two ways after studying the case files: the “cXe” markings and the fact that the killer only robbed the victims of their lives and nothing more.

Shadan killed on intervals as random as the people he targeted. Sometimes he would murder as many as ten people over a large distance in a single day, but other times he would wait weeks before committing another crime. Although the killings seemed random to the detectives studying each case, the victims all had a similar appeal to Shadan; they all had something he considered an advantage, like the poor man’s ability to survive or the politician’s charisma. With the Force related ability to drain both life and memory, he could absorb the experiences and, as he believed, their advantage. By the time he reached the age of twenty-five, he had killed nearly a hundred people just within the Core Worlds.

A lost loveEdit

For about the duration of a year, Shadan settled down on Coruscant in an apartment near the University of Coruscant and refrained from killing for that short amount of time. He met a young woman by the name of Miranna Latt while he walked around the college campus and looked for potential targets. The two spoke for the first time outside of the psychology laboratories, and Shadan became firmly attached to her. He thought she was beautiful and intelligent, and enjoyed hearing about her psychology studies, but his love for her caused him to do everyday things and think about things differently than he normally would; Miranna almost completely sapped his will.

At first, Shadan believed that she would make a great ally and help reach his full potential, and that the two of them could live together forever as masters of nature. However, he still felt the need to seek power. Miranna knew him for barely a year before his mind decided that she had some deceptive supernatural power which caused people, like him, to give their willpower over to her. Because he believed she had an advantage over him, he killed her. She remained the only woman he ever loved, as well as the only woman who ever loved him.

Killing spreeEdit

Despite having killed Miranna, he could not absorb the “womanly charm” that had controlled him. Miranna’s death had a negative effect on his emotional state, and the only times he did not feel miserable were when he planned and executed a murder. The years that followed the girl’s death were filled with more killings than ever before; planets distant from Coruscant, like Ord Mantell, which saw the very first Mid Rim murder with the cXe symbols, began to report killings. While Shadan committed more crimes, he rarely stayed among one society for more than a day or two. By this point in his life, he had given up cleaning up his tracks to remain completely unknown to the authorities and instead chose to taunt them and challenge their wit and intelligence. When he found whom he considered the most intelligent detectives, he planned to kill them. At that point, he believed he would become the greatest non-Force trained life form in the universe.


Vencit Duly ponders the crimes of cXe.

Regardless of the clues and taunts, the government officials never suspected Shadan, falling for diversions and misinterpreting codes and riddles. However, Coruscant Security Force veteran Vencit Duly joined the cXe case a year after Miranna's murder and made significant headway where the other investigators could not. After discovering the skills and intelligence of the new investigator and the investigator's partner, Archel Samules, Shadan believed that a battle of wits, which he long desired, had come.

The battle of the mindsEdit

Of course I came alone: it’s all about you, isn’t it?
—Vencit Duly

Shadan led Vencit and Archel in a chase across the galaxy for several years, and often escaped planets just before the private investigators brought officers to the scene. Vencit reported looking up at a porthole of a departing passenger starship and seeing the cold smile and haughty wave of the killer, just as he had arrived at the starport with a large security force. The passenger vessel entered hyperspace before the authorities could apprehend it, and Shadan vanished before the officers at the destination arrived. Several events happened similarly, and, in one instance, Vencit nearly apprehended Shadan while he chased the hooded killer through a luxury hotel on Coruscant.

The several close calls began to distress Shadan as much as it did Vencit, and the murderer responded by randomizing his locations, times, and even victims. He no longer felt the need to kill standard people for their advantages; he just needed to draw attention while avoiding capture. After all, he could not ambush the detective until the detective lowered his guard, and the experienced man refused to give the killer a single good night’s sleep. Finally, after years of playing with the law enforcement, Shadan contacted Vencit to end the chase on Coruscant. While the two talked, they decided on a place and time to meet and agreed to come alone. Shadan, however, doubted from the very first moment that the detective would come alone, and he intended to leave one clue at the location to where he would truly be.

The true meeting place was in the psychology labs at the University of Coruscant, and the clue, “my true love’s work,” only functioned if Vencit had discovered his motive for killing Miranna. Shadan planned that by the time the detective would discover the clue, he would have insufficient time to plan a successful arrest and would have to come to the labs unprepared. Unknown to the mechanics at the university, Shadan reprogrammed the fingerprint door lock of one of the labs to only open to his and Vencit’s fingerprints, regardless of whatever administrative override anyone else used. The rest of the plan was to remain alert and wait for the detective to fall into the trap or leave when time expired.

Shadan placed the clue at the crowded meeting place just a quarter of an hour before the meeting time, and made certain that no one saw him do so or tried to follow him to his new location. When he entered the trap room, he found that his precautions had not mattered. Just moments after he closed the door to the lab, he faced the barrel of Vencit’s slugthrower pistol and the detective, who had come alone. In the struggle that followed, Shadan fell for the first time, with a bullet in his torso and left femur. Duly, who had fired before the killer could think a single thought, did not take a blow from the murderer.

The private investigator reported to the Coruscant Security Force that he had determined that the meeting would be a trap for him, but that he had also realized that the laboratory was the only place that meant enough to Shadan to meet a head detective. Vencit, by that point, not only knew that Shadan had dated the late Miranna, but that he had lived on Dellalt and possibly killed a Jedi Padawan. After using this information to defeat the serial killer, he hoped he had proven to society that he was more intelligent than Shadan, even with all the experiences the killer had stolen.

A permanent endEdit

The maximum security penitentiary of Coruscant held Shadan in solitary confinement while he awaited his plea hearing. The court system assigned a public attorney for his trial, even though no defense lawyer wanted to have anything to do with the killer. However, the trial never took place; shortly after Shadan’s first meeting with his attorney, Shadan died from a high dosage of neurotoxin. No one found any evidence to label anyone a suspect, including the attorney, and the officials buried the murderer’s death into the cold case file system. Duly suspected that a government agency had secretly organized his death, but he had no intention on investigating the case.


Shadan's three decade killing spree left both a light and dark legacy. Several copycat killers appeared across the galaxy and tried to create as much unrest as the cXe killer had. However, the law enforcement branches across the galaxy, especially those from the Core Worlds and Inner Rim, had trained and hired a number of homicide detectives to combat such crimes. The Shadan impersonators faded with time, but criminology schools kept his spree in memory. Even as late as 0 BBY, the Coruscant College of Criminology continued to use cXe’s history to teach that motives were not always what they seemed to be and that psychotic serial killers could still be as intelligent, if not more so, than the detectives chasing them.

Personality and traitsEdit

From a very young age, Shadan Katsure had a very egotistical frame of mind, as determined by his captors once he was sent to prison. He could not tolerate someone doing anything better than him, and this caused him to have a fanatical work ethic. When he wanted to reach a goal, he would only stop and rest to prepare to continue his work the next day. Most people who saw him thought that he was antisocial, but he was fascinated by other people. He hardly ever spent time with another person of his species, but he liked to watch how people acted. If he saw someone who appeared to function better than another, he could not stop thinking about their advantage. His interest in studying people around him only increased his own egomania; he knew education was power, and the more he studied others, the more of their strengths he discovered.

By the time Shadan reached adulthood, he had developed an obsession for acquiring power. He evaluated the power of people by their potential, and not their immediate skills. This belief helped clarify his egotistical idea that he was more powerful than nature itself. Shadan’s megalomania, also diagnosed by his captors, caused him seemingly lack fear, but his intelligence gave him caution. He knew enough to believe that he could only reach his full potential by overpowering and stealing power from others, just as the Anzati did. Because of this belief, he only chose targets who appeared to have significant potential in life, regardless of social status, and not always people with evident power.

Shadan had little need to interact with people, and whenever he did he assumed a fake role. He believed that lies created an advantage over the clueless, and so he only played his true role with people who knew it already. Once he left Dellalt, he left his identity as well; even when he met Miranna, he used a fake name and personality. In a sense, he regretted his true lifestyle, and he felt that people would accept his lies better than his truths.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The signature power of Shadan Katsure was his ability to drain life and memory from his victim by skin contact. The ability was nearly identical to the Jedi and Dark Jedi techniques of Force drain and drain life, though Shadan never had formal Force training. Through this power, he gained knowledge of how to use other powers, such as telepathy, but the absorbed experiences did not function as well for him as personal, master-apprentice training did for the victims.

Before he left Dellalt, Shadan trained in multiple martial arts as a form of fitness and developed a self-defense skill set. He would often use these skills to overpower and incapacitate a target before killing them. He also felt he had a decent prowess with ranged and melee weapons, but, because he preferred to kill with his Force-based power, he hardly ever used any.

Behind the scenesEdit

Shadan Katsure was a role-playing character created by Cyril Khan for use on TheStarWarsRP.Com during the Alsakan Crisis role-playing storyline. On the role-playing website, the character was known only by the name cXe and was described as a "psychopathic megalomaniac."[1] Khan intended to start Shadan's story on the site shortly after the in-universe death of Miranna, but he only wrote one full story with the character and covered very little information in it.[2] The introduction of the conflict between Shadan and Vencit never occurred on the site, as Khan never completed the story that was intended to cover that plot.[3] After the time jump into the Hutt War storyline in July 2009, Cyril Khan decided to retire the character.


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