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Seventeenth Sister once known as Jedi Master Sian Jeisel who fought in the clone wars, she was known for being one of the Jedi to pull a Right to Denial . She was a key Jedi fighting in the clone wars. She was thought to have been killed during Order 66, but had actually survived. Sian would then be captured by the Galactic Empire 5 mouths after the of the Republic and the Jedi Order fell. She would then be turn to the dark side by Emperor Palpatine and become a Inquisitor, known as Seventeenth Sister.




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The Author decided to have [[sw|Sian Jeisel]] as Seventeenth Sister, due to a project have merging Legends and Canon into One Canon. So he decided to have a Legends Jedi become a Number Inquisitor. Sian Jeisel was once believed to have survived Order 66 before her death was revealed had died during ORDER 66. So the writer decided to have her survived

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