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Seth Khaleb was a Weequay Jedi in the days of the old Jedi Order. Seth had no memory of his parents, as he had been brought to the Jedi Temple as an infant by one of the members of the Jedi High Council. It allowed him to become steadfastly loyal to the Jedi Order and the Jedi Code, having no attachments of his own. At the age of thirteen, he became the apprentice of Jedi Master Thame Cerulian and Seth followed his master on numerous missions across the galaxy.

Two years later, however, Seth and Cerulian returned to Coruscant while tracking down Darth Sharka, a member of the Disciples of Bane. After a vicious fight, Sharka managed to defeat Cerulian, though he did not kill him. However, Seth was killed by the disciple before he was able to escape, ending his promising life before he was even able to become a Jedi Knight. Cerulian promised to avenge his fallen padawan, vowing not to take on another apprentice until Sharka was dead at his hands.

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