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Golden Age of the Republic

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Never let a good crisis go to waste. When you want radical change, and there isn't a crisis, create one.
Mra Tarkin, in her personal reflections

The Seswenna Security Crisis was a Republic-wide crisis that began in the Seswenna sector and eventually cost the lives of billions of beings across the galaxy. Originally conceived by a loose union of business interests and dictatorial politicians as a way to destabilize the Seswenna sector and the political infrastructure that opposed substantial government control. The crisis refers mostly to a period stretching from either the Mint Revolution or the beginning of the investigation by Senator Servius Valorum until the wresting of power in the Seswenna sector by Eriadu. During the crisis, numerous organizations were revealed to have been involved, and scores of billions were killed across much of the galaxy.


With the rise to power of the dictator B'Rhea on Eriadu, the stability of the Seswenna sector began to be slowly challenged. Its senator, Awa Moonflower, was largely a weak politician in the sector outside of Seswenna. As a result, the growing tensions between Eriadu and the Republic were appeased with a new treaty granting the planet some autonomy. The political corruption of a strong centralized government around B'Rhea and Mra Tarkin allowed for the scheme to quickly be developed. In truth, however, the plans for instability extended far beyond the borders of the Seswenna sector, as multiplanetary organizations became either purposefully or inadvertantly involved in the scheme.

The Republic stumbled upon the conspiracy when an investigation into Senator Hanik Regueny of Commenor led to his death. As his death was investigated, it became revealed that sinister plots had been put in place by Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises owner and founder Avar Zranik. The conspiracy was broader than Zranik, however, and numerous other businessmen, politicians, and civilians were actively taking part in the terrorist plot.

Senators Servius Valorum (L) and Kar Bix (R), surveying an abandoned city on Seswenna

The crisis came to the fore with the Death Seed Plague, which eventually defined the entire conspiracy. The plague wiped out a substantial majority of the population of Seswenna, permanently altering its xenographic makeup and reducing its political power. The plague was not confined, however, and it spread throughout much of the southern galaxy and into the Slice. Chancellor Anwis Eddicus eventually had to quarantine large sections of the galaxy in an effort to stave off the otherwise unstoppable spread of the plague. By the time it was stopped, hundreds of billions were dead.

Even during the Death Sead Plague, terrorist bombings were carried out on Alsakan, Coruscant, Denon, and Thyferra; long-standing politicians were assassinated; and a pro-governmental control faction gained extensive power in the Galactic senate, pushing the Republic into a time of political upheaval.


Seswenna Security Crisis
(703 BBY—)
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