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Golden Age of the Republic

Servius Valorum was a male senator from Coruscant. He served during the Seswenna Security Crisis and was a trusted advisor to longtime friend and chancellor, Anwis Eddicus. Valorum was a founder and member of the Probitas pro populus faction of the senate, taking traditionalist stands and upholding strong moral values. During the Seswenna Security Crisis, he was one of two liaisons between the chancellor and Governmental Investigative Network Special Agent Evening Delwynn due to his longstanding friendship with the agent. The two had originally met while studying together on Coruscant through Shmuel Delwynn, who she later married. Valorum was married, his wife also having a close relationship with the Delwynn family. He even gave Evening Delwynn a utility droid as a wedding gift, which became an integral part of her investigative team as a GIN agent. With the death of Delwynn's husband and daughter, Valorum provided emotional support to Delwynn, becoming one of only a few individuals who knew of the loss.[1]


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