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Post-Legacy era

Serendipity under under attack.

The Serendipity was an armed transport vessel used to ferry Jedi Initiates to New Jedi Order bases and temples for training. In 981 ABY, the vessel was ferrying Initiates on the badlands between Galactic Alliance and Imperial space to be taken in by the Order and trained as Padawans. During the voyage, the ship was attacked by Sith forces, the existence of whom the Alliance and Jedi were not aware of at the time—and would continue to be ignorant of their identities for two decades. The ship was boarded by the Sith, whose goal was to claim many of the Initiates as their own, before some Jedi, such as Initiate Kara Vaalki with the help of Jedi Knight Jhon Cordatus, were able to escape.[1]


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