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The Seraph Acolytes were a group of exiled Jedi and Sith that embraced both dark and light side of the Force, they base of operations was Qwer IV, a planet covered by a Force-made shield of asteroids. Their leader and founder was Zhael, who though that both Jedi and Sith philosophies were a lie, the true one for him was the Neutral Side, a side for the Gray Jedi. Some famous members were Jolee Bindo, Qui-Gon Jinn, Xheryu, and Estru-Gyu Velr.

The Seraph Acolytes were not known by all, actually they were a secret organization that lived peacefully trying to find a balance in the galaxy. Their philosophy was "let him live if he didn't hurt you, and kill him if he did hurt you", in other words a "balanced" life.

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