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The Sentinels, seen as adventurous, mysterious, and dangerous, are the most powerful unaffiliated Force-using organization in the galaxy. In the war-torn Outer Rim these mercenaries hold much power over business and politics in the Rim.
—Yadec Mofee-Doi, Jedi Grand Master

The Sentinel Mercenaries were a group of Force-wielding soldiers-for-hire. These mercenaries were often hired by the Paecian Empire to defend against Sith or Jedi invasions prior and during the New Sith Wars of 2,000 BBY, and were also hired by the Hutts and Mandalorians to defend and fight against powerful enemies. They wielded yellow lightsabers.

Their headquarters was based on Qalydon in Paecian Space, but were also widely seen on Nar Shaddaa and many of the Outer Rim's spaceports. At the end of the Cold War and the start of the Civil War within the Sith Empire, the Jedi Order began recruiting the Sentinels, fierce warriors who were originally Darth Vakaris' loyal Sith Warriors who left the Resurgent Sith Empire, to assist the Jedi in their Conquest on overthrowing the Last Sith Emperor. These Sentinels were eventually betrayed by the Jedi, who had no longer a need for them, this caused the Sentinels formed the Sentinel Code and split from the Jedi, forming their own organization. The Sentinels hold grudge against all Jedi.

The Sentinels were often found filling the roles of Bounty Hunters taking contracts to capture the galaxy's most dangerous criminals and turn them over to their employers. They are contracted through "The Guild" which loosely monitors their activities. Some of the Sentinel Mercs are impartial of using extreme violence to accomplish a mission. They are also known to pose as police officers to infiltrate occupied planets just to capture one rogue convict.