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Selish Anteran
Biographical Information


Date of Birth

120 ABY

Physical Description





1.83 meters (6'0")

Hair Color

Black and gray

Eye Color


Skin Color



Lower left lung

Personal Information
Lightsaber Type(s)


Lightsaber Color(s)


Lightsaber Style(s)


Other Fighting Styles

Var Shek

Service Information
Date of Recruitment

125 ABY

Date of Commissioning

142 ABY

Notable Assignments

Numerous military assignments

Highest Rank


Known Instructors

Selish Anteran (/ˈsɛl.ɪʃ ˈɑ:n.tərˌɑ:n/) was a Curh Centurion of the Order of Keltrayu who won fame for himself in the Nightmare War as a war hero and duelist.


Early training

Selish Anteran was born on Xoquon in 120 ABY. His parents contacted a Praetor-Recruiter of the Order of Keltrayu in 125 ABY, suspecting that their son's uncanny agility and reflexes were indications of something beyond normal giftedness. The boy was examined and found to be Force-sensitive, and he went to the Sith Star for training.

Always more physical than contemplative, Selish most enjoyed lightsaber combat and telekinesis. He elected to specialize in Shien, and sparred endlessly with his fellow Novices and instructors. Laid-back and friendly, he got along well with all his siblings, but was particularly close with Menina Robraso, a Kasci his own age; Atrelle Sovex, on whom he had something of a crush; and Ghess. He also studied regularly with the Praetor-Instructors Sato Raltharan and Oorvad, both Shien specialists.

First Centurion years

As the Tribulation erupted, many Novices of Selish's age group worked hard to earn their commissions and join the fight. Selish was the first of his group of friends to pass the Centurion exam, and was immediately assigned to the Vagaari War front. He operated more than once under the command of Te`net Organi, fighting to liberate and destroy Vagaari slave compounds. His proficiency at Shien allowed him to survive battlefields of blasterfire that claimed many of his siblings—including his friend Atrelle at Shest Minor.

After the war, Anteran took to law enforcement assignments. He developed a reputation for being the right Centurion to send against barricaded or heavily armed suspects. Despite his battle ferocity and skill with Shien, however, he usually preferred to take suspects alive, performing cho mai or sun djem as necessary. The glaring exception was a hostage situation in a Royal HoloNet center in 146 ABY; a gunman had taken the complex's employees and a field trip of students prisoner. Anteran ventured inside alone and, obedient to the gunman's demands, rolled his lightsaber toward him—then levitated and activated it with the Force and chopped off the gunman's head.

The Nightmare War

When Khoro`ly`ooho`sh`lyhoo was killed in 147 ABY by Shalach Hal-Razab, Anteran was one of the Centurions who volunteered to deliver the Order's vengeance, although it was ultimately his brother Te`net Organi who was given the task. The eruption of the Nightmare War in 149 ABY saw Selish regularly in the field. He fought in the Defense of Rykar and was wounded while dueling a clone of Sacco Vyrak; the Anzat's lightsaber burned away the lower portion of his left lung, although Anteran won the duel. He was treated by Tillandra Moraes and Rayne Turgachia and received a cybernetic replacement for the piece of his lung.

Following his recovery, he was assigned to the Romasi Sector Fleet. Serving there, he became closer with his sisters Luna Raquelsei and Axelia Solios. All three fought in many of the fleet's battles; Selish saw particularly intense action at the Battle of Keliso. Afterward, he and Luna discussed the newly appeared Anzat hounds and the concept of Sith alchemy. Selish, Luna, and Axelia fought together to defeat and kill the Dark Jedi Tirj at the Battle of Quadia.

Selish fought in the Battle of the Sith Star, defending the hangar bay against Vyrak clones and Skavik. During the fight, he chatted with Aria Nikina and asked her advice about pursuing a romantic relationship with Luna. In the aftermath of the battle, both Selish and Luna assisted in the ship's cleanup. Within a month, they were dating, and although they tried to keep their relationship subtle, Te`net Organi and Vos'elk'eetash had both figured it out, as had several others.

At the end of 149 ABY, Selkee remarked to Zahyr that several Praetors of the Order wanted Selish to become a Praetor-Instructor himself, teaching Shien, but that he was resisting because he wanted more field service. In 151 ABY, Selish again declined the post; Oorvard resigned it and was replaced by Sovi Evnairis instead.

The long hunt

In early 153 ABY, Selish and Luna were called into Eskol Kaartinen's office, where they were given an assignment transferred from the Royal Corps of Gendarmes. The Gendarmes had been tracking a serial killer for months; the methodology in the brutal crimes was almost identical, but there were no factors the Gendarmes could find linking the victims. The two Centurions took up the hunt, examining all the crime scenes themselves, but they found find nothing more, though both felt disturbances in the Force at each site.

After months of fruitless, frustrating trips to various worlds, always in response to a new crime scene, the two finally deduced that they were feeling the aftereffects of each murder because both killer and victim were Force-sensitives. Though it led them nowhere in identifying their target, it gave them an understanding of what they were up against. When the Empire acquired Vor'Dal and its Impar population, and the Impari who had been abducting and torturing Royal citizens for months were found, both Selish and Luna saw the similarity in the killings and assumed their target was a shapeshifter.

Royal Intelligence developed a sensor capable of detecting Impar shapeshifting, which led Luna and Selish to Rykar. When they learned that Shaydow Tynblade had two Force-sensitive sons they were concerned, but almost immediately after, a fire was set at a hospital near the Tynblade residence. While the planet's emergency responders went to the fire, Selish and Luna raced to the Tynblade house, where they found Rha'Ko Celisee attempting to kill Jadian Star. Luna and Jade drove Celisee into the yard, where Anteran fought him. The Centurion cut his blaster in half, but was disarmed himself, and the two got into a hand fight. Though Anteran landed a solid punch that cracked Celisee's jaw, both his wrists were cut, and when he put Celisee into a sleeper hold, the shapeshifter used a clawed hand to cut Anteran's throat.

Since his neck arteries were located farther back in his neck, Selish was unfazed by the latter wound, but bled heavily from his left wrist. Jade Star used a Force healing technique on him, but it involved slowing his circulation; unable to fight her off in time, Selish was unable to come to Luna's assistance as she arrested Celisee, which tormented him for a long time after.

Continuing service

Selish and Luna reunited on a mission to Charthoffel in 156 ABY, in which they sought to disrupt a local terrorist cell. They took senior Novice Rayne Turgachia with them, and the three succeeded in preventing an assassination attempt on Charthoffel's Consul and killing or apprehending the assassins.

Powers and abilities

Selish received the same focused training in telekinesis and telepathy as all his siblings, but his specialty was lightsaber combat. A student of Shien, he was considered to be one of the finest adepts for the discipline by Sato Raltharan, himself a Shien master. Despite his emphasis on the Shien variant of Form V rather than Djem So, he was also an accomplished duelist. Anteran won two separate duels with the first, most lethal round of Vyrak Legionnaires at the Defense of Rykar, though he was injured in the second. By the end of the Nightmare War, Praetor-Blademaster Kieran Sapphire classified Anteran as one of the Order's best duelists and in the same category as Makashi specialists Jira Zaffrod and Malyri Porén and the Fyaar Vem.

Anteran sometimes combined his telekinesis and his combat skills into telekinetic lightsaber combat, and was adept at saber throw. He also exhibited skill at Force Body during his second duel on Rykar, pushing past the pain of a seared lung to defeat his enemy.

Appearance and personality

Like all Curhax, Selish Anteran had marble black skin that was faintly reflective in the visible spectrum of light and abalone-like eyes. His black hair has streaks of dark gray in it, and he wore it collar length. His emphasis on Form V made him muscular, particular his upper body. Following his injury on Rykar, he had a cybernetic lung implant, with a small metal readout panel visible on his chest. His lightsaber had three crystals, resulting in a slightly wider-than-usual yellow blade which Anteran considered perfect for deflecting cascades of blasterfire.

Anteran was generally laid-back and easygoing, taking most things in stride and rarely acting overly serious or formal except in situations that commanded it. He had a knack for remaining calm in otherwise stressful situations, such as when he chatted casually with Aria Nikina and even asked her for romantic advice while they were both in life-or-death fights during the Battle of the Sith Star. He was similarly casual (although slightly delirious with pain and the first symptoms of shock) when Jadian Star carried him to the medical tent on Rykar after he was injured in his second duel.

When in a truly serious situation, however, Anteran could quickly become icily focused. He was cold and driven when he, Luna, and Axelia Solios dueled Tirj on Quadia, and when commanding soldiers to get them medical assistance afterward. However, his attitude in these situations was focused and intense without being nasty.

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