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Sela Kerroro was a Mandalorian, and mother of Rufar Kakhuzi. Born on the Mandalorian controlled forest planet of Dxun, Sela was born into a small but powerful southern clan. At the age of two, another clan destroyed hers, and she was adopted into that clan after her parents were killed in the raid. Eventually, she was thrown out of this village, and forced to fend for herself on Dxun. Eventually, she found the Nobrezan Remnants, and lived with them. She cared for a young Feeorin called Keshu Trom, and eventually fell in love with him, before turning him away. Trom took revenge by betraying the Nobrezans to their death.

Sela was then captured by Trom and made a slave, before becoming a bounty hunter, both for Atrum Vesica and for the Assassins Guild. Eventually, Trom framed her and she was forced to escape with Masu Hath, who she then fell in love with. After the couple embarked on their quest to find another House of Light, Sela was captured by Trom once more, but was able to escape. After escaping, She and Hath married.

Finally, they realized that they couldn’t complete their quest and Sela, who by now had become pregnant, was instructed to go to Dantooine to give birth to their son by Hath, who revealed to her that he was really The Light. After returning to Dantooine, she raised her son and Danreb, a young Rodian orphan she had found. After Rufar went to become a Jedi, Danreb eventually killed her.


Early lifeEdit

Sela? She's a tough one! Make a good Mandalorian wife one day!"
"She'd keep any raiders away from a village all on her lonesome!

— Two unknown Mandalorians.

Sela was born on the Mandalorian planet of Dxun, in a small, forested, Mandalorian settlement. She was born to two unknown Mandalorian people, although her mother was said to have been brash and fiery, very like her daughter would turn out to be. She was born into Clan Kerroro, a powerful clan in the deeps of the Dxun forests. Yet, at the age of two, raiders from Clan Teroko, in the north, stormed down, and destroyed her village, killing both her parents and most of her village. She was one of the few survivors, and was taken, at the age of two, to the village of Clan Teroko, and fostered by Twen Teroko, a recently widowed member of the clan, who had lost both her children in a raid ten years previously. Partly out of pity for the young girl, and partly in memory of her two children, she decided to raise Sela for herself, as a member of her clan. She had sworn to herself that she would remain a recluse for the rest of her life, but she saw her daughter in Sela, and decided to raise her herself.

Under the old woman, Sela gradually grew up as a forward, brave and fiery girl, with little respect for elders or traditions. This angered many people in the clan, yet Twen's husband had been influential enough for her to still have some power among the clan, and she managed to make sure that Sela remained there, even when the patience of the Clan elders began to wear thin. One of the elders of the tribe, the brother of Twen's dead husband, heavily disliked Sela. He felt it to be a personal insult that the wife of his dead brother, a member of his family, should be raising a foreigner, an orphan, a stray and a misbehaving young girl. He would do all that he could to make her life a misery.

Disaster and troubleEdit

You young ragamuffin will trouble our village no longer! Be gone, and never return, lest we kill you!
—Twen's brother in law to Sela.

As Sela's misbehavior continued, Twen continued to fight her case, but it became increasingly hard, especially with the opposition of her brother-in-law. In Mandalorian society, men had far greater power and influence over women, and Twen was fighting for all she was worth, and for all the memory of her dead husband was worth. She would beg with Sela to behave, and Sela really would try, yet she never could manage. Yet, on the year of her tenth birthday, disaster struck; Twen was struck down with Midnight Fever, and she died, leaving Sela in the care of Twen's brother-in-law. Sela was appalled at this, yet still hoped for the best.


One of Dxun's natives Cannoks

Yet her uncle in law was worse than she had expected; he assailed her, and made to kill her with a large blaster. Yet Sela fought well, and managed to grab a vibroblade and fight off her 'uncle'. She scarred him down one cheek, so he gave up all attempts at killing her, and made to destroy her life. He brought her before the Council of Elders, and told of how she had violently assailed him. With no Twen to fight for her, Sela was in trouble. Her 'uncle' elaborated on an assassination plot by her, and the council bought it. The council decreed that Sela was to be exiled from the village upon pain of death. Sela had no choice but to agree, and the young ten year old set out into the Dxun jungle.

Sela instantly found herself confronted by a world of dangerous, violent and bloodthirsty beats, such as Bomas, Cannoks and Zakkegs. She fled on the night of her exile through the jungle, terrified of the beasts, not knowing where she was running, just trying to get as far away from the village as she could. She ran until the morning light, where she found herself at the shores of a vast lake. The lake was clear, and covered with fruit trees. It was at the mouth of a large valley, and Sela decided that it was here that she would stay. There was a large supply of water, and an amount of fruit trees which she could eat from. Apart from the predators, Sela had discovered herself a paradise.

Sela's route

The route taken by Sela

After the first night, Sela set about building herself a shelter. She built herself a small wooden hut in the boughs of a Tekkyr tree, one of the large, native trees of Dxun, far off the forest floor and away from predators. She fashioned herself a hunting spear from a piece of wood, as she knew her ancestors had, and she used this to fend off predators. She foraged food throughout the trees surrounding the lake, and used this to survive. Yet she found herself to be terribly lonely, and she missed her village, except for a few elements, greatly.

The Nobrezan remnantsEdit

Taruk, we may not! She is an outsider! She will tell of our ways!"
"She is an orphan, a waif, a stray! Even you couldn't turn her away Kenna

Taruk to Kenna about Sela.

Sela lived a reasonably comfy lifestyle, if lonely, for four years, until she was fifteen years old. At the age of fifteen, the great winter struck Dxun. The lake completely froze over, and a large blanket of snow covered everything in sight. Sela's shelter was destroyed by ice cold winds, and she was chased into the forest below, where, it seemed, the cannoks had survived. Food was highly scarce, and the cold was highly dangerous. Sela realized that, if she stayed, she would die. She knew that she couldn't return to the main forest, for fear of her former tribe, so she knew that her only option was to cross the lake and hope for the best on the other side.

What Sela didn't realize was that the lake was far greater in size that she had ever imagined. After it curled around the corner in the valley, it went on for another few hundred miles. Soon, Sela began to flag. The cold and lack of food, coupled with her lack of sleep, due to fear of predators, began to get to her, and she began to die. The forlorn hope that it would all be safe on the other side managed to keep her going. Yet she soon realized that the lake really was too vast. With her last vestiges of strength, she managed to drag herself onto a large ice plateau, where she collapsed, into a deep, dark sleep.

It was, as her life had almost completely ebbed away, that she was discovered by two robed men on a wooden sleigh. Sela was frozen and unconscious by now, so they bundled her in large robes, before putting her on the sleigh with them. They traveled to a wooded island in the center of the lake, where they took her to their large camp. When she awoke, she was in a small, wooden hut, with large fires at the door and in the hearth. She discovered that she had been rescued out on the ice, and had been taken to this camp. What she discovered was strange though, was that everyone in the camp were Miralukans. They introduced themselves to her as the Nobrezan Remnants.

When she awoke, Sela found herself still in the same hut, having been heavily tended to by a Miralukan in the camp. She was scared of these strange people at first, as she had never encountered Miralukans, but there kindness and choice to heal her soon changed her mind. As she slowly recovered, they spoke to her in her native language, which they somehow knew, and they told her of Miralukans, and how they were blind in the natural meaning of sight. Sela was fascinated by the fact that they somehow had a control of what her primitive ideas thought of as 'magic', but what was really The Force. The Miralukans controlled this, and Sela thought of them as Gods due to this.

Yet Sela did not know that a large conflict was going on inside the camp. Many of the Miralukans wanted to throw Sela out, after wiping her memories clean with the force, as she, just by knowing of them, was a threat to their very existence. Yet many did not want her to leave, and many believed that she could join them in their quest, of which they hadn't told her yet. The conflict did not turn to blows or violence, yet it came very close, with the ringleader of those wanting to throw her out, Kenna, having to be forcefully restrained in order for him not to attack Taruk, his adversary.

The Nobrezan QuestEdit

Sela, once we tell you this, there is no going back. Betray us, and die."
"I accept.

Taruk to Sela.
Light VS Dark war

The light battles the forces of the dark

The argument split the camp into two factions; however, when the Nobrezan Prophet intervened, and gave his verdict, even Kenna accepted. The Prophet decreed that Sela was to stay, and become a Nobrezan herself, in time. For a year, Sela stayed there quite peacefully, mending broken equipment, and sowing clothes, and her ordeal on the lake seemed to have removed the rebellious streak from her. However, the law of the Nobrezans stated that, after a year, anyone staying with the tribe must either be initiated, or have their mind wiped clean by the force. Normally, a prospective Nobrezan would have to undergo tests, however the Prophet was visited in a dream by a blinding figure, who spoke to him, and told him that a great destiny was planned for Sela, and she must be initiated at once So, in a ceremony on a day when a blizzard was ravaging the lake, Sela was initiated into the Nobrezans. However, she could never be a full blooded Nobrezan, and would only be a initiation Nobrezan, a Tergo in the home tongue of the Nobrezans. She agreed that, should she tell of their existence and history, she would be killed, and she accepted. The Nobrezan Prophet then told her their history.

In the beginning, there was only the light and the dark, and they raged a battle across the empty vacuum of everything. In a huge, cataclysmic battle, the light threw the dark into the furthest corners of the galaxy, and set about creating the Universe. In the beginning, he created planets and wormholes, and, eventually, people. He created small collections of every race, and gave planets to them. Yet these races were weak, and could do nothing, so he created seven houses, the Seven Houses of light, to guard against the dark, and to give aid to these races. He imbued a little of his power in each house, the Force. These seven houses then set about protecting the galaxy. Yet, in the furthest reaches of space, known and unknown, the dark had done the same, created his own race, the Sith, and had created Seven Sith Overlords, to break and to burn, to destroy and to kill, to rid the galaxy of the light. These were his servants for the war that would come. As he engaged the light in a battle, the Seven Houses of Light and the Sith Overlords waged a war in the known galaxy. It tore the fledgling galaxy apart, and the battles of the light and dark spread throughout the dimensions, and shattered the fabric between them. Yet, eventually, the dark was defeated, and locked in a deep tomb in the Dimensional Chasm, and the light heavily injured. The Sith Overlords were exiled into the deeps of space, but the deed was done; the Seven Houses had been split apart, and the dark would always hound them.

The Prophet then went on to tell Sela that the House of Nobreza was just one of these houses, and they were the ones fighting the dark. However, the dark had hounded them, and the House of Nobreza had been driven across the galaxy, and many of them killed, until only a small remnant of the original portion remained; them. Their quest was now to hold the dark at bay, and to find the other houses. For, should the houses be reunited again, the dark would be driven from the galaxy for good. This, the Prophet told her, was the Nobrezan quest. He then, in the formal way, asked Sela if she wished to become a Nobrezan, and try and aid them in their quest, and she accepted. She was then admitted into the Nobrezan remnants, and had the mark of the Nobrezans tattooed onto her stomach. Sela had just begun life as a Nobrezan.

Trom and a new lifeEdit

Sela? I.... I think I love you!
You.... you love me?

Keshu Trom to Sela

Sela began life, from then on, as a Nobrezan. She started off lower down in the hierarchy of the clan, as a cook and cleaner, however she soon worked her way up. Her fiery nature also transferred to hunting, and she became a hunter for the Nobrezan's. She often hunted out on the shores of the lake with the other hunting parties, and hunted the wild beasts on the shore. However dangerous the forests were, Sela had gained a lot of good experience when she was force to live alone, shortly after being thrown out of her clan. Gradually, Sela began to heal mentally, for the wounds of being thrown out of her clan had, psychologically, hurt her badly. Life with the Nobrezan's, with all their kindness, helped to heal Sela, and gradually she began on the path of healing.

It was on one such hunting journey, that Sela discovered a young Feeorin male out on the shores of the lake; he was badly burnt down his back. Filled with compassion at the site of someone her own age, now about twenty years old, in the same position as she had been in a few years earlier, she took him in, and personally cared for him herself, in her own tent. It seemed that the young Feeorin has been in some sort of spaceship crash, somewhere to the east, and had basically crawled the whole way to the lake in the very same state that Sela has found him. After intensive caring for nearly a month, the wounds began to heal. Yet Sela couldn't seem to discover why he, as a person, wouldn't heal, and why he was unable to speak and walk. Eventually she settled on the reason that he had been mentally hurt more than anything, and something horrific lay in his past. Realizing that only care and love would be able to heal problems such as this, she personally took it upon herself to care for the wounded young Feeorin.

Although he began to grow better under Sela's care, the young Feeorin began to have serious nightmares and spasms of almost epileptic proportions. He would wake up every night, screaming the word 'Mother!', and would be soaked in sweat and would be convulsing and retching with fear. There was little that Sela could do for the disturbed young Feeorin in these circumstances, and she was forced to just sit with him, and try and clean him. Although this was the only time and only word he spoke, he seemed to be comforted by Sela's presence, and he calmed down much faster when Sela would just sit with him and hold his hand. Something horrific had happened in the young Feeorin's past, and all Sela knew was that it involved his mother.

Gradually, after a year of care, the young Feeorin began to heal, and he was able to be carried out in a wheelchair. He took delight from the beauty of the outside world, and the sound of the natural wildlife helped him to heal faster. After a year and a half, the young Feeorin began to talk. He told her that his name was Keshu Trom, and he was a Feeorin. Although his language began at a basic level, as you would expect a six year old to speak like, gradually he regained his powers of speech as he must once have had. Sela began to spend more and more time with him, walking around the island, until, one day, the Trom's powers of walking returned, as did his speech, and he took his first, albeit shaky, steps along the island. As Trom began to return to his usual self, he and Sela became great friends, and began to spend more and more time together.


Trom confesses his love for Sela

Although Trom still had the nightmares, they had receded to only monthly events, and his powers of speech and walking had returned. As they spent more and more time together, there friendship developed into something more romantic. Although Sela denied to herself, at first, that they were no more than friends, she secretly hoped that Trom would love her too. Trom began to feel the same feelings, yet he did not try to hide them. He felt though that, should he confess his love to Sela, she wouldn't love a cripple like him. But, eventually, it became unbearable for him, and he confessed his love to Sela. She realized that it was what she had wanted for a long time, and she returned his love.

Betrayal Edit

Keshu? You! Why?
You betrayed me!

—Sela to Keshu Trom

As Sela and Keshu began to continue their life together, Sela discovered more and more about Trom. Although she never directly asked what had happened to him, she began to piece the puzzle together, bit by bit. She discovered that he had been in a spaceship, alone, fleeing from somewhere. He had crashed the ship in the forest on Dxun, and had been burnt badly. Yet just what Trom was fleeing from, he wouldn't say. All that Sela knew was that it involved his mother. Whenever Sela, however subtly, probed into the matter, Trom would clam up tight, and refuse to speak about it. Finally, Sela just let the matter rest.

After a year of being together, Sela began to notice subtle changes in Trom; he began to become more cruel and proud, less humble and less kind. He began to show disrespect to his elders, and even the Nobrezan prophet. He began to think of himself as more important than the rest of the clan, and to consider only himself and Sela to be important. Sela wasn't happy with this; this wasn't the man she had fallen in love with. And, for all her faults, Sela did not consider herself above her clan. When she spoke to Trom about this, he always just brushed her off, saying that it didn't matter.


Sela contemplates Trom's departure

Eventually, Sela saw Trom do something that would change her perception of him forever. She found him beating a Nobrezan. The Nobrezan owed him a small sum of furs and equipment, but was unable to pay it back. Trom had taken his entire hut and belongings in payment, and had beaten him horrifically. Screaming at him to stop, Sela forced Trom away from the injured man. There and then, she told Trom that he had changed; that he was no longer the man she loved. He was cruel and unkind, and Sela didn't want to be with him any longer. There and then, she tearfully ended their relationship, saying: Perhaps it's for the best. Trom's anger was unrivaled, and he instantly left the island, despite Sela's pleas for him to change rather than leave. Swearing that he would have his revenge, he left. Sela, despite Trom's faults, still missed Trom badly, and began to withdraw into herself. She began to spend more and more time alone, wandering the paths that she had first walked with Trom, when she found him all those years before. She mourned for the man that he once was, the man that she had lost. It was on one such journey, in the middle of summer on a warm evening, that she had wandered to the far side of the lake. She was returning, just as night fell, in a small boat, when she saw the island. The island was ablaze, with all of the trees and huts on fire. As she paddled closer, she found huge, red skinned creatures cutting down the Nobrezans one by one. The Nobrezans were fighting back with the force, but the red skinned creatures seemed to be able to control the force as well. As Sela watched, not one Nobrezan was left alive. As fear gripped her, she managed to row away from the island, back to the lake shore, where she hid.

The island burning

After a fitful night, she returned to the island, desperately searching for survivors. She found the whole island razed to the ground, and dead Nobrezans everywhere. After much searching, she found Bronkya, a Nobrezan, mortally wounded but still alive. He called her a traitor and, despite her arguments that she had done nothing, told her that she had betrayed the Nobrezans to the Sith, and that the house of Nobreza had fallen. Swearing that it wasn't her, she vowed that she would find one of the other houses, or die trying, to prove her innocence. It was then that she discovered the only living thing on the island. Keshu Trom was there. He approached her, and she demanded to know what he was doing there. He told her that it was he who had betrayed the Nobrezans to the Sith, and the red figures she had seen the previous night were True Sith. He told her that she had betrayed him, and so had the Nobrezans. He believed the Nobrezans to be responsible for his failure to keep Sela. Horrified, she leapt at him and tried to kill him, but he drew a large blaster, and told her that he was taking her hostage.

Nar Shaddaa Edit

Keshu! For the sake of the love we once had! Let me go!
Let you go? Not after your betrayal!

—Sela to Keshu Trom

From Dxun, Sela was ushered by two large Trandoshan bodyguards, a result of the large amount of money that Trom had been paid by the Sith for the betrayal of the Nobrezan remnants, into a large shuttle. From there, she was taken to Nar Shaddaa, near to the Hutt's world of Nal Hutta. Trom planned to get involved in the underworld of the galaxy, into a crime organization, and he believed that Nal Hutta would be the best place to do it. Whilst Sela begged Trom to let her go, he refused; he still believed that she had betrayed him by leaving him. He took her straight to the head quarters of Atrum Vesica, Dark Blade, the dangerous, galaxy spanning crime organization. He told her that she would be sold as a slave, and would fetch a high price because of her beauty. When he offered her to Atrum Vesica, she was bought up very quickly by a rich merchant of Tarisian origins, Ujell Foth. She was instantly fitted into a slave girls outfit, and taken to dance in Foth's bar.


Sela in her slave dress

For three years, Sela worked as a dancer for the rich, yet obese, Ujell Foth. He used her as a dancer in his own club, and she quickly rose in reputation because of her beauty. After three years, Foth started to get greedy. He believed that he could get more money out of Sela by using her both as a dancer and as a prostitute. Despite Foth allowing men to make several advances on her, Sela spurned them all, refusing to sell her body in such a way. Eventually, Foth told her that he was going to force her into prostitution. She refused, and Foth drew a blaster, and made the 'offer' again, with Sela at gunpoint. Sela still refused, but kicked out at Foth, and a large skirmish began. In the ensuing skirmish, Sela drew the blaster and tried to force Foth away, however he would not be deterred, and she was forced to shoot him. The man's high blood pressure, coupled with the blaster injury, killed him.

Having killed an important client of Atrum Vesica, Sela knew that it wasn't long before the crime organization came after her. Although she did her best to remain hidden, her slave uniform very quickly drew attention, and she soon found herself being tracked by the enforcers of Atrum Vesica. Finally, it came to a confrontation in the streets, with three Trandoshan enforcers against Sela. After Sela drew the blaster she had stolen from Foth, the Trandoshans began to grow angry, telling her to put it down. After she shot one Trandoshan dead, the other two grew incredibly angry, and swore that they wouldn't turn her over to Atrum Vesica until they had 'punished' her, through rape, first. Desperate, Sela fought off the other two, severely wounding one and killing another. But, eventually, a new set of enforcers was sent out, and Sela was eventually apprehended, in the early hours of the morning. Fearing the worst, Sela was dragged before the regional crime lord of Atrum Vesica, Berrok Bor, for trial. Yet, to the widespread anger of those friends with or related to the dead enforcers, he merely laughed, and asked Sela if she would be willing to take up the position of a bounty hunter. When she asked for an alternative, the crime lord told her death. Forced into it, Sela accepted, and became a bounty hunter for Atrum Vesica.

Hunter Edit

Those Mandalorians always make good bounty hunters.
And this one is no exception!

—Borrek Bor to his undersecretary.

Sela had never had any experience of death before, apart from when the Nobrezan village had been razed to the ground, so she had no idea what to expect, but, when sent on her first, easy, assignment, to kill a Kiffar who wasn't paying his tax, she was utterly repulsed after killing him. However, after a short time, her Mandalorian blood took over, and she began to feel it less and less. After a while, killing was second nature to her, and she slowly, but steadily, began to rise up the ranks of Atrum Vesica. Realising that there was nothing left for her, she decided to accept her new life, and try and continue it. After three years of hard service, Sela was one of the most elite bounty hunters in Atrum Vesica, and she was suggested for a transfer to another regional sector. However, Sela refused, wishing to carry on her life in Nar Shaddaa.

After five years, Sela was approached by a member of the Assassins Guild, a splinter group of the Bounty Hunters Guild, which was rapidly falling into decline. They said that they would offer her a position in their Guild, however she had no choice. They had approached her now, and she must either join or die. It didn't matter to Sela; she had already become a Bounty Hunter for one faction, another didn't matter. So then she joined the Guild. Being a member of the Assassins Guild meant that she had almost a sort of assassination immunity, as now no one in Atrum Vesica's regional sector of Nar Shaddaa would touch her, for fear of incurring the wrath of the Guild. The Guild also appointed her as their 'diplomat' in Atrum Vesica's regional sector of Taris and, to Borrek Bor, they made the 'request' that Sela sit on the regional council. Under pressure from the Guild, Bor accepted. Sela was now a part of the regional council in charge of Atrum Vesica in Nar Shaddaa.

Although Sela had risen to high places in Nar Shaddaa, soon things began to turn less to her liking. Keshu Trom had joined Atrum Vesica, and was making his way up the hierarchy. Sela knew that, very soon, he would be made a council member and, as she knew he was very influential, he would be able to influence some members to enslave her, remove her from office or kill her. Despite making several successful 'hits' for the Assassins Guild, she knew that even they couldn't stop her from Keshu Trom. She put forwards a request for transfer, to the main council of Atrum Vesica, and it was accepted; she was transferred to Vesica's head quarters on the nearby Hutt world of Nal Hutta. After he successful exploits for the Guild and for Atrum Vesica, the main Bounty hunters section of Atrum Vesica offered her a position on the Bounty Hunters Atrum Vesica council, of which only one member was on the Atrum Vesica High Council to represent the Bounty Hunters. Whilst they did not offer her the position of representatives for the Bounty Hunters on the Atrum Vesica High Council, they did offer her a position on the Bounty Hunters council. Sela gladly accepted, and a Councilor, she became.

Councilor Edit

Sela. My name is Sela.
Ah yes! I believe that I've heard of your exploits for the Assassins Guild?
Most likely you have. I'm well known.

—A senior member of Atrum Vesica speaking to Sela.

In a few years, Sela had gone from a slave girl dancer to a member of Atrum Vesica's Bounty Hunter council, and she had forgotten the humble life she had come from, and forgotten her promise to the dying Bronkya and to the Nobrezan remnants. She had forgotten what it was like to be a slave girl in distress, and she made no move to try and save the slave girls she often saw being 'used' by the thugs of Atrum Vesica. Her real persona had been buried under the skin of a ruthless Bounty Hunter. And even if she had wanted to leave, both Atrum Vesica and the Assassin's Guild would kill her before she had the chance; she knew too much of their inner workings. And Sela had been suggested for a promotion to a Councilor of the Assassins Guild, and they would definitely not let her live if that happened. She was well and truly trapped.

The successful hits Sela made were counting up, and the Assassins Guild saw this; they promoted her to the position of a Councilor for the Guild, and demanded that she be placed on the Atrum Vesica High Council. Atrum Vesica complied, and Sela was on the High Council of two of the most ruthless and violent Bounty Hunting groups in the Galaxy, and one of only eight females to ever achieve this. However, the Guild also had use for her position on both councils. The Guild held monthly Guild meetings and, after attending one, the Guildmaster of the Guild, Vantoor Wrom, came to her and assigned her a special mission, that was not to be on the Guild's records, nor would be told to the other assassins. The Guildmaster wanted Sela to spy on the inner workings of Atrum Vesica, and do anything that the Guildmaster wanted to sabotage the Crime organization. With little choice, for the Guild supposedly had a good rapport with the organization, as the Guildmaster would kill her to stop this information getting out, Sela agreed. Sela's life amongst the underworld of the galaxy had always been decided for her, by others with hidden agendas, and this time was no exception.

Whilst Sela didn't know the Guildmaster's motives, as a member of the Guild she was extremely loyal to it, and valued her position in the Guild above her position in Atrum Vesica. She agreed to spy and, for four months, relayed information about every one of the Crime organizations dealings and the events in their High Council. Once Keshu Trom, who had made a name for himself as a crime lord, was promoted to the High Council, she had no trouble relaying the information. But now, with Trom's promotion, Sela was trapped in a pincer; if she fled, she would be killed, but if she stayed then Trom would make sure that she was killed. Sela was well and truly trapped.

Trom's acts on the High Council were mainly directed towards breaking up the partnership with the Guild, and trying to have Sela assassinated. The leader of Atrum Vesica at that time, Krissicyor Hud, was a target for Trom, and he began to try, in whatever way, to gain favor with the Crime lord. As Trom began to gain favor, Sela and the Guild began to lose favor. Eventually, the Guildmaster told Sela that, should he come to power, Trom would try and exterminate both Sela and the Guild, and Sela must do something. Yet, despite her harsh bounty hunter exterior, Sela found that she didn't want to kill Trom; she still remembered the man he once was, the man he had been. But she had to complete the will of the Guild, or risk death, so Sela realized that it was a mistake to ever join the Guild and Atrum Vesica. Her life would soon be terminated.


Sela? You are trapped. You have no choice but to follow me.
I decide what I do, not you, Hath!

—Sela to Masu Hath

Sela realized that death was imminent for her if she didn't kill Trom, and that Atrum Vesica would, most likely, find out if she did kill Trom, so she realized that she was doomed. She began to spend more and more time alone in her own quarters, and she had no outlet in which to pour her troubles; the members of Atrum Vesica would use any knowledge she had against her. Yet help came to her in the most unusual of forms. From Masu Hath, a slave. He listened to her troubles, and consoled her and, for some reason, Sela felt that she could trust him above anyone else in the whole world. As she poured her troubles out to him, she eventually told her of her predicament, and of how she was trapped. Hath was most consoling to the distraught Sela in this way, and Sela felt that Hath was far kinder than any man she had known.

Whilst Sela tried to put off assassinating Trom for as long as she possibly could, the Guild eventually gave her a deadline; she must have killed Trom by the end of that week. She knew that she had until the end of the week to escape, yet she had no idea how. After returning from a Council meeting, she found two large Trandoshans at her door, armed heavily. Without speaking, they took her into custody. She was taken to the Council chambers again, where photographs and weaponry amongst other things was lying on the table; it seemed that she had been part of a plot to bring down Atrum Vesica. Whilst Sela knew this to be partially true, she knew that there was no way that the crime organization could have known this, and she knew that it was false evidence planted by Trom. Despite Trom's best efforts to convince the Council to kill her immediately, as she was 'too dangerous', the Council decreed that she would be put in a cell for three days, pending trial. Whilst in there, Sela was allowed no contact with the outside world at all. In her cell, she saw only the guards and Keshu Trom. On the evening of her first night of imprisonment, Trom visited her, and told her of his past, saying:

I never did tell you what happened to my mother, did I? Well now I will. I was born on Kentariiuus, a slum planet in the Outer Rim. I was born Prince Trom, the only son of the Royal Family. My father was the tyrant of the planet, and the people, even my mother, little more than his slaves. Often my father would beat my mother, if she didn't do what he wanted. One day, her injuries were so bad, that she was losing far too much blood than she should have. She decided that she must leave my father. She took me with her, said that she feared for my safety, and some bodyguards; three Trandoshans. But one was in the pay of my father. He alerted my father to the plan, and he came out with his enforcers. He came after my mother. I was in the shuttle, along with two loyal Trandoshan guards, and we slew the traitor. But my father reached my mother, and he killed her, horrifically torturing her first. I lived a life like that Sela! That's how you found me! Alone! And you were the only thing in my life that mattered, the only thing I cared about! And you left me! Even you turned against me!
—Keshu Trom

Sela and Hath escape

Despite Sela's pleas that she hadn't betrayed him, and that he had changed, Trom wouldn't listen. He told Sela that he would make sure that she was executed without trial the next evening, and he confirmed that he had set her up with the false evidence, before leaving. Sela knew that the leader of Atrum Vesica was like putty in Trom's hands, and was little more than a puppet chieftain. On the second day, Sela was visited by Masu Hath. She hadn't expected him to be there, but was pleasantly surprised. However, Hath then took out a blaster and shot the two guards, which shocked Sela more. He then told her that he had come to rescue her, and that it was her only choice. Sela agreed to come with him, and they departed.

When the enforcers of Atrum Vesica saw that Sela had escaped, they sent many enforcers after her and Hath. The Assassins Guild found out very soon afterwards and, to protect their secrets, they sent a large number of top quality assassins after Sela. Sela had always thought of Hath as nothing more than a servant, however she discovered then that he was also very good in a fire fight and she managed, with a large portion of his help, to capture a speeder, and use it to escape from the headquarters of Atrum Vesica, and to hijack a space shuttle. It also seemed that Hath had hijacked the majority of the other ships in the Atrum Vesica fleet, showing a great deal of planning on his part. Although Vesica sent a few ships to intercept them, Hath showed good piloting skill to evade the ships.

Resuming the quest Edit

Sela, I have come to bring you salvation, and to remind you of that which you forgot.
—Hath to Sela

The two escapees eventually put down on Talravin for supplies and repairs and, by now, Sela had long realized that Hath was much more than a simple slave. When she asked him who he was, he said that he was the one who had come to bring her salvation, and remind her of what she had forgot, but he said that his identity he wouldn't tell her until the time was right. Sela also decided that she would have to change her appearance, so she died her hair and wore different clothes in an effort to turn away those who may be hunting her. When Masu Hath saw the mark of the Nobrezan's tattooed on Sela's stomach, he told her that she, as a Nobrezan, had forgotten her quest to find the others. It was then that everything rushed back to her, and her bounty hunter exterior fell away again to reveal the woman she once was. She broke down then, and was consoled only by Hath. It was then that she realized that no one had cared for her this way since Trom had, and she realized that she loved Hath. She felt that she could tell Hath anything, and he told her that he loved all, but her especially. Hath agreed that he would help her try and find one of the other houses of Light, and they set off.

They started on Talravin, and began to set out across the galaxy, searching for news or anything to do with the Houses of Light. Yet the Houses, in an effort to evade the Sith, had remained very secret and had kept away from all contact with the general world. Although Sela made sure that the mark of the Nobrezans was easy to see upon her body, she wasn't contacted by anyone from any of the houses. Hath made inquiries into certain people, as did Sela, yet they turned up nothing. Finally, the couple agreed to return, however dangerous it may be, to Nal Hutta, where they would search one of the best places for anyone to hide in the galaxy for news of the houses.

Meanwhile, the couple's fledgling relationship was beginning to develop deeper, and, on the journey to Nar Shaddaa, Hath proposed to Sela, who gladly accepted. Despite having embarked on a quest, the couple agreed to marry after they had left Nar Shaddaa, where they were headed. Upon arrival at Nar Shaddaa, they found things very different; Atrum Vesica had declared war upon the Assassins Guild, and their war was tearing the planet apart, almost as badly as Nal Hutta had been torn apart by that same war. Nar Shaddaa was a dangerous place to be, and no one was to be trusted. Sela and Hath booked rooms in a small apartment block in Nar Shaddaa, and organized their plan from there. They would explore Nar Shaddaa and search for anything or anyone to do with any of the Houses. Hath set out into the more dangerous zones, at his own request, and Sela into the safer, yet seedier areas, as she knew those parts well from her time as a resident in Nar Shaddaa.

Sela instantly headed for the Jekk'Jekk Tarr, where she knew news could easily be found. Whilst she knew that humans were disliked there, it was not at the same level of hate as it would be thirty years later. However, entering the Jekk'Jekk Tarr was a very bad mistake; inside, Sela discovered Keshu Trom in the Private Lounge and, somehow, he recognized her. Within minutes, Sela found herself captured by Trom once more, and bundled into a shuttle, for transportation back to Nal Hutta. When she reached Nal Hutta, she was put back into the same cell, in isolation, with the guard outside the cell tripled. It seemed that Trom was now in charge, and he would waste no time before killing her.

From there, Trom contacted the Assassins Guild, asking for a truce in the fighting to decide what to do with the traitor. He instantaneously summoned the Guild to his headquarters, where he placed her in a cage, beneath the main meeting hall. After the main meeting hall was filled with members of the High Council of both the Assassins Guild and of Atrum Vesica, Sela's cage was raised into the hall. Her 'trial' began soon after that. The 'trial' was little more than a time for everyone to decide on her punishment; killing her was not in question, however what they did first was. After they decided upon torture before death, the 'trial' ended. However, Trom believed Atrum Vesica to be at war, and truce to be meaningless in a time of war, and he had prepared a trap for the Assassins Guild. Over a hundred of Atrum Vesica's mercenaries poured in after the trial, on Trom's orders. However, the Assassins Guild weren't, as Trom believed, fools, and they also had an ambush planned. Whilst their assassins poured in and attacked Vesica, Sela was caught in the crossfire; her cage was torn apart by blaster bolts but she, somehow, survived, but with a severe injury to her artery in her left arm. After escaping the hall up a stairway, onto the rooftop, Sela tried to find some sort of transport. However Trom, having dispatched of the Guildmaster, had followed Sela, and confronted her on the rooftop. Whilst injured, Sela warned Trom that she only needed one arm to fire a blaster, and that, should he attack, she wouldn't hesitate to shoot. Trom, believing her to be bluffing, attacked. She shot him twice in the torso and, believing him to be dead, she left him to die.

After finding a nearby shuttle, Sela made good her escape, and returned to Nar Shaddaa and to Hath. Whilst she hadn't discovered anything she realized, in the interests of her personal safety, that it was time for her to leave. When she found Hath, he was highly concerned for her safety, and angered that he had let her go. However, she told him that they must have that conversation later, and they left.

Family Edit

What.... what shall we call him?"
"Rufar. Call him Rufar Kakhuzi.

—Hath to Sela.

After returning to Talravin, to plan their next move, they decided that they would get married there and then, so that, even if they died, they would die bound together, and they were married in a small building in Talravin. After being married, they were also told that Sela was pregnant; she was to be a mother. However, despite their joy, Sela knew that they must continue with their quest. Yet the two realized that they were unable to find any of the houses, and that the galaxy was just too big. Admitting defeat, Sela agreed to return to Dxun to pay her respects one last time at the site of the Nobrezan remnants former camp. Returning, they found the island beginning to grow back again; the trees were returning and grass was beginning to grow once more. The bodies of the dead had been taken by the earth, and they were at rest. However, Sela was not. She realized that she had failed, and was inconsolable, even to Hath. However, Hath then revealed to Sela his secret; he was The Light, the one who had created the houses at the beginning, and he was the one who was opposed to the Dark. He, out of all of the women in the world, had chosen Sela. And he told Sela then that she must depart for Dantooine, where their son would be born. Sela didn't question that it would be a son, she just merely asked for a name, and The Light told her Rufar. He also told her that he alone must continue the quest for the houses and that, one day, their son would join him. When she asked if she would ever see him again, The Light told her that it wouldn't be possible, and that they would only meet again in the pastures of the afterlife.


Sela and The Light kiss for the last time

Despite the loss of a husband, Sela realized the necessity of The Light's leaving. She let him go then, before traveling back to Dantooine, where her son was born and, as per the lights instructions, she named him Rufar. However, when she reached Dantooine, she realized that Trom had lived, and was trying to discredit her; he had made the Mark of Nobreza into the logo of Atrum Vesica and, once word of Sela's tattoo got out, she was shunned by the community as was her son Rufar once he was born. Rufar had no childhood playmates until a strange shuttle crashed in the plains of Dantooine outside, with two dead Barabels and a young, living Rodian inside. Reminded of the time when Trom had arrived in the same way at the camp of the Nobrezan remnants, she agreed to take him in. Rufar and Danreb, the Rodian, were inseparable for the rest of his childhood.

However, Rufar was soon spotted as force-sensitive by the nearby Jedi Enclave, and was offered a place as a Jedi. Knowing it to be his destiny, Sela told him that he should go, and he, as had his father, left her, never to see her again. It was then that Sela started suffering from severe depression, and began to waste away. She tried to care for Danreb, however her depression meant that she had problems. However, Danreb had never loved her. As he grew up, he began to poison Sela slowly, as he had been sent by Trom, as Trom had heard rumors of Sela being on Dantooine. Trom thought that because Danreb was young and would remind Sela of the young Trom, she would take him in, and Danreb eventually killed Sela, before leaving Dantooine.

Legacy Edit

Mother I lived with you so little, The sadness in my stomach just will not settle, I loved you much but I know I must, keep away from revenge and lust.
—Rufar's epitaph on Sela's grave

After Sela's death, she was buried in a plain, ordinary wooden grave on the plains of Khoonda outside of her house by Danreb and his family. When Rufar returned, he inscribed this epitaph on Sela's grave:

No one else publicly mourned Sela, due to Trom's changing of the Atrum Vesica logo, and The Light wasn't seen by any man until he took Rufar into the blazing light. Sela's death date was never known, as neither Danreb or Rufar ever recorded it.

Rufar grew up a Jedi, but followed Revan and the Jedi Crusaders to war in the Mandalorian Wars, and turned almost to the path of the dark side, before redeeming himself by finding the Jedi masters who had exiled him. Sela became a posthumous grandmother when Rufar's daughter was born, and she became a posthumous mother in law to Rufar's wife.

Sela's clan on Dxun never even acknowledged Sela's death, despite Rufar contacting and telling them about her death; it seemed that her 'uncle' still held sway, or at least his legacy did, over her former village.

Indirectly, Sela caused the True Sith Wars that followed between Revan and the Sith when she set out with The Light to find the seven houses, as there searching attracted the gaze of the Sith in the Outer rim, which led to Revan discovering about them, and attacking them. Rufar eventually did, as The Light had promised, find his father, and joined him in his war against the Dark by joining the blazing light.

Personality and traits Edit

As a young girl in a Mandalorian village, Sela had a fiery personality, which was disrespectful towards her elders and anyone in general, disobeying direct commands, and it was only by another's grace that she remained in her village for as long as she did. However, she was also, to those she liked, kind and caring, despite her fiery, disrespectful personality.

Although her disrespectful personality began to be less of a problem when she became one of the Nobrezan remnants, even they couldn't iron it completely out of her. However, as she matured, this began to be less and less of a problem, and she became more kind and responsible. She was very kind and caring as well as loving to those she loved, such as Keshu Trom, as she showed when she cared for him after he first arrived on Dxun.

As a slave, Sela was against slavery in general however, once she became a bounty hunter, this began to disappear under the skin of a bounty hunter, and she stopped caring for others and only looked after herself. As a bounty hunter she was cruel, selfish and unkind, albeit successful. As a member of the High Council for both Atrum Vesica and for The Assassins Guild, she was often described as cool, calm, calculated and very intelligent, often being likened to a viper for her subtle, lying ways, and she wasn't afraid to lie and kill her way to the top.

After her 'redemption' by the light, Sela lost her bounty hunter personality, and took back her previous one, however, as she realized she had done wrong and wished for atonement, she was more respectful towards others and, although still fiery, she was more careful and kind. Up to her death, she was kind and loving to both Rufar and Danreb, although her love in Danreb was misplaced, but very sad, depressed even, as she knew that, eventually, she would lose Rufar in the same way that she lost his father. Although Danreb did kill her, it was more than likely that she had lost the will to live anyway.

Talents and abilities Edit

Sela was often described as a reasonably talented individual, and with a lot to offer the community, however this was often described as 'wasted' on her, because of her personality being one of disrespect. She learned sowing and weaving in the Mandalorian village where she grew up, and, although reasonably good at it, she never much cared for it, until she became one of the Nobrezan remnants, where sowing was one of her chief jobs. In addition to this, she learned some skill at cooking; however she never quite mastered this.

Sela learnt the basics of hunting in the village on Dxun, however this skill was honed when she was forced to survive alone in the Dxun jungle and was forced to hunt just to gain enough food to eat. She was unable to fish, as she didn't have the equipment needed, and she never bothered to learn this skill amongst the Nobrezans.

Amongst the Nobrezans, Sela learnt more of hunting including trapping animals, and the use of traps such as nets. However, she always preferred the 'traditional' method of hunting, using a simple wooden spear.

As a bounty hunter, Sela became proficient with guns. She never found the need and never had the inclination to learn of vibroblades, but became very skillful with a blaster, being able to pick off numerous moving targets very quickly. She always preferred weapons of ranged use, and she fairly mastered these.

Sela was reasonably good at star fighter piloting, however she never gained the proficiency of her husband in this. She was able to do the basics, but not the more advanced things, and she wasn't able to use the gun turrets on ships.

Relationships Edit

Keshu Trom Edit

Originally, the relationship between Keshu Trom and Sela was purely one of a doctor and a patient. However, this later developed into Sela being Trom's carer, after Trom's physical and mental injuries after the brutal treatment of his mother. Sela would feed, wash and walk Trom, trying to stimulate his damaged mind into returning to it's normal state however, after Trom's healing, there relationship began to become more of that between two lovers, and the two soon fell in love. For quite a while the couple maintained their love, before Trom's personality began to change, perhaps as a result of his mental problems and nightmares, perhaps as it was his true personality, perhaps it was hereditary from his father. However, Sela didn't like the new Trom, and told him that, as long as he was like this, she didn't want to be with him. After this incident, Trom began to hate Sela for turning him away, and even tried to kill her on numerous occasions. Despite this, Sela never hated Trom, and the only emotion she felt for him after this was pity.

The Light Edit

When she still believed him to be the slave Masu Hath, her bounty hunter personality meant that she treated The Light with disdain and with cruelty, however his personality meant that she began to like him, and their relationship began to be that of friends. When Hath rescued Sela, she began to like him more and more as a friend until their relationship developed into one of love. As there relationship developed, they eventually married, and there relationship began to get more intimate, until Sela became pregnant. They kept up their love until The Light left to try and unite the houses of light once more, and to search for any remaining Nobrezans.

The Guildmaster Edit

Sela didn't meet Vantoor Wrom until later in her life, when she became a bounty hunter and, later, a member of the Assassins Guild. When she did, Sela's personality had been hardened by becoming a Bounty hunter and, despite the two being of the opposite sex, they were never romantically linked, and never even friends, as neither trusted the other. Their relationship was purely one of an employer and employee. Later, the relationship between them turned into one of enmity, with Wrom trying to kill Sela.

Behind the scenes Edit


Sela Kerroro was first created as a character by the author Thomas Rattim during the first time of playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, after discovering the planet Dxun was a playable location. Having previously known very little about the Mandalorian planet, Rattim proceeded to learn of it on Wookieepedia, and, after reading of it, created the character Sela Kerroro. Having always been interested in the Mandalorian Wars, Rattim attempted to incorporate both a Mandalorian character and the wars into the history of Sela Kerroro without making her a basic Mandalorian, obsessed by war.

After this idea was first created, Rattim took the opportunity to branch into the relatively unexplored areas of Mandalorian women, far dwarfed by the number of Mandalorian men in the Star Wars universe. This alone made Sela somewhat different from previous Mandalorians, the only real female Mandalorian of note being Mira, the companion of the Jedi Exile. The original Sela Kerroro originally didn’t have a surname for some time, being named just ‘Sela’, which was originally intended to be a conjectural name but was later changed. Originally designed to be nothing more than a stub article for the mother of Rufar Kakhuzi, this was later changed in an attempt by Rattim to make an interesting female Mandalorian character. The name of Sela originally came from Sela the Vixen, a fox from the Redwall book series.

Sela Kerroro was originally intended to be a single mother, Rufar’s father and Sela’s partner originally intended to be a spice dealer of no real importance; however this was later changed to add relevance to the Jedi Exile, her son, as a person, his parentage adding relevance to him as a character. Due to the fact the she was originally intended to have conceived Rufar with a man of no real relevance, Sela was originally intended to be Force sensitive, passing it on to her son, however this was changed at the same time Rufar’s paternity was changed, as Rattim wished to explore with a non Force sensitive Mandalorian. Throughout the story, events from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, such as visiting Nar Shaddaa and other such events. However, other inspiration for the story came from such sources as the Bible, with the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant inspiring the scene when Trom is assaulting a Nobrezan for not paying a debt.


Part of the inspiration for the character of Sela Kerroro came from the main image in Wookieepedia’s article on Khaleen Hentz, after the author found this image on Wookieepedia when researching information for the Rufar Kakhuzi article. As such, one of those who is portrayed as Sela is Khaleen Hentz, with a number of images being used as Sela throughout the article. Due to a similar appearance, Platt Okeefe also represents Sela, although only once. Avril Lavigne being one of the favorite musical artists of Rattim, the author, images of said musician were also used to represent Sela throughout the course of the article, it being a coincidence that Lavigne also bore a slight resemblance to the main image of Khaleen Hentz.