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Politics have no relation to morals.Silas, the first Sector 13 Director[src]

Sector 13 was a covert Galactic Republic intelligence agency founded by Supreme Chancellor Alcor Bac in 12,995 BBY. The organization was created as a means to end potential insurgencies by the remnants of the Alsakan Union, a religious government destroyed at the end of the Alsakan Crisis they waged against the Republic. Some of these remnants included the Alsakan Restoration Movement, which, while not publicly considered a threat to the Republic, was looked into by Sector 13. The organization was also meant to collect information on enemies of the state, and, later, to damage the commercial and military operations of the Hutt Empire during the Hutt War in 12,979 BBY.

Operating in an extrajudicial manner, Sector 13 was given near-absolute judicial immunity when it came to carrying out missions, such as subversion, blackmailing, and assassinations. The agency, led by a Director, answered only to the Supreme Chancellor, who would often give executive orders to Sector 13 for missions deemed to be of higher importance. Sector 13 had numerous operatives at its disposal, all of whom were pulled from the Republic Military due to being considered the best of the Republic forces, and had offices throughout the galaxy where agents could conduct agency operations. Sector 13 continued to operate during Invasion of Utapau in 22 BBY, thousands of years after its establishment.



In 13,000 BBY, in the name of a religion that told them to restore a balance between man and nature, the Alsakan Union invaded and captured the Galactic Republic capital planet of Coruscant, beginning the Alsakan Crisis between the two galactic bodies. The war lasted for one year, until the Republic launched the Battle of Alsakan and the Alsakan military caused the devastation of their own home planet. Although millions of Alsakans assimilated into the Republic, some began to form groups, such as the Alsakan Restoration Movement, in order to restore the Alsakan way of life. These groups were not initially considered a threat to the Republic.[4]

After Alcor Bac, who had been the Senator of Alderaan during the war, was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic in 12,995 BBY, he felt the need to create an efficient intelligence agency to collect information about an enemy while also making covert strikes that could cripple an enemy’s forces. He subsequently ordered the creation of Sector 13, a covert intelligence organization that answered only to the Supreme Chancellor and was independent of the Galactic Senate and judiciary. Republic officials began to deny that the agency existied, preferring that the galaxy and potential enemies did not know about it.[2]

Early days

During its early history, Sector 13 was used to eliminate potential separatist sentiments and to counter revolutionary activities throughout the Republic. Dissidence and perceived anti-Republicanism were seen as common from former Alsakans who had assimilated into the Republic. The government, despite being founded on the principles of freedom, sought to eliminate these activities and beliefs in order to maintain peace after the war. For that reason, those who knew about Sector 13 saw it as a crucial part of the Republic’s effort to restore itself as the dominant force in the galaxy.[2]

In 12,979 BBY, the Republic went to war with the Hutt Empire of the Outer Rim Territories, ending years of tense stand-offs between the two galactic governments. The government of the Republic sought to have Sector 13 play a critical role in the war effort. While the group did still participate in counter-revolutionary endeavors, those missions were no longer its primary mandate. Instead, the focus of Sector 13 turned to undermining the Hutt commercial empire, hoping to weaken the Hutt forces so the Republic would stand a better chance at victory against them.[2]

Later years

Nearly thirteen thousand years after the Hutt War, Sector 13 continued to operate within the Galactic Republic. In 22 BBY, Sarus, the leader of the Ophuchi Clan of hermits in the Dune Sea of Tatooine, believed that Sector 13 was covering up information about the early history of the Jedi Order. It was the Ophuchi leader's belief that the cover up was carried out because the truth would devastate the foundations of the Galactic Republic.[3]


The principal function of Sector 13 was to gather, collect, and analyze information about the Republic’s enemies, as well as corporations and individuals. These reports would be compiled specifically for the Supreme Chancellor, who would be briefed by the Director of Sector 13 in all matters of galactic affairs. In a time of war, this function remained, but the organization’s purpose grew to include sabotage missions, anti-sabotage operations, demolition, and subversion. Additional and higher classified missions would include giving assistance to certain underground movements, blackmail of government officials when necessary, and foreign assassinations that were not tolerated in public under the law. Sector 13 agents were given near-absolute judicial immunity by the Supreme Chancellor.[2]

Because of Sector 13’s extrajudicial activities, Republic officials who knew of the organization’s operation frequently denied that it existed. Despite this, the assassinations of a number of crime lords during the Hutt War fueled rumors that such an organization did exist and that it was under the jurisdiction of some part of the Republic government. Nevertheless, while there were rumors and speculation, there was no official confirmation as to the existence of Sector 13, or how it operated.[2]


Sector 13 was made up of a number of individuals, and the organization had three ranks that could be attained. The first and lowest was Initiate. Initiates were recent recruits to Sector 13, and the Republic looked for only the brightest and most skilled members of the Republic Military to consider for membership. The second possible rank was Agent, who made up the bulk of Sector 13. These operatives were given the best training the Republic felt it had to offer, and were capable of participating in a wide variety of missions. These missions included espionage, reconnaissance, and unconventional warfare. The identities of all Agents were kept secret, even to the Supreme Chancellor.[2] It was known, however, that the first agent in Sector 13 was Agent 1, who was specifically appointed by Alcor Bac upon Sector 13’s creation.[5]

The entire organization was led by one Director, who served as the only link between Sector 13 and the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. Outside of Sector 13, the Director’s identity was known only to the Supreme Chancellor. The Supreme Chancellor would often give the Director executive orders, which would then be given to Sector 13 operatives and offices throughout the galaxy. The Director would sometimes participate in missions himself, provided they were deemed too important for any other operative.[2] The earliest known Director was codenamed Silas.[6]

Behind the scenes

Sector 13 is indirectly mentioned in Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One, an Alternative Star Wars Saga fan fiction novel by Brandon Rhea that begins a re-imagining of the Star Wars Saga. Although the novel only makes reference to "certain governmental sectors" that are part of a cover up regarding the Jedi Order,[3] Rhea confirmed on TheStarWarsRP.Com that it was a reference to Sector 13.[9]



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