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Eras - Sith Empire Reborn

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The vengeance of the Sith has returned.
Anakin Skywalker

The Second Great Galactic War, also known as the Second Draggulch Period, the Second Great War, and as Darth Sidious' Crusade, was a conflict initiated by the Sith Empire Reborn, led by its Emperor, a Dark Lord of the Sith and a former Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Darth Sidious, better known as Palpatine, who sought to control the galaxy, and destroy the Jedi Order.

Faced with annihilation, the Jedi and the Republic faced the new Sith threat together, in spite of the massive amount of losses suffered during the Clone Wars.

The war began when the Republic and Jedi investigated rumors that a new threat was on the rise in the Outer Rim, sending Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker to the planet of Korriban, where the Sith Order had been established millenia prior. There, the two Jedi discovered that another Sith Empire had been brought into existence, with Palpatine, who fled at the end of the Clone Wars, as its ruler.

Thus, for the first time since the New Sith Wars, Jedi and Sith clashed, struggling over the fate of the galaxy. As the war raged on, countless lives were lost, and, at one point, it seemed that the Republic was doomed, as it had lost control of Coruscant and much of it's former territory by 24 ArS.

However, behind Chancellor Padmé Naberrie, who led the Republic after her predecessor's death, she, along with the Jedi, rallied the Republic, in one of the greatest offensives in galactic history. This campaign was later credited as what saved the Republic from total destruction in a period from 25 ArS to 33 ArS.

The war lasted, in all, fourteen years, but it finally ended at the Battle of Yavin, where Skywalker killed Palpatine, causing the collapse of the Sith Empire Reborn, thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Chosen One, and bringing balance to the Force.



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Campaigns of the Second Great Galactic War
Operation Shadow HandLiberation CampaignFinal Push
Operation Shadow Hand
(2124 ArS)
Timeline of the Second Great Galactic War

Previous: none; beginning of the war

Next: Liberation Campaign
(2533 ArS)

Battles of Operation Shadow Hand
Opening Clashes
(21 ArS)

First Korriban – Kile II – Ramoa – Firat Gestrex III – Balmorra – Yaga Minor – Cophrigin V – Althir – Abyssissa – Polis Massa

Mid-Rim to Galactic Core Battles
(22 ArS)

Aargonar – Space Station 1138 – Haruun Kal – Kashyyyk – Celen – First Anarak IV – Bandomeer – Barkhesh – Da Soocha – Nepsis VIII – Ord Cestus

(23 ArS)

Garos IV – Dressel – Iridonia – Port Haven – Praesitlyn

Onslaught of the Sith Empire Reborn
(24 ArS)

Jaxus – Ember – Azameen – Basilisk – Brentaal IV – Caamas Flotsam – Colossus – Kuat – Miele Nova – Sarapin – Scipio – Vuma – First Corellia – First Chandrila – First Alderaan – First Coruscant

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The Liberation Campaign
(2533 ArS)
Timeline of the Second Great Galactic War

Previous: Operation Shadow Hand
(2124 ArS)

Next: Final Push
(3435 ArS)

Battles of the Liberation Campaign
First Battles
(25 ArS)

Deysum – Katarr – Radix – Glee Anselm – Barcaria – Yeltha
Charros IV – Ansion

Skirmishes and Republic Hit-and-Runs
(26—30 AGS)

Peragus II – Gascon – First Mustafar – Alzoc III – Tatooine – Centerpoint Station – Harpori – Malastare – Kamino – Corsin – Second Mustafar – Bespin

Republic Push to the Core
(30—33 ArS)

Dantooine – Second Glee Anselm – Deneba – Retep V – Ison Bilbringi – Second Kamino – Naboo – Dagro – Bothawui – Columus – Abregado-rae – Arcadia – Duro – Foerost – Gerrard V – Second Chandrila – Aaeton – Anaxes – Second Corellia – Second Alderaan – Second Coruscant

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Final Push
(3435 ArS)
Timeline of the Second Great Galactic War

Previous: Liberation Campaign
(2533 ArS)

Next: none; End of the War

Battles of the Final Push
Push to Korriban
(34 ArS)

Second Anarak IV – Zoma V – Zabba II – Shadren V – Second Gestrex III – Dles IV – Ziost – Second Korriban

(34 ArS–35 ArS)

Dakot Seven – Station 27 – Dromund Kaas – Dubrillion – Columex – Toprawa

At War's End
(35 ArS)

Second Tatooine – Ord Mantell – Krylon – Jovan – Yavin/Death Star

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