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Neither the Jedi, the Republic or even the Sith is prepared for another war. If we lose or even if we win, millions will die.
Grand Master Satele Shan[src]

The Second Great Galactic War was a conflict, beginning in 3,642 BBY, between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. It occurred after twelve years of Cold War between the two factions, which had previously fought the Great Galactic War. Although the Sith has achieved numerous victories in the war, including the Devastation of Tython, the Empire was ultimately eradicated, except for pockets of resistance, which became known as the Sith-in-Exile.


The Second Great Galactic War was sparked between the Galactic Republic and the Resurgent Sith Empire. Although the first Great Galactic War ravaged the Republic and the Sith were victorious, the Sith were in not much better shape, their systems were ravaged, their economy strained, most of their naval ships required extensive repairs. When the Cold War ended and the collapse of the Treaty of Coruscant , the Republic and the Empire quickly developed into a state of war. The Empire was caught completely off guard when the Sith Emperor's mortal form was killed, leaving the Empire in a state of civil war.

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