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History repeats itself.
Arc upon describing the nature of the conflict which seems to repeat the events of the previous Clone Wars.

The Second Clone Wars, also known as Clone Wars II, was a galaxy-wide conflict originally between the three greatest forces at that time. As the galactic community was aware of, the three combatants were the Galactic Republic, with the Great Clone Forces serving as its military, the Federal Society and the Dark Empire. Bursting into eruption in the year 57 ABY, the War, as what it was referred to as during the historic wartime, went on for four straight years until it ended in 61 ABY.

It was said to be the sequel to the Clone Wars which occurred decades before, earning the war its name. As calculated by the Republic's historians, the conflict had caused an estimation of over six billion deaths across the galaxy, excluding the number of clone troopers killed in the war. Another great effect of the war was the destruction of over three hundred planets, regardless of being inhabited or otherwise.

When the war was nearing its end, a Sith Lord, who had secretly rewritten several orders for the clone army, killed the Supreme Chancellor. Imposed as the now deceased Chancellor, the Sith began issuing Order 51, an act that ordered for the entire clone army to destroy the Jedi and later on exterminate themselves, thus bringing the war closer to its end.

The remaining Grand Army of the Republic proceeded to crush enemy lines until they triumphantly gained victory over the conflict. Thousands of Sith now crept into the Republic, quickly giving the Sith Empire total control of the galaxy. The Sith Chancellor immediately became the actual Supreme Chancellor of the new Dark Republic.

Unbeknownst to the Republic, around six thousand clone troopers were defective to the order and developed an underground community. The clones soon came out of hiding and rose up  in the Clone Uprising as the Clone Rebel Alliance against the government they once obeyed. Having been discovered by the Republic, the clone rebels assaulted Coruscant in a failed attempt to assassinate the Supreme Chancellor, thus triggering the Third Clone Wars.


A prophecyEdit


The clone armyEdit


Downfall of the RepublicEdit

More and more planets have betrayed the Republic by this year. The Empire have designed over 15 new battle droids, and they have also produced over 7,000 droids by the beginning of the year. The Republic was busy planning strategies before beginning the war. Meanwhile, the Society have also built thousands of ships and crafts to be used in the war.

In the middle of the year, the Republic decided to rebuild an army of clones like before, thus they created the Great Clone Forces; and their main purpose was to produce millions of clones for the Republic. The Supreme Chancellor agreed to give Exhart Martineus, the founder of the Clone Army, a planet of his own choice to place his clone facilities. He asked the Chancellor for a planet he had set his eyes on: an unnamed planet filled with tropical jungles and rainforests which he later named Kylone. The Chancellor agreed and the planet was for Exhart to keep, and it was under the protection of The Republic. By the end of the year, the clone facilities have produced over 175, 000 clones in just about 175 days.


The Republic, the Clone Forces, the Society and the Empire have all started to build military bases and safety war bunkers for the citizens on planets in systems throughout the whole galaxy.


A man working in The Society was paid by The Empire in order to become their informant and he, with an open heart, accepted the offer and has been working with them ever since.

Year One (57 ABY)Edit

The beginningEdit

It's begun! We're going to fight and die.
ARC 25-347168 when the battle begun

During a huge conference on Arcoha, the Republic ministers finally agreed on starting the war with the Society. Informants inside the Republic informed the Society of this. When the conference was over, the Society assaulted the base with their second biggest spaceship, and began the war themselves. But actually, on their short journey to Arcoha, a large spacecraft of the Empire followed the Society starships unnoticedly to the planet. When the Society arrived at the planet, they wreaked havoc and caused mayhem at the base. As the Empire soon arrived, the battle gets even bigger. After hours of battling, the Society and the Empire were nearly defeated by the Republic alone. Due to their attack being uneffective, the Society retreated and fled the planet, leaving the battle for the Republic and the Empire only. Soon, an enormous Republican spacecraft arrived and overthrew the Empire easily; they immediately fled Arcoha, and the Republic claimed their first victory.

Invading VryvonEdit

Vryvon's a deadly planet, sir. But it's full of hard minerals that could be used as durable armor. And the plants there could be carnivorous but some of them are useful as medicine for our men. I think it's actually up to the clones either they want the job or not.

—A Republic officer to General Yeavern after scanning up the whole planet

Days after the chaos on Arcoha, the Republic—while fixing their damaged base—set their eyes on a planet two parsecs away from theirs, an unhosted planet named Vryvon. It was full of deadly jungles, and filled with killer beasts, but scans showed that Vryvon was actually loaded with unique ores and minerals under its grounds. Moreover, the plants and herbs of the planet were able to be used as medicine or even food, including the sentient ones. Even though it was a truly risky mission, the clones agreed to take the challenge.

Coincidentally, the Empire was also looking forward to invade Vryvon, as it was the closest planet to Arcoha, therefore they would be able to ambush the Republic easily. The Society, on the other hand, stayed back due to great loss of army. Once both the Republic and the Empire landed, it was night, so they sent out a patrol team each to take some look at the planet's jungles. The two teams confronted each other, and the droids killed the clones instantaneously. The Empire fortified their base after being informed by the droids. The Republic sent out a search party, but these clones were then killed by Frycons. Finally, the Republic base, Baseship, decided to begin fortifying their own base.

With a radar satellite activated, the Empire discovered the location of Baseship and sent out men and droids to assault the opponent. After stopped by heavy rain and mudslides, the Empire droids and troops returned to their base and attacked Baseship the next day. The Empire was soon winning the battle. They activated their satellite's laser blaster and destroyed Baseship, but the clones escaped. After a series of battles, the Society suddenly arrived and defeated the Empire with total ease. They destroyed the satellite and gained ownership of the world of Vryvon. However, the Republic clones survived and fled to Arcoha with a rescue starship awaiting them not far from the battlefield.

Massacre of the dark planetEdit

Upon rescuing the survivors of Vryvon, the Republic starship landed on Umbara while trying to acquire a better communication link. They established a temporary camp as they awaited response from the Republic based on their report regarding the events of Vryvon.

Eventually, the camp was assaulted by the Umbarans in a massive-scaled attack. Nearly outnumbered and unable to withstand the attack any longer, the clone troopers secretly fled deeper into the forests, leaving their damaged starship exposed to continuous enemy engagement.

Their distress call was finally answered in a later time, with the Republic sending over a battalion of clone troopers to investigate and escort the starship back to Arcoha. By the time they arrived, the starship was already occupied by Umbarans dressed in clone trooper armor in an attempt to ambush the battalion while they were being fooled.

Fight on DeassouriaEdit

After their defeat on Vryvon, both the Republic and the Empire had to rebuild their army. Few weeks have gone by, and the two factions were finally ready for another battle. On the other hand, the Society had already increased the mass of their army.

When a fleet of Republican starships patrolling the space was assaulted by an unknown enemy, the survivors of the attack informed the Republic about it. They sent a small inspection team to investigate the scene. But during their mission, the starship was discovered by Society crafts who instantaneously engaged their ship.

The ship crashlanded on the desert planet Deassouria. The Society starships landed there and the two forces battled. With many lives lost, the Republic clones kept on fighting. When reinforcements of the Republic arrived, the Society squadrons were chased off the planet and the rest of the inspection team was brought back home. Victory was once again claimed by the Republic.

Outer Rim campaignEdit

Shortly after the battle of Deassouria, the Republic's Clone Forces, now led by the Jedi Order, began a campaign to acquire territories in the Outer Rim, apart from clearing any of the enemy forces and pirate gangs inhabiting the space. The Jedi, however, were not allowed to command units that were executing the campaign due to the Chancellor's restriction.

The hostility of RandonEdit

Prior to executing the Outer Rim Campaign, the Republic dispatched a naval fleet through the Filan Route, a hidden pathway which led them straight towards the targeted Outer Rim territories. Unfortunately, the fleet had entered a massive asteroid field which damaged their flagship; the latter fell out of formation and crashed onto planet Randon, a world of trade and merchande.

The rest of the fleet were unable to locate the fallen flagship due to wave interruptions from the asteroid field. Clones on board the Oblivion travelled around to discover a nearby town. Here, the clone troopers were attacked by the townspeople. Forced into hiding, the troopers made the decision to clear out the town by executing the hostile residents.

A harsh battle broke out the next morning following the clones' attempt to assault the locals. The better-armed townspeople quickly outnumbered the clones, once more forcing them into retreation. However, the enemy had secretly followed them towards the Oblivion and later attacked the clone troopers as they were retreating. A clone commando squad was deployed as the last resort.

Capturing MarithmarEdit


Assault on Naboo IIEdit

A few days after the battle on Deassouria had ended, the Empire planned a small attack towards the planet Naboo II. After studying more of the planet, they decided to shock the Republic with the attack.

Two weeks later, at the same time the battle on Obyss began, the Empire sent a fleet of starships to Naboo II to terrorize the locals. An army of Gungan clones were present during the attack; this triggered a battle between the Gungans and the Empire droids. After a series of horrific deaths, the Gungans lost many warriors including the clones.

The Republic was informed by the king of Naboo II and sent out a huge battleship, to stop the madness. At their arrival, the Republicans witnessed the deaths of the Gungan leaders. The battleship dispatched tanks and starfighters to fight off the threat. When they've reached victory, the Republic clones took living injured members of the Empire as their prisoners. Most of the Empire's men who survived the counter-attack fled to the woods before being caught by search parties, and these men were also imprisoned. The security on Naboo II was ultimately improved since the battle.

Battle of ObyssEdit

Months later, a battle occured on a water planet named Obyss. The battle started when a fleet of Republican sea units stationed on Obyss for recon was attacked by some Empire battleships carrying underwater droids. The clone troopers dispatched divers to lure the enemy away from the fleet. Submarines were deployed in order to cover the divers from a distance with an objective to be unsighted by the droids. The plan, brilliant, however, was uneffective. The divers were all killed. The submarines were spotted then destroyed and the fleet was ambushed by awaiting Empire ships that were given the signal to crush the Republican fleet.

The Republican fleet was destroyed in an instant. The casualties were more than heavy as there were no survivors left. Since then, the Empire gained a big oppurtunity to crush the Republic's main defense line. Obyss was essential for the Empire's victory, as it was one of the closest planets to the main lines. Fisheries were built to catch edible beings for living troops. Multiple bases and droid factories were also built all over the planet to increase the Imperial army.

Bombing on TryxxEdit

If we could get through Tryxx, we can break through their line of defense.

—A commander in The Empire to his Human troopers on the battle of Tryxx.

Tryxx was a planet near the Republicans' first lines of defense, and was the closest to Obyss, therefore, making it a most perfect target for the Empire to strike. A large Imperial fleet of starships was sent to invade the planet. Apparently, just as they entered the planet's atmosphere, the fleet was shocked by awaiting Republic ground troops, who immediately attacked them. The clones tore the fleet dreadfully. The lead starship was then forced to leave the planet and made way to their main base, while the smaller shuttles lingered on to battle the clone troopers. Eventually, the entire Imperial fleet was annihilated, giving victory to the Republic.

Raid on NalwattaEdit

Unsatisfied with their last loss, the Empire sent out a fleet en route to the planet Nalwatta, determined to invade it. Nalwatta was very close to Kylone, where the Republic's only cloning facilities were located. By gaining Nalwatta, the Empire would have advantage over Kylone, and by overtaking Kylone, they would be able to fully stop the clone trooper prouction for the Republic, giving them the ultimate chance to crush the Republic. As Nalwatta was also full of natural resources, the Empire would also be able to aid their living troops while planning on the invasion of Kylone.

Once the Empire finished struggling through an asteroid field surrounding Nalwatta, they found that a quarter of their fleet was damaged by the asteroids, and so quickly landed on the surface of the planet. Upon entering the atmosphere, though, the flagship crashed into the peak of a mountain and crashed hard on landing. Search parties were sent to look for the fallen ship in order to find any survivors left from the wreckage. The flagship was ultimately destroyed, along with its communication systems.

The scouting droids were soon attacked by native Humans by the wreck of the ship. The Humans rained fire on the droids with blaster fires and mortars, annihaliting the whole team. They began advancing to crush the Imperial fleet and throw them out of their planet. The Humans fired mortars on the Imperial fleet and managed to destroy a few ships. Moments later, most of the Humans were already shot to death by the enemy, forcing the rest to retreat into their settlements.

Three days later, the Human army finished their battleplans and were done preparing their weapons. An hour after sunset, the Humans assaulted droids who were mining the natural sources of Nalwatta. Some of the droids managed to contact their base before being eliminated. Thousands of droids were sent into the forest to annihilate the remaining Humans. All those who were discovered were either killed or thrown into captivity for torture. All the villages found were terminated and burnt to the grounds. Although, most of the surviving Nalwattan Humans have already secretly ran deeper into the forests, either they fled to the mountains, remote forests or even hidden villages used for emergencies when threatened. The battle droids burnt down parts of the forests and blew up other remaining. Eventually, the remaining Imperial army at their base were sent out to fully invade the planet, and make sure no native Human would survive their march.

Space battle at Sector 7Edit

As Nalwatta slowly fell into the hands of the Imperials, the natives endlessly searched for means of communication to inform the Republic. Apparently, the Society have finally came out of hiding and assaulted a large fleet in an area of Republic space known as Sector 7. Supposedly, the Society rose up from their long defeat to claim their victory and earn their longfully craved glory.

Upon the Society's assault, the Republican fleet instantly deployed numerous starfighters to oppose their threat. Over four dozens of clone squadrons were dispatched to engage dogfights with the Society's increasing number of fighters. Many clones were killed in their early start, but the Republic kept on fighting. A few bombers were deployed to destroy Republic carriers. Many succeeded and many failed. Four squadrons began attacking enemy bridges to blind them. Without their bridges, a number of Society starships fell into total deep space. The rest of the Society ships sent out protocol droids and astromechs to repair the destroyed parts of their vessels.

While some of the Society starships were busy focusing on putting their ships back together, the Republic sent out a distress call to a nearby Republican fleet, bringing thousands of star cruisers. Once the request was accepted, the reinforcements jumped into hyperspace and reached the battlefield in a matter of seconds. The Republic's plasma blasters and electrical cannons tore apart the Society's fleet. Most of the Society starships still survived the attack of the Republic reinforcement. Clone troopers began boarding onto the surviving enemy ships, destroying any battle droids left and capturing hundreds of enemy soldiers as captives.

Before finally claiming victory once more, the Republic was assaulted by arriving Society reinforcements. Apparently, the Republic's forces still outnumbered the Society. Crushing the enemy reinforcements which tried to retrieve their injured troops, the Republic blew up the Society's flagship and earned their victory.

Retaking NalwattaEdit

Once the Battle at Sector-7 ended, the Republic's military headquarters received a distress signal from the native Nalwattans. They were informed of the Empire's invasion of Nalwatta. Enraged, the Supreme Chancellor ordered for a fleet of three million clones to the colossal planet in order to counter Imperial forces stationed there.

Starships carrying clone troopers and clone raiders jumped into hyperspace. On their arrival, the Republic fleet entered the atmosphere of Nalwatta, deploying numerous starfighters into battle. Upon landing, the starships immediately dispatched squadrons of clone scout troopers to find and rescue any surviving Nalwattans, a few more battalions engaged the enemy on the battle grounds. Meanwhile, gunships dropped raiders into enemy ships to conquer their vessels.

Signalling the clone scouts with mobile radios, the surviving Humans met up with the troopers in the dense forests. En route to evactuation starships, the scout convoys were given cover by numerous fighters. Enemy battle droids engaged them with machine guns and missiles to decimate all the survivors and clone troopers. Arriving at the evacuation point, most of the Humans entered the escape starships and were brought to the secure of Coruscant. Some Nalwattans stayed back for joining further combat. Fighters engaged in dogfights high above the skies.

After a total of four days of fighting, the clone troopers managed to wipe out every enemy droid encountered. Numerous crews were sent to clean up the droids, and put out any flames or blazes, and recover the forests by growing new trees.

Medical units were also sent to aid injured clones who didn't manage to escape the planet. About a month and two weeks later, the native Nalwattans were sent back home for repopulation. Republic engineers also built new villages for them, and the military sponsored more weapons. Security was increased throughout planets since then.

Year Two (58 ABY)Edit

By the dawn of the second year, the Republic began various advanced clone trooper programs, besides increasing clone production. On the other hand, the Empire had begun to weaken while the Society was now being on top of the rest. Piracy had also increased critically by then, with a pirate gang establishing itself as in control of a large portion of the Outer Rim territories, robbing passing by starships and freighters.

Conquering VassinEdit

The year began with a previously unknown pirate gang taking over a large portion of Republic territory in the Outer Rim.

Mucar under attackEdit

So as to overcome the pirate terrorization upon Vassin, a couple of Jedi accompied by three clone commanders was sent to Mucar for negotiation in order to gain support from the Mucarian community.

Tropical battlefieldEdit

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End of HothEdit

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Third battle of BoacaEdit


Behind the scenesEdit

The Second Clone Wars are set in an alternate timeline, and they do not fully follow the post-Star Wars canon from the Expanded Universe.