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The Second Battle of Tershin began the reconquest of the Romasi sector from the Tetrarchy of Mezlagob during the Great Liberation. Following on its victory at the Battle of Tizgo V, the Golden Empire began a campaign to capture not only the rest of the Xoquon sector, but also its own planets that circumstance had forced it to abandoned. Tershin was selected as an ideal strike point from which to take the other systems.

The Empire attacked in force with a fleet of capital ships, led by the Star Destroyer Rampart and including several recently re-purposed Tetrarchy vessels. The native Iscali had been conducting an underground campaign of insurgency and violence against the Tetrarchy occupiers which had weakened the occupation already, though it had stagnated when Tetrarchy ships in orbit responded by bombing civilian cities. When the orbital fleet was engaged by the Empire, however, the rebels picked up their assault in earnest.

Aquila Corcer, the sole living Centurion following the death of Keltrayu, personally assisted in the ground attack. Between his invasion force and the revolting Iscali, the Tetrarchy troops were quickly massacred. In keeping with Rin Sakaros's command in the wake of Tizgo V, Corcer offered surrender once, but refused to take prisoners once it was rejected, and several Tetrarchy soldiers died at the blade of a lightsaber or the muzzle of a blaster rifle while throwing down their own weapons and screaming for mercy.

With nearly twice as many ships in the Empire's fleet as the Tetrarchy's, it took less than an hour of battle before a general retreat was ordered. Only four capital ships were destroyed, but eight Tetrarchy cruisers were isolated and forced to surrender. Like Tizgo V, the Empire's commander accepted the surrender of the ships rather than destroy them and waste good craft; unlike Tizgo V, however, he too followed Rin's new command and had the captured crew of every ship put to death for their initial refusal to surrender.

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