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We are the chosen and the blessed. Touched by the Void, baptized by fate, tempered by destiny, and driven by purpose.
—Krovo Scrios

A Savant was a member of the Savant Caste who wielded, worshiped and fanatically devoted themselves to the entropic forces of the Void. The signature weapon of the Savants was the deathscythe, a bladed pole weapon similar to a glaive, that when forged into an alloy with a unique superdense mineral called theosite, had a vamparic reaction when channeled with Void energies. The purpose of the Savant was threefold; servitude to the Void, the eradication of all life, and subjection to the Harbinger who was the physical authority of the Presence. Forming the "master caste" of the Charon Dominion, the Savants carried out a near-total galaxy-wide genocide over a period of one thousand years, known as the Oblivion Crusades.

Origins of the SavantsEdit

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Savants were first discovered by the galactic community of the realspace galaxy during the Battle of Tatooine

They believe themselves to be your saviors as much as they purpose themselves as your executioners. If defiance is your choice, you will only find that their terrible will is far more arduous to deny than you can possibly imagine.
Savelle Ulesari

The date of the official formation of the Savants was unknown; they were confirmed as being non-existent prior to the advent of the First Prophet, but were at least an organized group of Void-tethered individuals by the time of the initiation of the Oblivion Crusades. Considered to have been the true inheritors of the Presence's will, thralls, and some Zealots, often imparted the blessing "hallowed are the children of the Void" when in the presence of a Savant. The Savants were seen as the war leaders and those marked by destiny to ultimately fulfill the fate sealed within the tenants of the Void of Oblivion. To that end, the other castes, including the warrior Zealot Caste, were considered to have simply been supplemental individuals furthering the "master caste's" goals and purposes.

Savants were inducted into the Savant Caste at an early age; typically, a Void-tethered individual was detectable upon birth, with some even detectable while still in utero. Isolated from the rest of the Otherspace galaxy during their developing years, the Savants are deemed Scions and received controlled education, ranging from typical curriculum of mathematics, history and writing, to philosophy, moral codes and standards and martial training―both armed and unarmed. As Savant Scions matured, their tutelage extended into military strategy and tactics, the grueling training and exercising their Void powers, and even studies of understanding the theorized nature of the Force, the antithetical energy field of the Void.

By the time the massacres of the Oblivion Crusades neared its finale, a small fraction of Savants broke away from the rest of the Caste, resulting in the brief but momentous Charon Civil War. Led by "the Seer", a Savant gifted with the power of Omen, in a movement the mainstream Charon dubbed the "Cult of Light", the group of heretical Savants sought an alternative path from their sacred texts within the Void of Oblivion, which later came to be called the philosophical creeds of the Void of Animus. The conflict lasted a short, but undetermined, amount of time, which concluded with the members of the cult escaping through a spacial rupture that would later become stabilized into the Hellmouth.

Strictures of the SavantsEdit

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Savant youths

Savants were strictly educated in the system of beliefs that would guide them throughout their lives

And what is the blood of nobles to the Presence? We too soon forget that the First One of the Void was not of the ancestral race, but the lowest of the slaves.
Mercius Nothian

The Savants followed a series of core principals that governed and guided their actions, both individually and as a group. The fundamentals that formed the structure of the beliefs and moral codes that the Savants followed were unitedly called the Sacred Strictures. The Sacred Strictures were seven self-restrictions Savants were to impose upon themselves in order to keep themselves pure toward the Harbinger, the Void and their purpose in regards to the Void of Oblivion;

Restrict the Wandering Eye
Restrict the False Tongue
Restrict the Indolent Heart
Restrict the Roving Feet
Restrict the Ravenous Mind
Restrict the Lustful Flesh
Restrict the Errant Spirit
—The Sacred Strictures, passed down through the First Prophet

Savants that willingly broke the Sacred Strictures were deemed heretics, and condemned to the Silence. The Silence was considered to have been a realm within the Void where life extinguished is barred from unity with the Void, and instead is excised into nothingness and destruction. The Animites, as well as their descendants and those that took up their system of beliefs, were all considered to have been heretics.

Training and servitudeEdit


Savants frequently trained and honed their abilities in life-or-death exercises against savage beasts

From this day forth, every breath you take, every sensation you feel―every beat of your heart―exists for will of the Harbinger of the Presence.
Prescyla Osiris


Equipment and armamentsEdit


Savant Templars were both an iconic and feared sight on the battlefront

Xaga Terron: What is it?
Jeshua Kaleth: A weapon of theirs. I never imagined it'd feel so...
Xaga Terron: Cold to the touch?
Jeshua Kaleth: ...voracious.
Xaga Terron and Jeshua Kaleth, upon inspecting a Savant's deathscythe