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Sara Umbra was a female Human Jedi Knight who specialized in the role of a Jedi Shadow for the New Jedi Order. Umbra was born in 955 ABY and became a close friend of Jhon Cordatus while they were both Padawans. They often fought alongside one another, including during the Battle for the Serendipity.

Concerned that he was arrogant and reckless, Umbra became a source of trust and comfort for Cordatus, hoping that she would be able to help her friend overcome those qualities. Her influence helped him reform and become a Jedi Master, and ultimately the Grand Master of the New Jedi Order.


Sara Umbra was born in 955 BBY. She became a Padawan of the New Jedi Order, and she befriended fellow Padawan Jhon Cordatus during their training. Upon her ascension to Jedi Knighthood, she took on the advanced role of a Jedi Shadow, gaining combat skills that would allow her to practice stealth tactics with a balance between lightsaber combat and Force powers. Umbra used her skills in subtly that she learned as a Shadow to help Cordatus overcome what she saw as his arrogant and reckless qualities.

In 981 ABY, Umbra was part of a Jedi team that fought in the Battle for the Serendipity. Along with fellow Knights, such as Cordatus, she fought to defend a number of Jedi Initiates from the Sith attackers during the battle—though the Jedi did not know that they were Sith until years later, as it was believed that the Sith had been destroyed centuries earlier.[1]

After the battle, Umbra and Cordatus remained friends, and she helped him become a Jedi Master. Cordatus later went on to become Grand Master of the New Jedi Order due, in some part, to Umbra's influence.[1]

Personality and traits

As a student of the Force, Umbra believed that arrogance and recklessness ran counter to the Way of the Jedi, giving her reason for concern as she watched Cordatus display those traits as a Jedi Knight. She tried to help him accept her point of view by offering him a sense of warmth and protection in their friendship. It was this sense of comfort that allowed him to drop his emotional guard around her, and she was the only one he allowed to see him in that light.[1]

Powers and abilities


Umbra wielding the double-bladed lightsaber of a Shadow.

Upon becoming a Jedi Knight, Umbra specialized in the advanced role of a Jedi Shadow, allowing her to serve the New Jedi Order as a silent observer and, when successful, a subtle weapon when action was required. In combat, she preferred to be unseen by her enemies, using Force techniques to her advantage in order to distract an enemy's focus long enough for her to slip past them. Like other Shadows, she believed that a balance between lightsaber combat and the powers of the Force was the key to victory. She wielded a green double-bladed lightsaber while in battle.[1]

Umbra often fought alongside Cordatus, including during the Battle for the Serendipity. They held a deep trust in one another, forming a strong partnership both in their personal lives as friends and on the field of battle.[1]

Behind the scenes

...she'll be important later in Jhon's life in making him the wise sage he ultimately becomes.Brandon Rhea, on Sara Umbra[src]

Sara Umbra is a role-playing character created by Brandon Rhea, a role-player on and Head Administrator of TheStarWarsRP.Com. The character was initially posted as a companion to Jhon Cordatus, Rhea's primary role-playing character, for an upcoming pre-Star Wars Legacies plot called SWRP Origins: Battle for the Serendipity. Umbra will also be part of future storylines involving a young Jhon Cordatus, as she helps him become the Jedi Master that he was when the Star Wars Legacies timeline began.[1]


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