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Santis Baal was a Dark Jedi.


Santis Baal was the first force user to ever be born in his family. Because of this, he was raised to be a warrior, his father trained him in the ways of the force even before he was able to use the force and taught him that the strong inevitably prey on the weak. His father's insistence that he become a great warrior instead of a normal child led his mother to leave them. Eventually, he was invited to become a Jedi. Being rigorously and mercilessly trained by his father enabled him to complete his training in less than a year. He soon decided that since he had mastered the light side of the force, he would try to master the force as a whole.

Unfortunately, while studying the dark side of the force, he neglected to keep studying the light side of the force, causing him to become corrupt. He started wondering if what he had learned could be used in real life, if it could really be used to take down an opponent. To test this, he constantly searched for stronger opponents. He soon started killing his opponents after beating them and mercilessly killing his fellow Jedi when they were injured in training, even killing his own master after a hard day of training. The combination of the dark side of the force and his father's harsh training led him to believe that weakness is a sin punishable by death and that a warrior no longer deserves to live if he can't fight. As soon as he felt his dark side training was complete, he decided to test himself on the only person to ever challenge him, his father. After seeing his father for the first time since he became a Jedi, he challenged him to one last sparring session, a duel to the death. As usual, his father defeated him, only sparing him because he felt he couldn't kill his own son. Instead, he decided that he would do something just as bad, take away his ability to ever be a warrior again.

To do this, he took Santis' lightsaber and cut off both of his arms and stabbed him through the head, permanently removing his ability to speak or see and taking away almost all of his ability to use the force. Using what little force ability he had left, he telepathically asked his father why he did it, saying he had finally become a great warrior like he always wanted. He said he wanted his son to become a warrior, not a murderer. Hearing this, Santis realized that just because he was powerful didn't mean he was a warrior and that a true warrior needs balance. Seeing that Santis had finally learned what it means to be a warrior, his father decided to have his damaged body parts replaced with cybernetics, not only letting him be a warrior again, but making him better and stronger than he ever was before. Because he lost most of his force ability after battling his father, he decided to restart his training, and as a tribute to his training in both sides of the force, and what he learned from his father, he decided to start learning to fight with two lightsabers, using his Jedi and Sith lightsabers simultaneously.

Personality and traits

Santis spent most of his childhood being trained by his father to be a warrior. His father taught him that the strong prey on the weak. Because of this, he acquired a desire to constantly test himself. Unfortunately, he also developed a twisted view of his father's philosophy, not only did he believe that the strong prey on the weak, he also believed that weakness is punishable by death and that a warrior deserves to die if they can no longer fight. After his final battle with his father, he abandoned his obsession with getting stronger and his twisted version of his father's philosophy.

Powers and abilities

Santis was trained by his father to be a great warrior. Because of this, he became strong enough to complete his Jedi training in less than a year. He eventually became strong enough to learn both sides of the force. Because he started studying the dark side of the force, he neglected and eventually abandoned use of the light side of the force.

Santis also had considerable skill in lightsaber combat. He was skilled enough to take on hundreds of opponents one after another without ever being injured, and was even able to kill his master while still a padawan. After recovering from his battle with his father, he started learning to use two lightsabers simultaneously.

After his final battle with his father, he lost almost all of his ability to fight or use the force. Fortunately, his cybernetics gave him back his ability to fight, but he was forced to relearn how to use the force.


After battling his father, Santis lost both arms, his sight, and his ability to speak. Because of this, his arms and eyes were replaced with cybernetic replacements. His prosthetic arms enabled him to not only use two lightsabers, but also made him stronger than he was before losing his arms.

To restore his ability to speak, he was given a cybernetic voicebox. The voice from his cybernetic voicebox had an unnatural electronic tone, making his voice sound like a battle droid's voice.

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