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Golden Age of the Republic

Venret: “You should know that I'm retired, now.
Aiden: “Then why can some of my agent's leads be traced back to you?
―Sans Venret and Pelmar Aiden

Sans Venret was a Duros crimelord and head of the Dark Moon crime syndicate. He began his career as a bounty hunter and used his financial and social clout to form the syndicate. Among his peers and friends was Pelmar Aiden, a bounty hunter–turned–police officer. As he aged, Venret retreated into the background of the Republic, yet he was still viewed as one of the most influential crime figures in the galaxy. His ultimate goals, however, were to capitalize on intraplanetary or intrasectoral fighting instead of Republic-wide conflicts. He openly stated that the best-case scenario for his ring was to have a stable Republic try to intervene, whereby goods and resources would be flowing into a conflict, allowing for profitable gain.

During the tenure of Anwis Eddicus, Venret retreated to an isolated location not far from his homeworld of Duros. Nevertheless, he saw potential in the Seswenna sector, with the rise of the Humanocentric planetist dictator B'Rhea on Eriadu. As a result, he had some of his underlords and minions try to capitalize on the growing problem. About six months before Senator Hanik Regueny was assassinated, however, the Dark Moon leader abruptly tried to pull out of sector, citing a potential conspiracy that was too far beyond his scope. He feared that the Republic would become too heavily involved in the sector to stabilize it, prohibiting his schemes from working. Calling it a career, Venret retired, but he remained in contact with the inner workings of the syndicate. He later turned to long-time friend Pelmar Aiden, who had risen to be Director of the Governmental Investigative Network. Aiden and a team of GIN agents were overseeing the investigation into Regueny's death, to provide what information he actually knew of the Eriaduan schemes. With the bombing of the Senate Office Building, Venret turned over all the Dark Moon documents relating to bounty hunters affiliated with the conspirators behind the Seswenna Security Crisis in exchange for a de facto, under-the-table immunity. His revelations included the reemergence of the bounty hunter named Ko.


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