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Sanduluc was a planet in the Unknown Regions. Settled by Core world colonists millennia before the Battle of Yavin, it was one of the relatively few worlds in the Unknown Regions dominated by Humans, though it had a Duros minority as well. Conflict between states on Sanduluc plagued the planet until its acquisition by the Golden Empire in 124 ABY.


Sanduluc featured a variety of climates and ecologies, which attracted its settlers in the first place. Much of the soil was rich and suitable for farming, although hotter climates had drier soil mixed with sand, and some areas had an overabundance of clay.

The heavy industrialization of Sanduluc created atmospheric pollution prior to the installation of atmospheric dampeners. Pollution in water sources was more difficult to amend, leading to stiff international sanctions for polluters.

Society and culture

Humans dominated Sanduluc, with its militance and entrepreneurial spirit, but the Duros presence was distinct enough that aspects of each culture bled into the others. Duros lending tradition was the dominant former of loan arrangement on Sanduluc even after the world joined the Golden Empire. International conflicts were almost always over ideals or resources rather than conflict between the two species.

Unable to find their way back to the known galaxy, and with no contact with nearby systems, the Humans and Duros developed societies which eventually spanned all of Sanduluc. The most dominant forms of government were republics (patterned on the Galactic Republic) and corporate hegemonies dominated by major companies, with local government units subordinate to company boards.

Sandalucian Humans spoke a dialect of Galactic Basic Standard which included words not used in Basic Standard and a pronounced accent.

After being absorbed into the Empire, Sandaluc's population (and particularly the Humans) considered Breek Zagrev a planetary hero for her role in the Order of Keltrayu and her leadership in the Ssi-ruuvi Incursion and the Nightmare War.


Sanduluc was settled in approximately 3,500 BBY by Human and Duros explorers from the Core worlds. Sanduluc was initially conceived of as a mining and foodstuff world, to be used as a jumping-off point for further exploration. However, it was suitable enough to both the Duros and the Humans that most preferred to simply stay. Some ships attempted to continue exploration of nearby systems, but did not return. It was not clear to historians whether they were among the initial colonists of the rest of the Vall`to sector, or were simply lost.

Corporate interests dominated early Sandulucian history, which eventually led to entire areas being effectively controlled by major corporations. Other areas resisted and formed independent republics, breaking down the original unity of purpose of the settlers. By 2,500 BBY, civilization on Sanduluc had become permanently entrenched and most of its occupants had little desire to go anywhere else. Most nations built orbital facilities and space stations, although joint ventures were few.

Civil strife erupted into violence repeatedly in Sanduluc's history, with corporations attempting to acquire holdout republics by force, or republics trying to loot resources from corporate-controlled areas. For a stretch of centuries between 900 BBY and 600 BBY, most of the planet's republics were reduced to puppet states and used for proxy wars in a cold war among the largest corporations.

In 124 ABY, the Golden Empire arrived on Sanduluc and conquered the planet. The hastily organized alliances forged among the republics and corporatocracies were no match for the disciplined Royal Army under Tariun Sakaros and Sato Raltharan. After Sanduluc's capture, most of its major corporations were bought out by interplanetary conglomerates from elsewhere in the Empire, and a Royal Consul was installed with a sizeable garrison to keep the planet's populace in check.

At some point, the Armada installed a Royal Army basic training site on Sanduluc. In 145 ABY, Sanduluc's most famous native, Breek Zagrev, married Tariun Sakaros on her homeworld.

Behind the scenes

The Sanduluc accent with which Breek Zagrev and other Humans from Sanduluc speak Basic is an Irish brogue.

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