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Sakrask was a male Trandoshan who founded a pirate organization, the Sakrask pirates. The gang, formed only by Trandoshans, began important in 247 ABY when, with the support of the information broker Ala Kraan, a friend of Sakrask, made some raids in various places. One of these, however, ended in a defeat, and after that Sakrask had to join the Nestoman pirates to rebuild his organization. In that period the Galactic Federation Triumvirate began its anti-piracy campaign, attacking pirate bases and giving escorts to the civilian transports.


Sakrask grew up on Trandosha making a criminal life. When he was twenty he became a pirate, and with the death of his gang leader, he gathered the pirates forming the Sakrask pirates. He was able to build a net of alliances with other pirate gangs and criminals, like the information broker Aka Kraan that was in life debt with him after he saved her by a patrol of Triumvirate soldiers. She disappeared from Sakrask's life and returned only in 247 ABY.


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