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Sakon Tigana (born 79 BBY) was a fallen Jedi knight who abandoned the self-hated Order in the Clone Wars, having foreseen the downfall of the Galactic Republic. Following Order 66, he established the Lighthunters, an organization involving the last survivors of the users of the light side of the Force, in order to stand against the galaxy-overwhelming darkness.

In 17 ABY, accompanied by his subordinates, the man headed for the planet of Alderaan for the purpose to recapture Luminara Unduli from the Empire. To the Lighthunters' disadvantage, the history turned out to be falsified, and Tigana was wounded in his duel with the Grand Inquisitor, being conveyed to Stygeon Prime.

During his stay in the prison, Tigana was fled by one of the inquisitors, Cos Dashit, who shortly became another disciple of his.

Sakon died in 16 ABY on Geonosis, being tragically slain by Darth Vader in his sleep.


Engagement in the Order

Sakon Tigana was born in 79 BBY. Probably as a child, he was embodied into the Jedi Order so that he could learn the ways of the Force.

Tigana took the rank of knight at an unspecific point prior to the Battle of Geonosis, without ever becoming a Master.

Abandonment of the Order

At an unspecified point of the Clone Wars, Sakon Tigana submitted a request for his removal from the Jedi Order to the Grand Council, declaring his unwillingness to serve an organization which broke out the way while wanting to bring peace itself.

Soon before the Council's sitting that ended in a sentence positive to Sakon's request, Tigana talked to a temple guard who would later become Grand Inquisitor of the Galactic Empire.

The Lighthunters

In 21 ABY, Sakon conducted the recruitment of Force-sensitive people, with Taigon becoming the first apprentice of his. He named his subordinates Lighthunters and obliged himself to run their training, so that every one of them could use a lightsaber in four years' period. Their headquarter was a cave upon Geonosis, though Sakon himself resided in a detached house half a day's way away.

By himself, he never presented his apprentices with his lightsaber, nor did he participate in missions and actions that they engaged in. He forbade them from exhibiting their faces lest the Empire not track any facts on them.

Duel on Alderaan

17 years prior to the Battle of Yavin, Tigana took all of his adepts to Alderaan. It was the first mission to be participated in him. According to Senator Bail Organa's report, the Royal Palace was supposed to host a former Jedi mistress, Luminara Unduli. Upon entering the hall, Sakon commence his talk to the Viceroy of the Planet. The man sentenced his speaker's seriousness. The conversation was interrupted by the Grand Inquisitor. Tigana ordered that his apprentices escape, while getting involved in a duel himself. While initially having his opponent pegged for Darth Vader, he quickly learned his identity. The Pau'an explained to the Lighthunter that he was once a Jedi knight, as well, and reminded him of a talk that they once had. He claimed both himself and Sakon to have betrayed the Republic and the Order. Exploiting a moment of his adversary's distraction, he pierced his lightsaber in his underbelly and then ordered the Inquisitor Dashit, entering the hall, to convey him to Stygeon, where the Inquisitorius Headquarter was located. Cos Dashit was supposed to be responsible of the mission directly to the Emperor.

Out of captivity

You may kill him, though would it be in accordance to you ideas?
—Sakon addressing Jacken Prime.

In his captivity, the damaged Tigana was only halfway dressed. Upon the torture, when Tigana did not confess any of his Order's secrets, he was decided to be transported back to the AA34 dock. When in that place, Tigana had a talk to his torturer, Dashitem, who admitted that he had never killed any Jedi and joined the Inquisitorious willing to save his life. In the Clone Wars, Cos's master, Eeth Koth, was supposed to die in one of a mission that he ran. Left by the Council, the would-be inquisitor kept growing in hatred towards the Order. Tigana revealed that he experienced a similar filling.

Dashit offered his assistance to Sakon. In the moonlight, they went down down a passage together. Upon Cos giving the former Jedi master directions to the North Hangar, they were both unexpectedly assaulted by three Lighthinders, involving Governor and Jacken Prime. Much as he initially let the latter dispose of Dashit, the elder man asked whether it would be in accordance to his beliefs. Once the users of the light side released him, they all noticed two inquisitors going along the corridor and holding up their ignited lightsabers. One of the hunters pounced on one of them, which cost him his life. When one of the enemies ran closer, Jacken used the Force to push them away.

It did not take long until the Lighthunters accomplished the base, and Cos Darshit was appointed another member of the Order. Tigana commenced the rank ceremony, upgrading Jacken Prime to the rank of Knight, Governor, to the rank of Experienced Padawan, Dashit; to the rank of Adept, and Taigon; an Experienced Knight. Next, he went back to his house in order to take some sleep, unconscious of the Lighthunters deciding to go on a rescue mission for three Jedi intercepted by the Empire.

During the action that the Hunters conducted, Eeth Koth was kidnapped once again. Jacken and Governor followed his track in 16 ABY, while a majority of the rest of the knights left the planet. Sakon's house burst into by Darth Vader, who shortly prior to that moment also clashed with Sophjet Jossal, who had been rescued. The man was vilely killed in his sleep.

Post mortem

Eeth Koth was not managed to be rescued, as he died in an exploding shaft together with Governor. Jacken Prime was lucky to survive, and so was another Jedi, Eekar Oki.


Sakon Tigana was a serious and careful person, which he proved by ordering his apprentices to cover their faces at every mission that they participated. He did not exhibit his lightsaber in front of them for four year's training, either.

Tigana was arrogant, which he proved by founding a new order clustered around the light side. He was full of hate toward the Jedi order.

Sakon allowed his disciples to do anything, though always asking them about its accordance to their own conscience.


When in a fight, Sakon used a green-bladed lightsaber. Due to his age, he was easily surprised by the enemy on Aldreraan. He was capable of manipulating people without passing direct orders.