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Sakon Tigana, born 79 BBY, was a Jedi knight who became overwhelmed in hatred towards the Order and left it in the Clone Wars, as he had foreseen the Galactic Republic's downfall. After Order 66, he founded the Lighthunters, a brotherhood amassing the last survivors of the light side of the Force with an aim of standing in opposition to the overwhelming darkness.

In 17 ABY, together with the pupils of his, he headed to the planet of Alderaan to recapture Luminara Unduli, abducted by the Empire. Against the Hunters' favor, the history turned out fabricated, which resulted in Tigana himself being injured in the fight with the Grand Inquisitor and conveyed to Stygeon Prime.

In his presence in captivity, Tigana was freed by one amongst inquisitors, named Cos Dashit, who soon became another of his apprentices.

Sakon died in 16 ABY being tragically murdered by Darth Vader in his sleep upon the planet of Geonosis.

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