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Sakon Tigana, born 79 BBY, was a fallen Jedi knight who left the self-hated Order in the Clone Wars, upon foreseeing the downfall of the Galactic Republic. After the arrangement of Order 66, he founded the Lighthunters, an organization which amassed the last survivors of users of the light side of the Force, with the intent to oppose the darkness, overwhelming the galaxy.

In 17 ABY, being accompanied by his subordinates, he arrived on the planet of Alderaan, with an aim of recapturing Luminara Unduli, kidnapped by the Empire. To the disadvantage of the Hunters, the history turned out to have been forged, and Tigana himself ended up being hurt, as a result of his duel with the Grand Inquisitor, and conveyed to Stygeon Prime.

In his presence in the prison, Tigana was rid by one of the inquisitors, Cos Darshit, who soon became another of his apprentices.

Sakon died in 16 BBY in his sleep, being tragically murdered by Darth Vader on Geonosis.



Membership in the Jedi OrderEdit

Sakon Tigana was born in 79 BBY. He was most likely embodied into the Jedi Order's rows as a child in order to learn the ways of the Force.

Tigana took up the rank of a Jedi knight at an closely unspecific point predating the Battle of Geonosis. However, he was never appointed a master.

Leaving the OrderEdit

At an closely unspecific point of the Clone Wars' duration, Sakon Tigana handed in a request for his removal from the Jedi Order to the High Council. His decision was motivated by the lack of willingness for a service to an organization which, in order to save peace, broke up a war themselves.

Prior to the Council's meeting, which ended up in a positive decision as regards his proposal, Tigana talked to a Jedi Temple Guard, the one who later became Grand Inquisitor of the Galactic Empire.


In 21 ABY Sakon undertaken recruitment of Force-sensitive persons. The first one to become his apprentice was Taigon. He named his subordinates the Lighthunters and obligated himself to run their training. After four years, every one of them could fluently wield a lightsaber. Their headquarter was located in a cave on Geonosis, in spite of Sakon himself living in a house as distant as half a day way.

He never showed his lightsaber to his apprentices, nor did he participate in missions and actions which they commanded. He forbade them to show their faces so as not to reveal any facts on them to the Empire.

Duel on AlderaanEdit

In 17 ABY Tigana, being accompanied by every one of his adepts, headed to the planet of Alderaan. It was the first mission to be participated in by him. In accordance to the report from Senator Bail Organa, the Jedi master Luminara Unduli was claimed to be in the Royal Mansion, having being traced by him himself. Upon entering the hall, Sakon started a conversation to the Vice Roy of the planet. While the man sensed too much seriousness within his speaker, the talk was interrupted by the Grand Inquisitor. Having ordered his adepts to run, he stood in a duel with him. While originally having the adversary pegged for Darth Vader, it did not last long until he recognized his identity. The Pau'an confided to the Lighthuner that he, too, used to be a Jedi knight, as well as reminded to him of their discussion before ages. Besides, he claimed both himself and Sakon to have betrayed the Republic, and so betrayed the Order. Taking advantage of a moment of his opponent's lack of concentration, he stabbed his lightsaber in his stomach, and after that commissioned Inquisitor Dashit, already coming into the hall, to transport him to Stygeon, where the headquarter of the Inquisitorius was located. It was the Emperor in front of whom Cos Dashit was supposed to account for the mission.

Out of the captivityEdit

You can kill me, but would it be according to your views?
—Sakon Tigana, to Jacken Prime.

In his captivity, the hurt Tigana was only half dressed. Once he did not confess any of the Order's secrets upon being tortured, he was chosen to be conveyed to the AA34 dock once again. In that place Sakon had a talk with his torturer, Dashit, who admitted not to having killed any Jedi in his life, as well as to having joined the Inquisitorius in an attempt to save his life. During the Clone Wars, Cos's master, Eeth Koth, was said to be missing during a performance of one of his missions. Left alone by the Council, the future Inquisitor rose in hatred towards the Order. Tigana owned up to having the same experience.

Dashit offered his help to Sakon. In the nightlight, they went down a hallway. However, once Cos showed the former Jedi knight to a way to the North Hangar, they were both unexpectedly attacked by three Lighthunters, inter alia involving Governor and Jacken Prime. Despite the elder man allowing the latter to get rid of Dashit, he asked him whether of not it would come to be in accordance to his ideas. When the users of the light side eventually let go of him, they all four of them noticed two inquisitors holding ignited lightsabers and heading towards them across the hallway. One of the hunters pounced on them, which costed him his life. When one of the enemies ran up, Jacken reached for the Force to push him away.

Soon, the Hunters returned to the base, and Cos Dashit was appointed a new member of the Order. Tigana began a ceremony of ranking up his apprentices, in a way so that Jacken Prime was anointed a knight, Governor — an higher padawan, Dashit — an adept, and Taigon — an experienced knight. Afterwards he went for a sleep to his house. He was not aware of the Lighthunters arranging a rescue mission to retain four Jedi kidnapped by the Empire.

During the action which the Hunters organized, Eeth Koth was captured again. In 16 BBY, it was Jacken and Governor who set off after him, with most of the other knight leaving the planet. Sakon's house was invaded by Darth Vader, who slaughtered the man in his sleep.

Post mortemEdit

Eeth Koth was not managed to be rescued, as he died in an explosion of an evacuating tunnel. Jacken Prime was lucky to survive, and so was the Jedi master Eekar Oki.


Sakon Tigana was a serious and careful person, which manifested itself in his apprentices being ordered to cover his faces in any mission which they attended. He did not show his lightsaber, either, for the four years which he devoted to their training.

Tigana was arrogant, which he proved via the foundation of a new order, centered around the light side. He was overwhelmed by hatred towards the Jedi Order.

While allowing their apprentices to do whatever they wanted to, Sakon tended to asked them about their activities' accordance to their own conscience.


In a direct fight, Sakon used a green-bladed lightsaber. By reason of his age, he was easily astounded by the enemy on Aldeeran. He was able to manipulate people without direct commands passed to them.

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