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Sak'anto'nussos (core name Kanton) was a male Chiss officer of the Royal Navy of the Golden Empire. Several of his commanding officers considered him a tactical expert, and by the relatively young age of forty-four, he was captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Assassin, under the overall command of Executor Breek Zagrev. In 154 ABY, the Chiss Centurion Vos'elk'eetash was installed aboard the Assassin, among other reasons, to learn from Captain Sak'anto'nussos's military knowledge.

Toward the end of the year, Kanton and Selkee began a covert relationship, which both agreed to keep private so as not to inspire gossip among the spacemen serving aboard the Assassin. Though occasionally struck by how Selkee was more emotionally expressive than many Chiss, having been raised by the Order, Kanton did genuinely care for her. When she was shot down and under attack during the Battle of Renthiv, Kanton sent 500 soldiers from the 3rd Massassi Cohort to rescue her.

Some officers questioned that order, and when they deduced he was involved with Selkee, filed reports accusing Kanton of fraternization, dereliction of duty, and conduct unbecoming an officer. The Royal Corps of Gendarmes investigated and presented their findings to Breek, who suspended both Kanton and Selkee from duty. After consideration, Kanton opted to forego a military trial and submit directly to Breek for judgment. She dismissed the fraternization charge, as Centurions not breveted to military rank were never under the command of anyone but their Praetors, and thus Selkee was not in Kanton's chain of command. Breek also dismissed the dereliction of duty charge; having reviewed the battle holos herself, she concluded that the rescue order was not an unreasonable decision, especially considering how valuable an asset Selkee was to the Empire's war effort.

After long consideration, Breek elected for an administrative punishment rather than actual conviction on the conduct unbecoming charge, filing a formal letter of reprimand against Kanton and relieving him of command of the Assassin. She reported her decision to the Royal Starfleet's High Command, but also noted that she did not believe Kanton was unfit for service and urged the admiralty to assign him a position which would allow him to rebuild the confidence of senior officers and prepare him for a subsequent command.

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