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The Safol xenocide is the name given to a campaign of systematic extermination conducted by the forces of Sith Lord Syrin Clavine to eliminate all members of the Safol species from the galaxy. The principle actions of this operation were focused on the Safol homeworld of Dalenspir and occured in 1,315 BBY.

The operation consisted of a town by town extermination of all municipalities on the planet, followed by orbital bombardment. Though the Safols resisted, and inflicted substantial casualties at times, they had nowhere near the resources and technology required to mount a viable defense. Dalenspir was rendered uninhabitable as a result of this carnage.

Following the bombing of a tiny refugee community on Coruscant in 1,312 BBY, the Safol species was believed to be rendered completely extinct. This belief would go unchallenged for over a thousand years, until the discovery of the infant Shakvail in 47 BBY.

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