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I live in the Light. In the Light, I find Peace. In Peace, I find Balance. In Balance, I find Wisdom. In Wisdom, I find Strength.
—Sado Madero

Sado Madero was the son of two high-ranking commandos in the Alliance to Restore the Republic- Magnus and Valara Madero. A skilled warrior in his own right, Madero was trained as part of Oracle Squad to become a Commando. After the Battle of Yavin, Madero was eventually relocated to Dandoran until the Rebel base on-planet was destroyed. Alone and with an old Jedi holocron, Madero studied the Light Side of the Force and eventually founded the Doran Rangers alongside his wife Aura Terrano.


Early life

As a child, Madero witnessed first-hand the cruelty of the New Order. While on a "diplomatic mission" to Naboo, it was discovered that Magnus and Valara Madero were in fact Rebel operatives. Sensing the impending danger, the family fled aboard a stolen spacecraft and made for Alderaan, their homeworld.

Not long beofre they arrived, however, the Empire performed its first test of the Death Star and destroyed Alderaan. The Maderos arrived to see nothing but an asteroid field in place of their home planet and confirmed the existence of the Death Star. They fled to Yavin IV, where Sado commenced his commando training as part of Oracle Squad.


Sado performed many missions for the Rebel Alliance, beginning with aiding in repelling the Imperial ground assault on Yavin IV following the destruction of the Death Star. Subsequent transfers to Tatooine and Dandoran as part of Saponza's forces offered more chances for Madero to hone his skills and prove his worth as a soldier.

Following the destruction of the Rebel base on Dandoran, Sado was left stranded and alone on the forested planet. Unable to contact the Alliance, he settled down a day's journey from the wreckage of the base with nothing but the clothes on his back as well as some of his parents' belongings. As Sado was Force-sensitive, he was able to activate and use the old Jedi Holocron left to him by his father Magnus and was instructed in the ways of the Light Side of the Force, or "Ashla."


When a group of Trandoshan Slavers made camp near Sado's home, Madero investigated and discovered a human female being held captive by the criminals. Dispatching of the Trandos, Sado brought the girl home and began nursing back to health. Upon discovering her history as part of the Galactic Empire, Sado became wary of his new patient/roommate, though he continued to take care of her. However, the girl, named Aura Terrano, noticed Sado's lightsaber under his cloak and confronted him, thinking that he was a Jedi. Madero was able to overpower her, but he lay his hatred for the Empire aside and offered Aura his friendship in order to "finally end the war."

Sensing Aura's power, Sado began to teach her all he had learned about the Force. Over time, the initial animosity between the two vanished, and the relationship evolved from a friendship into a romance. Having made ties with local smuggling cartels, Aura and Sado were eventually married by Kumo, a local gang leader. Much to the new couple's dismay, however, they soon discovered that the year of abuse from the Trandos had left Aura unable to conceive.

In order to pass the time, Sado and Aura would accompany Kumo and his gang on their delivery missions. Thus they were able to finally contact the rest of the Galaxy as well as gain piloting experience. After one mission, one that the Maderos did not participate in, Kumo's men discovered two children in the wreckage of a raid on a nearby planet and brought them back to Dandoran to treat their wounds. Sado aided the medics, and soon the children were brought back to health. After discovering that the two children- Valiant and Selene- were also Force-sensitive, Sado and Aura began to realize the destiny that had been laid before them. The couple raised the two little children as their own, and eventually decided to move to Aura's home planet of Naboo in order to give the kids a more normal life.


Finding Naboo in war-torn chaos upon their arrival following the reign of Darth Pravus, the Maderos aided in the Reconstruction and Reformation of Naboo and the planet's government. Sado served for many years as Chancellor of Naboo, though he often longed for the solitude of Dandoran. With the rise of the Vorsetous Empire, Sado concentrated his efforts on military increase as well as training younglings in similar fashion as the old Jedi Order had done.

Noticing the rapid militarization of Naboo, Emperor Vorsetous took action and personally removed Sado from his office as Chancellor in order to remove any possible threat of an uprising. Madero took the removal quite well, though his daughter Selene held hostility toward the Emperor for a time. With Sado's newfound free time, he and Aura expanded their training efforts and founded the Doran Rangers, an Order of Light-Side users that focused on obtaining wisdom and using the environment to their advantage. A Doran temple was built near Theed, Naboo, which served as the Rangers' headquarters for three years.

A friendship developed over time between Emperor Vorsetous and Sado Madero, which fact Darth Pravus used to his advantage upon his resurgence. With Valiant and Selene gone helping the Emperor search for Pravus elsewhere, Sado and Aura were alone to defend against Pravus' forces in the Battle of Naboo. Sado dueled one-on-one with Pravus until Vorsetous arrived, at which point Pravus abandoned the duel and sicked his Force-enhanced rancors on Madero. Following the eventual defeat of Pravus on Naboo, reconstruction efforts vegan immediately.

Back to Dandoran

In order to prevent further civilian casualties should the Rangers be attacked again, Sado moved the Order to Dandoran. He and Aura also led the creation of the new Galactic Alliance, an interplanetary militia meant to provide faster aid for small-scale skirmishes than the Emperor's main forces could provide. Keeping the new Alliance a secret from Vorsetous, Sado continued to lead the Rangers on Dandoran and took on an apprentice named Kel Devarian

Battle of Dathomir

After Valiant Madero was sent to Dathomir to investigate rumors of Pravus' forces on-planet, word came to Sado that his son had not returned for months. Emperor Vorsetous and Selene Madero, the Emperor's new apprentice, went to investigate the matter personally. They discovered Valiant, who was being controlled by Darth Pravus after the Sith had left a shard of himself inside Valiant's body at the Battle of Naboo. Summoning an enormous army of undead soldiers, Imperial forces were immediately called to aid.

After seeing a vision of Valiant's demise, Sado left Dandoran immediately for Dathomir, unaware of Pravus' control over his son's body. He arrived on the planet just in time to see his masked daughter strike Valiant/Pravus down at Valiant's own request in order to finally destroy the Sith. Filled with anger, and not knowing the identity of Valiant's killer, Sado leapt from his starfighter and confronted Selene. Vorsetous arrived from fighting off the undead troops in time to see Madero using the Force to lift Selene into the air. He tried to stop Sado and explain that it was in fact Selene, but Sado's mind had been filled with a rage that he hadn't known since the destruction of Alderaan.

Reasoning that Valiant's death had been a result of the Emperor corrupting his daughter with the Dark Side of the Force, Sado released his grip on Selene and attacked Vorsetous head-on. The duel went on for minutes until Sado threw his saber at Vorsetous. In a desperate act, Selene jumped in front of the saber, which penetratted her through the stomach.

Disheveled and confused, Sado was taken with Vorsetous and Selene to a shuttle and up to a medical cruiser. Sado collapsed on the floor as Selene faded away. Using all his energy, Vorsetous began absorbing the Dark Side energy that Pravus had left behind when he died. Slowly, the planet began to implode from the force of the absorption. Valiant, as a Force Ghost, utilized the massive energy source and began healing Selene's wounds. Feeling the presence of his son, Sado watched as Selene came to and felt a great relief wash over him. However, embarrassed by his rash actions, he sneaked away and went into exile on the planet Dagobah.

Battle of Mandalore

After months of searching with no answers, Aura Madero soon grew wearly of leading the Rangers and the Galactic Alliance all alone. Finally, after receiving a message from Valiant, Aura left for the Dagobah System where she found Sado still in exile. They stayed there together for a short time until duty called them to Yavin IV. Sensing the omen of a great evil, the Maderos finally opened up about the Alliance to Emperor Vorsetous. Furious but with little time to react, Vorsetous recruited the Alliance forces after Admiral Willium Voggin mutinied and took over the Death Star.

Sado led Red and Rogue Squadrons of the Alliance to escort the Emperor to the Death Star. Then, together with a couple of his fighters, he flew in to disable one of the station's main reactors. Upon the destruction of the space station, Sado aided in the search for the now missing Voggin, who escaped and began to lead the Mandalorian Terrorists. After chasing Voggin to various systems and eventually back to Mandalore's wreckage, Sado, Selene, and Commander X confronted the mutinied admiral on a ruined Mandalorian cruiser. Sado eventually rose victorious and killed Voggin, Force-pushing him through one of the main bridge's windows and recovering the Emperor's stolen yellow Kyber Crystal.


Ten years after the Battle of Mandalore, Sado began to see natural physical deterioration due to his old age and the many stresses he had encountered in life. During a visit from Vorsetous and Selene, recently married and with their first child, Sado got to hold his little granddaughter Val. After giving the baby back to Eath, he Force Ghost of Aura, who had passed away years earlier, appeared at the foot of the bed to accompany Sado as he passed on. She leaned down and kissed him. As she rose up, Sado's own Force Ghost rose up with her. As the two held hands and walked out, Sado's body vanished and left the empty sheets behind.


Following Madero's death, the Rangers went on to be led by Kara Cath. Leadership of the Galactic Alliance fell on Adrian Yohanan, Aura's second-in-command and Sado's old squadmate during the Galactic Civil War. Selene continued as Empress to Vorsetous and together with the Emperor they raised their daughter to experiment and apply all aspects of the Force, creating out of her a symbol of balance between Light and Dark.

Personality and traits

With a very closed-off and shy personality, Sado was often misunderstood by those who didn't know him well. many took him as a cynical and generally angry man, which couldn't be farther from the truth. Sado often kept to himself, preferring the company of family and the Force to that of lavishness or many friends.

Seeing the Galactic Civil War being caused by the selfishness of the Dark Side of the Force and its followers, Sado eschewed all of its teachings. This fact led to his general sceptic attitude towards Vorsetous and his Empire, especially after the Emperor took Sado's own daughter on as his apprentice.

Behind the scenes

Appears in "The Beginning of a New Generation" (Book currently being authored)

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