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Fanfic series description

Sabine Wren In a Dress is an fanfic released on June 12th, 2018 that stars Sabine Wren and the Ghost Crew. Sabine Wren will have to get out of her comfort zone as she has to wear a dress for the first time in forever but with help from her friends, she finds the courage to do it.

Full Series

Chapter 1 - The New Mission

Chapter 2 - The Dress is Delivered


The following characters, minus the ones that don't have pictures, that are in the gallery are in this fanfiction series.

These are the characters that aren't in the gallery

  1. Spectre 3 - Chopper
  2. Spectre 7 - Davyn Horton
  3. Imperial Stormtroopers
  4. Morad Sumar
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