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SWRP Origins: The Purge
First Great War
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To be determined


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Star Wars Legacies

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1,002 ABY


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Star Wars: Ghosts of the Past

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Star Wars Legacies


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SWRP Origins: The Purge is a postponed (and possibly upcoming) role-playing plot in Star Wars Legacies, the current storyline of TheStarWarsRP.Com. The plot was conceived by the TheStarWarsRP.Com timeline think tank, and later expanded by Dmitri Valentine to solidify the details of the Sith Insurrection, also known as the Purge, and will be told as a flashback, with the in-universe events taking place eleven years prior to the current timeline.


Ten years ago, the successors of the Fel dynasty, the Elyurius dynasty fell. A Sith Insurrection toppled Galactic Emperor Luthor Elyurius and his reign, replacing it with a Sith-controlled empire that would become known as the New Sith Imperium. A coup led by Darth Aevum, the Sith gained control and the Imperial Knights were exiled. This event, the first domino on the road to the Third Galactic Civil War, would be known as the Purge.

Creation and development

The Purge was first referenced on July 19, 2011 in the introduction of the fifth timeline on TheStarWarsRP.Com, Star Wars Legacies. It detailed how Darth Aevum and the Sith gained control of the empire. It reveals the death of the emperor, the purge of the Imperial Knights that resulted in their self-exile, and how the Imperials accepted its new leaders. Dmitri Valentine would later expand parts of the Purge and the pre-Sith Insurrection dynasty, the Elyurius dynasty.

On March 3, 2012, Dmitri Valentine introduced the idea of a background arc for the Sith Insurrection which he called "The Purge Arc". While support was present, issues resulted in the project's postponement. However, later background arcs would soon follow called SWRP Origins: SWRP Origins: Battle for the Serendipity on April 29, 2012 and SWRP Origins: Mission to Ardos on May 16, 2012.

Dmitri Valentine hopes to restart The Purge before the end of 2012.


List of participants

The following are those who signed up to participate in SWRP Origins: The Purge:

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