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SWRP Origins: Battle for the Serendipity
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To be determined[1]


Rowan Grimes[1]


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Star Wars Legacies[1]

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981 ABY[1]


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Star Wars: Legacy—War 6

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SWRP Origins: Mission to Ardos


Post-Legacy era[1]

SWRP Origins: Battle for the Serendipity is a role-playing plot in Star Wars Legacies, the current storyline of TheStarWarsRP.Com. The plot was conceived by Rowan Grimes and will be told as a flashback, with the in-universe events taking place thirty years prior to the current timeline.


Thirty years ago, the galaxy was a different place. A tenuous peace maintained the balance between the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant. The Jedi Order worked diligently to keep the peace, though as tensions rose their numbers were already showing signs of being stretched too thin. A darkness loomed on the horizon. In the far reaches of space, hidden centers of dark knowledge were alive with activity once more. The plot to cover the galaxy in darkness has begun. But first, the enemy needed an army.

Fresh from one of the Jedi Order's most distant centers of learning, the armed transport Serendipity skirted the badlands between Alliance and Imperial space, searching for new recruits into the Order on neglected worlds. Many apprentices were stowed on board - prospective students, barely children, who were ready to be taken by a Master and ascend to the rank of Padawan. It was a nervous time for these young Jedi, their youthful eagerness a beacon of hope in these dark areas of the galaxy. But for many, it was not to be.

A stolen Imperial Interdictor, manned by a skeleton crew of Sith warriors was lying in wait in deep space - directly intercepting the Alliance vessel. In the chaos that ensued, the Serendipity was boarded in hopes of stealing away the young, impressionable Jedi Apprentices, perfect for molding into the next generation of the New Sith Empire. What followed was a bloody skirmish that changed the lives of many on board, forever...


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The following are those who signed up to participate in SWRP Origins: Battle for the Serendipity:[1]

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