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There is a higher criminal organization at work here. And you fools don't even have a clue.
Urma Boont addressing the MI5 agents

SMERSH was an underworld criminal organization. The location of their headquarters was on the ice planet Rinnk in the Outer Rim. SMERSH was constantly battling the Secret Galactic Intelligence Service (also known as MI5) in the decade prior to the Invasion of Naboo.


The organization first encountered MI5 when they were using The Baron's ryll drug-trafficking business to take in money. MI5 quickly put a stop to that when a dead MI5 agent turned up. Then Urma Boont and Pots Putnyocus were sent out to stop MI5, both of which failed. Boont was taken into custody and Putnyocus was killed. Dr. Noah, on the other hand, defected from SMERSH and created his own little organization.

While SMERSH's replica droid Digika was in MI5 custody, MI5's Q'u Branch attempted to reprogram it. The droids memory wipe triggered a fail-safe SMERSH built into Digika which sent the droid on a rampage through Q'u Branch. The droid was shut down and deactivated before he could actually kill anyone.

A few years later, MI5 discovered Jordo Drax's plans to wipe out and replace the InterGalactic Banking Clan. The agency put a stop to them and killed Drax in the process.

In 32 BBY, Jasper Fondorball infiltrated and took over MI5 Headquarters. MI5 agents managed to stop him and, in the interrogation, Jasper gave up the location of their hideout on Rinnk. So MI5 headed to the ice planet and took out their leader Stavro, ending SMERSH.

Known SMERSH members

Behind the scenes

SMERSH appeared as antagonists in Dubya Scott's Star Wars... 007 Style role-playing games and fan fiction.

Despite the name, SMERSH was based on the SPECTRE organization of the James Bond films and not the Soviet counterintelligence agency of the same name.


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