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Són Halliikeenovich was a Human male from the Juvex sector.

After Son heard the news about Terr's death, he felt devastated, and swore vengeance against the Empire. He traveled to the Senate building to find any information of how she died. This was when he stumbled across Darth Vader. Son was suspicious about him, and quickly sneaked inside the Senate building. He looked inside Terr's office, and finds out how she truly died.

As he returns to the Opera house where he meets his Ben Halliikeenovich. He explains to him that the Empire was responsible for killing Terr, and wanted to swore vengeance against the Darth Vader. His father refused and told him to stay out of the Empire.

Around nightfall, Terr returns to the Senate building with a gun, and tries to kill the dark lord of the Sith. He managed to confront him, and tries to shoot before he pulls out his lightsaber. Vader plunged his blade into Son's chest, and kills him.


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