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Rysh'la'timalyit (known among his closest friends by his core name, Shlati) was a Chiss officer of the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force. A native of Csilla, he devoted his career to the CEDF until the Chiss Ascendancy was conquered by the Golden Empire in 137 ABY. Five years later, Rysh'la'timalyit led the brief Chiss Rebellion; when it failed, he was captured and executed.


From his earliest days as a child on Csilla, Shlati was inculcated with pride in being a Chiss and desire to serve the Ascendancy. Immediately upon finishing school he became an officer of the CEDF. Both his fellow officers and his enlisted subordinates found him cold and stern, even by Chiss standards. Shlati eventually rose to the rank of Force Commander and was given a CEDF picket force.

Continuing to move up the chain of command, Shlati became a junior member of the Defense Hierarchy, leaving behind his family status in order to become a servant of the Ascendancy as a whole. He assisted in the command of the Ascendancy's defense against the Golden Empire's invasion in 137 ABY. Shortly before he was captured during the Second Battle of Csilla, he managed to send a message to his niece Senesha'rae in the known galaxy, warning her not to return to the Ascendancy.

Though the Chiss who had fought against the Empire were spared punishment, Shlati never genuinely submitted to the Empire's governance of the Chiss. Resigning his commission rather than serving in the Empire's Armada, he kept in communication with like-minded former military and political agents of the Ascendancy. When the Empire became embroiled in first the Vagaari War and then the Ssi-ruuvi Incursion, Shlati and his comrades decided the time was right and led a revolt on Csilla.

Several other Chiss worlds succeeded in overthrowing the Empire's garrisons and law enforcement sympathizers, but the rebellion lost momentum when the projected mass support of the Chiss never materialized. Shlati had become one of the public faces of the revolt, and his automatic assumption that all Chiss would rise up in arms to fight the Empire led him to an open disdain of all those who disagreed with them. He was aghast to discover that the majority of Chiss did not support the rebellion; roughly half the species agreed with the concept, but felt it was the wrong time, while a smaller percentage actually embraced the Empire.

After the Ssi-ruuk were defeated, the Empire quickly mopped up the rebellion, using the Armada to restore order in the former Ascendancy. Some of the rebel leaders died fighting, but Shlati and others were captured alive. Rin Sakaros sentenced them all to death, refusing to brook treason against her government. Rysh'la'timalyit was executed by firing squad on Csilla itself in 143 ABY.

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